The Methodist Sisters Of Charity Authorized To….


In what is, in my opinion, the bizarre joining  of two emotionally deficient public organizations, the Wildomar City Council has authorized the United Methodist Church (“UMC”) to take over the facilitation of a refurbishment of its three parks on October 26, 2013, although there is little in UMC/Great Day of Service representative Tom Pilkington’s resume to suggest expertise in park refurbishment.

“Congregational development,” absolutely.

Park refurbishment, not so much.

Wildomar’s emotional deficiency is evidenced by the fact that, despite projected property tax revenues in excess of $350,000 from Measure Z in the next calendar year , the Wildomar City Council cannot stop themselves from taking advantage of “free stuff.”

What’s next? Will the next Mayor’s Breakfast be provisioned by the local food bank , H.O.P.E?

The UMC’s emotional deficiency is evidenced by the fact that, despite numerous, if not endless, opportunities to serve the truly needy in Southwest Riverside County, they apparently feel that their parochial interests will find greater media  exposure for their Great Day of Service 2013 by unnecessarily refurbishing Wildomar’s parks.

What’s next?   Will the next Breakfast with Santa be held at the Methodist Church in Murrieta?

To be fair to Pilkington, I just found this newly posted article on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch:

 Nice job Pilkington. This is certainly more “Christian”  than unnecessarily refurbishing Wildomar’s parks.

If you need, dear reader, additional background on the subject, please take the time to read the following “news”articles:

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 The ” news” reportage in the PE article declares that ” Now that the Little League organizations are ready to play  in Wildomar, ” despite the notation in the immediate, previous paragraph that ” The league…  reorganized and  let it’s city permit expire,” is an embarrassing demonstration of journalistic deficiency.  

 If you let your  contract with the Cemetery District expire, which provides access to your baseball field,  how ready can Little League be to play?


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