EVMWD Is Just Doing What Unregulated, Rogue Monopolies…

July 24, 2015


Yesterday’s 5-0 vote for a 27% rate increase isn’t about “water” flow, it’s about “cash” flow so the staff can continue to finance their salaries and pension benefits and their lobbyist trips to Washington DC  and Sacramento.

After all of the scare tactics by the  unregulated, quasi-utility, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, to convince homeowners to stop watering their  beautiful and expensive landscaping (all one has to do is drive through Windsong Valley to see the pitiful, browning lawns), thereby reducing their water bills.

As a result, the effect of water conservation has apparently reduced the amount of cash flowing into the EVMWD coffers,  forcing the elected Directors of the EVMWD to protect their rogue utility by voting for the rate increase.   In case you didn’t notice, customers of the EVMWD have no one to  turn to for relief.

This is the time when all of the Chamberpot of Commerce/Rotary club-mixer chickens have come home to roost.

Instead of electing officials who are immune to the groupthink political influences of the aforementioned borderless  “shadow government”  (they’re all the same people, including members of  the local city councils),” the foolish voters have repeatedly elected officials whose resumes list the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club prominently as one of their primary reasons  for you to give them your vote.

Until  the voters elect  a Board majority of thoughtful public servants (I would have been happier if the recently-elected  Director,  George Cambero would have voted against this  increase, if nothing more than to make a  symbolic vote to  demonstrate his independence) ,   this rogue monopoly  will continue to do whatever it wants to do to its customers.

For the record,  my monthly water bill (including sewer charges)  for a two bedroom, two bath  mobile home  costs  $13.20. However,  my water comes from the Eastern  Municipal Water District, not the EVMWD.

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230,000 Reasons to…

July 20, 2015
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2008 273 610 617 491 602 860 3,453
2009 882 500 230 263 217 178 176 180 255 1,152 1,727 1,488 7,248
2010 2,520 1,785 1,942 2,028 2,386 2,996 2,579 1,906 3,037 3,490 3,739 3,868 32,276
2011 3,367 3,600 4,299 4,730 5,942 4,644 3,882 3,881 4,303 5,104 5,232 4,874 53,858
2012 5,253 5,266 6,154 6,003 5,318 4,174 4,253 4,088 4,888 5,211 5,279 4,475 60,362
2013 4,360 2,819 5,192 2,991 2,838 3,515 3,116 2,507 3,467 3,552 3,140 2,159 39,656
2014 2,682 2,071 1,990 1,950 2,523 1,986 2,485 2,150 2,245 3,132 2,584 1,880 27,678
2015 1,561 861 848 653 701 571 359 5,554


Despite my self-imposed writing hiatus explained in my last article, there continues to be a regular number of persons (230,020 to be exact, as of this morning) who continue to stop by Wildomar Magazine, looking for information and commentary, based on the above statistics cut and pasted from Wildomar Magazine’s Statistics page.

Safe to say, 230,000+ individual views over a total of 7 years will be difficult to duplicate.

As always, I am grateful to my readers for their interest.

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Catchin’ Up With….

July 18, 2015


Time to do a little catchin’ up for my readers.

When Sheryl and I moved out of Wildomar in December 2013 , moving to nearby Hemet,  the move was a part of my economic strategy to seriously reduce my  monthly “nut, “which was based on owning a “stick built” home,  including a mortgage which  sadly limited the value of the net equity in the house.  Since my age and physical health was not going to permit me to   return to my  “pre-stroke,”  well-paid career as an insurance claims  investigator/adjuster, I needed to  re-evaluate my economic status  and base it on my current economic realities.

By cutting back on  my  monthly  disbursements and selling my house, it ultimately provided, after selling  expenses, some cash equity, I was able to payoff every one of my financial obligations  and purchase, for all cash,  a  lovely, modern  mobile home in one of the  more attractive senior (55+) gated retirement parks  in Hemet.  In this arrangement, my modest space rent includes  the price of trash service as well as our water and sewer service. ( I no longer have to grit my teeth writing a check to the C R &R and EVMWD monopolies for their overpriced  services!)

Last year, an opportunity to work from my home office on a full-time basis, arose from my industry connections to  a long-time friend  and colleague who  is a  claims  manager for a commercial liability insurance company, who wanted to tap into my experience in  Litigation Management in the Construction Defect  field. Apparently “millennials” are not entering the insurance claims field, making older guys like me desirable to hire on a short-term basis. A projected 90 day “gig”  lasted more than six months, which permitted me to purchase  a late model  Toyota Camry.

I enjoyed writing a personal check for the entire amount of the car before driving  it off the sales lot.

 On a couple of personal notes,  my 93-year-old mother recently passed away after a brief illness. Apparently, she was unable to to overcome her grief  over the passing of my older sister, who passed away in January  at at the age of 73, succumbing to a  long  illness.

I recently finished my personal memoir, which recounts  my experiences serving in Vietnam in 1968- 69. The motivation to write a memoir  came from a request by my 10-year-old grandson, who is fascinated by the fact that his grandfather  was “in the war.”  Once I have completed some necessary editing and polishing,  I intend to self-publish it on Amazon,   making  it available to others, who may be interested, as a part of the historic tapestry that any veteran  could and should  prepare for his family  and friends.   I would encourage  any veteran, of any age or era, to write his or her own personal memoir, thus contributing to that tapestry.

When it is published and available online, I will provide the details  on how to obtain a copy of it, if you so desire. I will probably include some portions of it in a future article  within the pages of Wildomar Magazine, as I’ve done in the past.

Since that writing task is now mostly complete,   I can return to  occasionally  offering my  insights and  thoughts on the happenings in Wildomar.  Prior to publishing Wildomar Magazine, I was an active participant  in the publishing of  Elsinore Magazine, even though I  did not live in Lake Elsinore, so that complaint will fall on my deaf ears.

Commentary/opinion knows no city limit.

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By the way,  Wildomar Magazine has been viewed more than 225,000 times since its inception.