Lofty “Promises” Made In One Campaign….

July 3, 2012



Not only does Scott Mann make repetitive reference to his career in the U.S. Navy in his repetitive campaigns for himself, a recent campaign “commitment” from Candidate Mann, made while running for a seat on the Menifee  Union School District Board of Trustees in the recent November 08, 2011 election, may turn out to be an un-intended naval artifact in Mann’s current campaign to be the Mayor of Menifee,  in the upcoming November 06, 2012 election.

Please click on the following link to confirm his oft-repeated naval references:

Then, since he speaks of “integrity,” we suggest you read an additional reference.

Please click on the following Californian link to evaluate the quality of Mann’s “commitment” to the voters of Menifee during his last election effort:

Since a campaign promise is a politician’s “stock-in-trade,” it is, ultimately, up to the voters to “weigh” the integrity of that promise.

In Scott Mann’s case, his recent promise to the Menifee school district voters, if elected, to be “committed” to their service, in light of his current campaign for Mayor of Menifee, might come back to haunt him.

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Political opportunism and crass ambition eventually becomes a legitimate campaign issue.



March 25, 2012



Apparently the City of Menifee felt the need to weigh in on the Ontario Airport issue, despite their remoteness from the airport and the City of Ontario, who  wants to own it once again, having previously sold it to Los Angeles. Perhaps a little seller’s remorse?

As a result, Menifee’s City Council  has shown that it can be as meaningless and is as irrelevant as Wildomar’s City Council, given half the chance.

Congratulations to Councilmember Melissa Melendez and the City Council of the City of Lake Elsinore for rejecting this meaningless waste of time and effort.

Please on the following link to today’s Californian, to confirm this mutual irrelevancy:

Despite the fact that each of the individual cities, including Wildomar, and now Menifee, had previously voted on the issue through the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”), the political preening and posturing by mental lightweights, such as Wildomar’s Mayor Kim Jong Benoit, and Menifee’s Council member Darcy Kuenzi could not be stopped.

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This level of political silliness will continue until the citizen voters of cities like Wildomar and Menifee begin to reject the continuous stream of Chamber of Commerce/Rotary Club “inside the clique”candidates that are teed up every two years by these insidious so-called “service clubs.”

As I have said before, these “clubs” perpetuate a “shadow government” that strives to facilitate elections of their various pre-chosen members, without regard to any city boundaries.

Lest you disagree, rumor has it that Wildomar Citycouncilmember Bridgette Moore, who is running for reelection in 2012, has been declared Wildomar’s “Citizen of the Year” by the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. More on predictable and fatuous selection that later.

Menifee’s Disrespect For A….

January 15, 2012


How depraved and disrespectful can the ambitious politicos be that seem to crawl their way up out of the sludge fields of the artificial political creation formally known as the City of Menifee.

The recently-deceased Menifee city councilmember Fred Twyman, an honorable public servant, (who was also an encouraging fan of Wildomar Magazine), would not be pleased with the  current controversy over his competent and dedicated Planning Commission appointee, Marc Miller, and the unabashed attempt by an appointed replacement for Twyman, to appoint her own crony in his stead.

Please click on today’s Californian, to inform yourselves, as follows:

If Appointee Sue Kristjansson cannot respect and continue to honor Fred Twyman’s Planning Commission appointment until the natural end of Twyman’s term and she stands for reelection, at which time it would be appropriate and reasonable for her to name a Planning Commissioner, she does not deserve to be reelected, nor does she deserve any current political respect as Twyman’s appointed replacement.

The fact that she  interviewed the overtly ambitious former Menifee City Councilman, recently-elected Menifee Union School District Trustee , former Wildomar Chamberpot of Commerce CEO, Scott Mann, more than adequately displays her political ambition and depravity.

Fortunately for Menifee, Mann’s current consulting gig probably contains an inherent conflict of interest or he wouldn’t have pulled himself out of consideration. (I know Wildomar Magazine once endorsed Scott Mann for reelection to the Menifee City Council, but that was before he invaded Wildomar. If he’d been reelected, he would have stayed out of  Wildomar.)

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The “good news”  for the ambitious Kristjansson was that she got to sit down in an empty  City Council seat without the expense of having to run for election. In “made up”communities like Menifee, political connections often count for more than political character. (Don’t get me started on a Kim Jong Benoit comparison.)

The “bad news” for the ambitious Kristjansson is that she must learn to maintain some level of respect and decorum for that empty seat, at the very least, until she earns it on her own.

Fred Twyman’s memory, and his appointment of Marc Miller, deserves better public treatment than this from Menifee.

At Large = Simplicity

February 15, 2011


It’s official. 

Menifee has finally lost the rest of it’s marbles.

Please click on the following California article for context and confirmation.

Of course, this isn’t a recent discovery.

It started years ago when the first marble went missing as someone came up with the idea of taking a well-established, happy retirement community, senior citizen-based Sun City, and then attempting to “morph” it into something unnatural, if not schizophrenic, called Menifee.

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman real estate agents and developers.

Being unable to restrain themselves, it occurred to someone to add sewerless Quail Valley (formerly known as the “meth capital of the world”) and Romoland (trailer houses and nudist clubs).

By doing so, a “community” has been created  artificially. But it can never attain community status.

This could only have happened when the real LAFCO (“Local Agency Formation Commission”) was not in session and a realtor-based ad hoc group, known as “LAUGHCO,” somehow took over in the middle of the night.

Districts aren’t a solution for Menifee, they’re a symptom of it’s insanity.

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Don’t blame Darcy for creating “developer influence” in Menifee.

Foolish pro-cityhood voters did.

If you “Google” the words “developer influence,” it takes you to a map of Menifee.


August 12, 2010


Attending last evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting in the usual manner, Zak was able to observe, and thus opine for his readers, on the embarrassing conduct of “illegal immigration activist” Ted Wegener of Menifee’s lack of decorum and preparation. 

Wegener, for the second Wildomar City  Council meeting in a row, insinuated himself into our local politics with a non-issue for Wildomar, until it was brought forward by Wegener himself, and his roving band of anti-illegal immigration whiners.

This group has apparently taken upon themselves the task of forcing elected officials from local municipalities to go “on the record” for Ted’s video camera, from Temecula to Menifee, on a divisive vote for what is essentially a federal issue. Ted whipped out his video camera to record each council person’s comments. Fortunately, none were intimidated by it and spoke freely.

Wegener’s credibility as a “thoughtful” activist plummeted when he had to admit publicly, to the Council and audience, that he was unaware that Wildomar had not yet developed a formal business license program and that any ordinance enacted would be unenforceable.

Earlier in the meeting, Ted, apparently unable to sit calmly as an adult for any reasonable length of time, despite his status as a guest in a public meeting, rudely arose several times, to wander in and out of the meeting while other citizens were offering their opinions on matters relevant and meaningful to Wildomar (but not, apparently,  to Ted) during the Public Comment portion of the agenda.

Apparently feeling the need to “share” more of his “out-of-town” wisdom, Ted took it upon himself, earlier in the evening, to offer a rambling and disconnected, out of context, spontaneous opinion regarding Wildomar’s medical marijuana collective issue.

Displaying an attitude hauntingly reminiscent of the “apologetic-and-now-forgiven” Menifee Councilman Scott Mann, Ted mockingly told the audience that he would prefer that marijuana be sold, if the ordinance is approved, in Wildomar, anyway, rather than in Menifee. (See October 2009 archives)

As I recall, Menifee includes the former unincorporated rural area known as Quail Valley, whose claim to fame as the “Meth Capital of the World,” remains unchallenged, despite their inclusion into Menifee’s ambitious boundaries.

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 Ted, next time, take a seat until your name is called.

Stick A Fork In Voting “At-Large”….

June 21, 2010


There are usually two problems with activism in a community like Menifee.

The first problem is that an activist group has good intentions but apparently represents a very small, vocal of remnant of the community. According to today’s Californian, such a minority group has failed to secure sufficient signatures on their petitions to put the issue of voting for the Council “At Large” on the ballot.

As a result, the failed petitioners are going to themselves petition the Menifee City Council and ask the council to voluntarily put the issue on the ballot for them, which seems somewhat unfair.

Sometimes, perceived community apathy is just a “no” answer dressed up as “I don’t want to get involved by signing your petition. I just came to Albertson’s to get some groceries.”

The second problem is that the vocal minority, if they don’t get their desired response from us City Council, will continue to whine and bemoan their fate. This is not good for community building.

Get over your issue  ’cause it’s over. Enjoy your districts. Work on building your city.

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Baby City Menifee Spanks Its “Elder” Cities…..

June 16, 2010



 After the Menifee City Council realized how foolish they looked in tackling the Arizona Senate Bill 1070 issue, rather than wisely taking it off their agenda and telling the citizens of Menifee that they had made a mistake in putting it there in the first place,  the Council tried to use a weak, face-saving ploy to get out of the dilemma that they had created for themselves.

“After a long discussion, the council asked city staff members to draft a resolution admonishing cities for opposing the Arizona law or supporting boycotts against the state. The resolution does not specifically support the Arizona law.”

So reports today’s Californian, regarding Menifee City Council’s lame answer to their own lame question, a question that should have never been asked in the first place.

Every time a City Council does something foolish like this, it loses some of its credibility within its own community and community of peers.

Do  foolish things enough times and you eventually become a laughingstock.

I can’t imagine wanting to be Menifee’s City Council representative at the next League of Cities meeting.

Table for one, please.

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