A Bible Lesson For Ben Benoit…

August 30, 2010


Most of the stuff we learned in Sunday School gave us instruction as to how we interact with our fellow human beings. Doing for others is encouraged by Scripture, as long as our motives are pure.

However, doing “nice things” in the middle of a political campaign and trumpeting your “niceness” on your patently political (i.e. Sausage King’s offer of free sausages for a political fundraiser) Facebook page is clearly contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

Please Click the link for context. It’s the 2nd entry down.



1 Make sure you don’t pray or fast or give to the poor, just so others will see you. If you just show off, you will not receive a reward from your Father in heaven.

2 When you give to the poor, don’t blast it around town like the hypocrites do. They show off in synagogues and on street corners so others might admire them. They’ve already received their reward! 3-4 Instead, give to the poor so quietly even your best friends won’t notice. Your Father who sees how quietly you give will reward you.

5 When you pray, do not show off like the hypocrites. They love to stand up and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so they will shine before others. They’ve already received their reward! 6 Instead, go off by yourself and pray to your Father quietly. Your Father who sees how quietly you pray will reward you.

Ben, your attempt to derive political benefit from a laudable Christian activity reflects your lack of experience in life itself. At the very least, you should understand your own basic Christian philosophy, in order to keep it separate from your campaign promotional activities.

Otherwise, should you be elected, you may confuse a political issue with a religious issue while making decisions that affect the everyday lives of the folks in the community

Zak personally prefers politicians who are Christians, but Zak intensely disapproves of Christian politicians who wear their Christianity on their sleeves…. or flaunt their “Christian” works on Facebook.

The unhealthy melding of religion with politics has been to the detriment of our body politic in the United States.

I resent what the Church did to  my political party and what my political party did to my Church. Both have been diminished, in my eyes, by the mutual influence.


Zak has lived long enough to recall the days of the political spoilage system, called patronage. Back in the day, whenever a new administration won the White House, be it Democrat or Republican, many public employees, including the local postmaster lost their jobs. The new administration then brought in their political cronies to fill those jobs.

One of the most basic rules for being a civil servant, one that has apparently been lost, is to be completely removed from any political involvement whatsoever during a political campaign. In exchange, a civil servant could count on a job/career that was not affected by political outcomes.

Whenever any employee of a local municipality engages in any type of endorsement, or even the appearance thereof, of a particular candidate for public office, they violate that basic, healthy premise of political neutrality.

Foolishly, should an  employee of any municipality endorse and promote a particular candidate who loses the election, they will have likely earned the negative feelings and sentiments of the candidate that ultimately won the seat both candidates were competing for.

Therefore, it would be wise for any members of the Wildomar city staff to withhold or withdraw their “friend” status from the Facebook page of any current candidate for the office of Wildomar City Council, as it appears to be an endorsement of said candidate.

It’s Okay To Read Her Lips…..

August 29, 2010



City Council Candidate Martha Bridges continues to denigrate the existing City Council with her unfounded allegations of “corruption,” as a major hook on which  to hang her 2nd attempt to be elected as a council member. Fortunately, Bridges could not find sufficient supporters in the community to win a seat in the initial election, the first time around.

I find it curious that someone who worked  hard to bring about the failure of Wildomar’s incorporation, can now expect the voting public to assume that her desires and interests have changed to any extent, and that Bridges could become enthusiastically “pro-city”, such that her decision-making processes would be based on what is good for the entire community and not on some unfounded, paranoid suspicion of corruption at City Hall.

Zak Turango and the staff of Wildomar Magazine continue to dig through the Internet, looking for any archival history that would conflict with Bridge’s current and disingenuous pro-city posturing.

Bridges cannot successfully argue that she was generally in favor of incorporation for Wildomar when she was not. She obviously joined forces with like-minded, anti-cityhood naysayers who have since used the Courts to overturn, on a slender technicality, a reasonable, landscape maintenance assessment of $28 per year which  keeps our 3 parks functioning within the community’s boundaries.

Please click, for your political illumination, if you would, on the following link:

http://www.stopthemoneygrab.com/measure c /statements/measure_c1.pdf

Take a look at the signatories who were opposed to the incorporation of Wildomar. What a specious argument it was then and is now, under current law (Proposition 218), to demagogue that persons elected to the City Council would be able to raise taxes on the citizens of Wildomar.  A tax can only be increased by a vote of two thirds of the voters.

And there can be no “red ink, ” as  every city is required by state law to balance its budget. No  one at City Hall could ever possibly raise any tax whatsoever without coming to the voters first for approval, once Prop 218 was enacted. 

Nevertheless the overt and intentional misrepresentation by the five signatories is there for all to see.

So when Ms. Bridges comes to a meeting and speaks, or speaks with you individually, I encourage you to ask her about her having teamed up with Steve Beutz and Gerard Ste. Marie in opposing cityhood for Wildomar.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Zak Discovers A New Social Network…

August 27, 2010


An internet-based effort may provide a relevant social network site for those specific groups of folks who want to discuss the daily condition of their alimentary canals. I cannot imagine that a discussion of your bowels would be any lamer or less relevant than 99.9% of what is put up on the usual social networks.

Perhaps the target group would have to include seniors, who seem to be more than willing to discuss the trials and tribulations associated with the aging process and it’s negative effect on their digestive tracts.

Often seniors, like my maternal grandfather, the late Alfred Thompson of Bruce South Dakota, would find humor in the conflict between social graces and manners and discussions regarding bodily functions.

As Grandpa Thompson would mirthfully quip to his impressionable grandson, “When you are on the dance floor, everything should move but your bowels.” I am certain the widowed grain elevator operator dazzled the remainder of the eligible ladies of the High Plains of Dakota, circa 1930, regaling them with his toilet humor.

Sadly, yet understandably, he never remarried.

Even a maturing actress such as Jamie Lee Curtis, who has thrilled male movie audiences over the years, is now unabashedly pushing a yogurt product on television, which is  designed to facilitate the function of one’s intestines.

She is aging beautifully, isn’t she?

The point of highlighting  this apparently satirical social networking platform on  is that you can rest assured that it will immediately have as much gravitas and meaningful content as any of the other social networking platforms.

In fact, it will be much easier for older aficionados to stay current by using the following  predetermined daily entry for everyone who is participating so they will not have to spend endless hours and mental energy anguishing if they want to make someone there “friend” or not, ’cause they should or don’t care.

As one ages, one learns that happy intestines are the only “friends” you will ever truly need in order  to be contented in later life.

All one has to do to stay current on this network, and to notify your friends that you are still alive and functioning, is to make the following daily entry:

Same sh*t. Different day.

‘Nuff said for Baby Boomers.

One obvious rule, however. No digital photographs of your “downloads” will be permitted to be “uploaded” to the site.

Chicago-Style Political Influence and….

August 25, 2010



Feeling the need to keep tabs, for the inquisitive readers of Wildomar Magazine, on the youthful and understandably inexperienced, but well-connected politically, first-time candidate Ben Benoit, Zak casually clicked onto Benoit’s Facebook page, only to discover how quickly unusual and outside influences has become manifest in the city of Wildomar as a result of Benoit’s ambitious candidacy.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on this link:


I am glad for Ben that he has  “friends” to play with. However, given the difference in ages, it is more likely that the “Sausage King” has or has had connections with a different, older Benoit generation.

If that is the case, then the injection of Chicago-style politics and sausages into our local election, not to mention our arteries, can only be detrimental to the political health of our community.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

In what can only be described as pure irony, if you click on Sausage King’s photo, go to his Facebook page and then continue to his Friends page, you will find one of Zak’s close relatives, who is a perpetual, yet repeatedly unsuccessful, candidate for California Superintendent of Schools, thus confirming the utter banality of Facebook, and other social networking pages.

Zak will provide a free package of locally-stuffed Oscar Mayer All Beef Wieners, purchased from a local Wildomar Stater Brothers store, to the first person who can find and identify her.

You have 2 solid hints to go on so take the afternoon off (you are likely already unemployed, or should be, if you do)  and work your way through Sausage King’s list of “Friends.”

A Time To Star Gaze….

August 24, 2010


Marna O’Brien Park will be the setting for an annual event, Wildomar’s Star Party At 8 PM on Saturday evening.

Local astronomy aficionado, John Garrett and friends will be setting up telescopes and providing an opportunity for attendees to observe “nearby” planets in a manner they have likely never seen before.

If you have never seen the ringed  planet Saturn through a simple 200 power telescope, consider yourself deprived. Or to observe Jupiter and its rapidly moving moons, you will be unable to prevent the mono-syllabic words “oooh” and “ahhh” from leaking through your lips.

If you have “young uns,” peel their fingers off of their Xbox joystick, toss ’em in the car, drive to Marna O’Brien Park and expose them to the wonders of natural science.  They can always go back to “Grand  Theft Auto” and the unrestrained splattering of “virtual” victims later.

I am attaching a link to John’s own blog, for your own reference.


Bring your own chair and come out and mingle with others in the community. Long before Wildomar was a city, after a meeting of the Ortega Trails Park District, we would often linger for chitchat on a warm, dark evening at Marna O’Brien.

It provided a wonderful sense of community.

Enjoy yourself.

It is also free to attend.

At least until the federal or state government finds a way to impose a tax on stargazing.

Why Those Who Advocated Waiting….

August 20, 2010


The ruling on the “Anaheim Marijuana Dispensary” litigation by the California Appellate Court is in and nothing whatsoever happened to resolve the issue, for Wildomar, of a city’s right to control the distribution of marijuana through dispensaries.

Wildomar’s dilemma, however, is about medical marijuana “collectives,” not dispensaries, which is a different matter.

The Appellate Court says the matter must be fully heard through a lengthy trial and a jury must decide the issue. This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate.

Wildomar Magazine’s curious readers can educate themselves further by clicking on the following link:


Of note, the Court did affirm that California State law trumps Federal law in this matter, so those who say that Wildomar must ban any medical marijuana collective, based upon federal law, are incorrect. Formally so.

And, since 1996, a majority of the People of California voted to permit suffering Californians to join cumbersome, not-for-profit collectives for the purpose of growing, sharing and purchasing marijuana from other collective members, if they cannot grow it themselves, to relieve their physical suffering.

How that is implemented, on a municipal level, is up to each municipality.

In Wildomar’s case, Council member Sheryl Ade has demonstrated her willingness and ability to lead in this matter.

In her comments during the initial City Council meeting convened to address the sudden and unpermitted opening of a collective distibution facility in Wildomar, she stated “The County, including County law-enforcement, have recognized that safe access to medical marijuana must be addressed.

A citizen cannot be denied a right provided under state law by zoning them out of existence.

The collectives are not going to go away… And it is my sincere belief that we can best serve those who are suffering within our community by ensuring that a collective is not-for-profit… regulated… and safe.”

Many were hoping that the “Anaheim case” would settle the issue. It has not.

Others, such as newly-appointed Planning Commissioner, (an understandably inexperienced City Council candidate) Ben Benoit have publicly advocated  waiting until November to make a decision, hoping, we suppose, that the passage or failure to pass  Proposition 19, the Marijuana Initiative to legalize marijuana in any form whatsoever, will provide political cover for avoiding making a potentially unpopular decision for some elements of the Wildomar community.

On the other hand, seasoned leaders like Councilmember Sheryl Ade understand the gravity of these issues and are willing to address them and to act on behalf of suffering citizens as well as reduce Wildomar’s exposure to litigation, without consideration of any political consequences.

Sheryl’s closing statement on the issue was, “We cannot moralize or incarcerate our way out of this-so let us be managers.”

Expensive, budget busting litigation still looms in Wildomar’s future if the city’s leaders fail to act promptly.

The approval of an appropriate ordinance covering not-for-profit Medical Marijuana “Collectives,” while continuing to ban marijuana “dispensaries” provides the safest route for Wildomar through the marijuana litigation minefield.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Nothing More Than A….

August 19, 2010


While trying to get the remaining one-half of my brain around the recent activity of the “E-Verifiy” activists, lately wafting in Murrieta, I have contemplated on why I find them so annoying.

Obviously, the issue of illegal immigration is a difficult one to resolve, especially when successive Federal administrations, Republican and Democrat alike and for equally questionable reasons,  have ignored the problem. It is still, after all, a federal issue. 

End of story.

These illegal-immigration “activists” have, thus far,  failed to join together in sufficient voting numbers to produce their desired political outcomes and policies in the White House, the Senate, and the Congress, as well as the more local bodies of governance within the State of California.

These same people likely voted for Conan the Barbarian as their governor, foolishly hoping that he could alter the direction of the State of California.

Alas, Conan couldn’t and didn’t.

Changing only the face and personality of the governor does not matter much when the entrenched majority in the State Senate and State Assembly cannot be changed. This entrenchment was aided and abetted by a similarly impotent minority political party, who foolishly agreed to a gerrymander of the various Senate and assembly districts, curving the state up into “safe” districts.

As a result, the minority party, doomed themselves to a permanent, neutered minority status.

However, elements of a recently blooming, supposed conservative “juggernaut” have found that, despite their impotent status, there is a venue where they can have an “appearance of power.” That is why the E-verify activists are swarming city Council meetings in Southwest Riverside County like annoying flies at a picnic.


Knowing that local City Council members, who are already residing in a generally conservative Southwest Riverside County, and who probably have similar thoughts and political leanings as do the activists, the activists “bum rush” the various City Council meetings, to lend their carping voices to the impotent wail of frustration.

In a meeting that is generally dull and quiet, doing the mundane consideration of local, municipal business, the intrusion by7 to10 noisy and ill -mannered (see August 12, 2010, below) activists apparently causes some Council Members, to become momentarily disoriented and distracted from municipal issues and to vote in  favor of the E-verifiers neutered federal issue.

With 12,000,000 illegal immigrants reportedly already in the country, from coast to coast, bullying local government officials into approving a meaningless ordinance is itself the epitome of meaningless activism bringing about a meaningless outcome.

It is the very essence of the metaphor, “a fart in the wind.”

Congratulations are in order for the E-Verify activists for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Next time, take your issue to where it belongs.


Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

E-Verify activists can save their breath, however.

I am holding mine.

Manos Fails A Third Time…..

August 17, 2010



There is no better time than the present, when so many candidates are vying for your attention, than to “thin the herd” early.

Therefore, as a public service to the good folks of Lake Elsinore, Zak Turango and the staff of Wildomar Magazine proudly announce the partial, but inevitable, results of the November 2010 election for the Lake Elsinore City Council.

Steve Manos has predictably lost his 3rd run for a City Council seat. This will be his 2nd loss in the calendar year 2010. Manos attempted to piggyback on the fraudulent and untruthful recall campaign to unseat City  Councilman Thomas Buckley in January 2010, getting the most votes of 3 hapless candidates, in a meaningless election, as  Buckley was not recalled. Fortunately, the voters were not buying the “snake oil” that Manos and others were trying to sell.

For his efforts to sully Tom’s reputation, Manos has incurred the scornful disdain and utter contempt of  Zak Turango and Wildomar Magazine.

It is certainly unhealthy for any city or community to have, as candidates like Manos, who portray elected officials as dishonest when they have no evidence of dishonesty. Hopefully the citizens of Lake Elsinore will challenge Manos, should he dare venture into a public forum with valid candidates.

Surely the voters of Lake Elsinore will recognize that the unfair soiling of the reputations of their elected officials by Candidate Steve Manos deserves their complete disinterest in his campaign.

Comments can be made tozakturango@excite.com.


August 16, 2010



And hiding her former occupation.

One of the blessings of the Internet, besides the unique presence of Zak Turango and Wildomar Magazine to provoke you to thought, and occasionally amuse you, is the ability to scour old news articles in search of the truth and, thus, to reveal it, if important.

Nowhere is this more important than in our current political campaign for the Wildomar City Council.

For example, Candidate Martha Bridges presently states that she has always supported cityhood for Wildomar.

Consider, if you would, her own words, penned by none other than Martha herself, in her recent Comment to the Californian.

WildomarWatcher said on: August 6, 2010, 11:23 am

‘Let’s be clear about what I have said all along. I was not and am not opposed to cityhood per se. We have cityhood and must find the right approach and the right people to make it work for the people of Wildomar.

I was, however, opposed to the poorly planned and fiscally infeasible incorporation, which was adopted on the face values of an obviously inflated Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis, when it was put before the voters.

While few people had the ability or willingness to look at the hard facts, it is fair to say that Wildomar is suffering through severe financial difficulties now, because many people failed to comprehend the full impact of the coming recession on a new city when casting their votes for incorporation.

What we need now is to find the right people to replace members of the inaugural council; council members who merrily went on overspending even in the face of shrinking revenues.

Candidates like myself who are willing to look at the hard financial facts and use their extensive professional experience to help steer the city towards fiscally prudent operations and help pull us through this protracted recession.”

 After a few moments of digging, I was able to find the following article which was published in the Californian on December 13, 2007.


It appears that, for the purpose of political and campaign expediency, Candidate Bridges now denies ever opposing cityhood and cites “extensive professional experience”, rather than simply admitting that she was a real estate agent, the last time she ran and lost.

In addition, Wildomar Magazine continues to monitor its e-mails for a response from Bridges pledging to take no health insurance benefits from the city, should she actually secure a seat on the Council.
It’s that “unfounded corruption allegation/hypocrisy” thing, unless she does take the pledge.
Bridge’s unfounded and unfair, broadbrush allegations of “corruption” on the part of all of the current incumbents, will not afford her any grace or graciousness on the part of Zak Turango.
The departure of Realtor Scott Farnam fortunately reduces the influence of the Realtor “mentality” on the Council.
Do the voters of Wildomar truly want to replace Farnam with another real estate agent? Especially one who obscures it.
Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

An “Un-“Likely Council Victory for an…

August 15, 2010


A person, even one as intuitive and politically savvy  as Zak Turango, can never fully understand or know what motivates someone to run for a public office, despite the long odds and glaring lack of public service. (By the way, Chamber of Commerce membership and perfect Chamber Mixer attendance doesn’t count as “public service).

It should go without saying that such a person, under normal circumstances, should have  sufficient time and involvement in city governance as a volunteer in a public service organization or as an appointee to some civic body in order to display some credible level of commitment to the community before asking for your vote.

(Editor’s note: this would not include any credit whatsoever for “time served” in the crass political maneuver that resulted in Bun Bunoit’s embarrassing appointment as a Wildomar Planning Commissioner by “soon-to-be former” Councilmember Scott Farnam).

For instance, “Pre-” Qualified candidate Kristan Lloyd has worked diligently on behalf of the community as a volunteer for the Wildomar Community Council. Recently, while Zak was having breakfast at a local restaurant, the Director of Lake Elsinore-based HOPE, a local food bank, who was sitting at the next table, volunteered how effective Kristan Lloyd was in facilitating their Wildomar community food outreach, to the extent that he has sufficient confidence in her abilities that he has been able to completely delegate responsibilities for the Wildomar outreach to her.

That is the kind of qualifying community action and credible, unsolicited testimonials a genuine candidate for an elected office should have.

In direct contrast, the “Un-” Prepared and “near-miss” Candidate Ruben Hernandez advised a City of Wildomar election official, when he dropped off his inadequate Nomination Petition that, “if he did not qualify he would most likely file again during write-in qualification period,” which runs from September 06, 2010 through October 19, 2010.

Because of his last-minute rush for candidacy, even if Hernandez can secure 20 valid signatures to qualify as a write-in candidate, his name will not appear on the ballot and he cannot submit a candidate statement, thus reducing the odds of his election to a Wildomar City Council seat to the level of  “Impossible Dream.”

In addition, his candidacy, however small or ineffective, will only take votes away from the  limited “anti–incumbent” voter pool shared by all of the other non-incumbent candidates, including  his “Facebook”  buddy/friend, Bun Bunoit.

If Bunoit fails to win a seat on the Council by less than 20 votes, he will have Hernandez to thank.

Comments can be made to  zakturango@excite.com.

If Bunoit fails to win a seat in the Council by more than 20 votes, he will have Zak Turango to thank.