Ever Wonder Why Your Water Bills Are So….

October 8, 2014

EVMWD Unsed Cash Reserves


Just ask EVMWD candidate for the District 1, Peter Weber, former Reform treasurer for Lake Elsinore,  for the details.

Or, check out his website for more, as follows:


Since the Water District answers to no one but the voters, your intelligent choices truly matter on November 4, 2014.

In addition, District 3 voters need to oust the Chamber of Commerce’s handpicked empty pantsuit, Judy Guglielmana and replace her with George Cambero, an honest citizen, with lots of water district experience.

Any candidate that claims endorsement from the various Chambers of Commerce/Rotary Clubs are puppets of the “shadow government” that wants to spoon feed you your politicians.

Council Sub-Committee Appointments May Produce…..

December 11, 2011



On Wednesday, December 14, 2011, the Wildomar City Council will be making subcommittee appointments for the coming year. A subcommittee is comprised of two city Council members, who meet within their area of interest and then report their findings and recommendations to the entire City Council during a regular, agendized, public meeting.

For the past year, Mayor Marsha Swanson has been on the EVMWD subcommittee, along with Councilmember Tim Walker. 

At the same time, Swanson has been a paid real estate consultant for the EVMWD, and we have previously objected to the conflict of interest between her consultancy and being a member of the Wildomar City Council. As a result of my objection, City Attorney Julie Biggs opined that there was no conflict between Swanson being a City Council member and a paid real estate consultant for the EVM WD.

Fair enough, although I still disagree with her finite legal opinion. However, this is a more specific, equally finite objection.

When the Council subcommittee meets quarterly with the representatives of the EVMWD, how does Swanson separate her loyalties and obligations as to who she represents during that meeting?

Rather than relying upon our external judgments as to her internal mental processes and motives (even the Bible declares that only God knows the heart of a person; as humans, we can only observe conduct and make judgments, based on the outward actions of another), would it not be healthier for the City of Wildomar for another City Councilmember to take Swanson’s position on the subcommittee?

Granted, Swanson’s familiarity and collegiality with EVMWD staff, were she not a city councilmember could be considered valuable. In this case, her status as a City Council member renders her experience and familiarity valueless, if not potentially detrimental to the interests of the City of Wildomar.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

(This isn’t a game; this is our government. Zak Turango, 2010)

Former EVMWD Director Chris Hyland….

July 23, 2011



At the request of the former EVMWD Director, Chris Hyland, who writes with the authority of a fearless activist and crusader in things Elsinore, Wildomar Magazine is happy to link a recent Community Forum article penned by her and published in the Californian, as follows:


Ms. Hyland appropriately resorts to the off-used Zakian term, “boondoggle” to describe the expensive LEAPS project, which was foisted on the public and  promoted like a 1880’s-style Wildomar real estate land scheme.

Alas Fortunately, neither were successful.

Please click on the following link for a good definition:


 The editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine applauds Chris Hyland for her outspoken opposition to boondoggles throughout the years.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.


July 12, 2011



Finally, it appears that the Enron-inspired “boondoggle” that has sapped multiplied millions of dollars from the wallets of the ratepayers of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District has gone off the cliff to its doom.

Today’s Patch article includes  “some ” of the information, as follows:


What must not be forgotten is the unrelenting hubris displayed by EVMWD elected officials pressing, over the last two decades, for the start up and completion of this financial monstrosity, which on it’s best day, could only produce 87% of the electricity required to pump Lake Elsinore’s foul, fetid water into a mountaintop canyon for later release, purportedly to make money for the District and save energy for the electrical grid.

It was never going to pay for itself.

It would destroy a pristine canyon.

It would forever scar the hills above us.

It was the epitome of influential entrepreneurs with political connections at the congressional level,  luring local rubes, supposedly  running a Water District to protect our interests,  into their financial/political web.

A special word of thanks, for wasting our money on this boondoggle. to all EVMWD Directors, save for Chris Hyland and John Lloyd (who courageously opposed and undermined this foolish effort).

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

The only announcement that could ever be happier than the above, would be the announcement of indictments of those responsible for perpetuating this expensive boondoggle, when they knew it wouldn’t/couldn’t live up to its promises.

Andy Morris Replaces Greg Morrison As Zak’s Favorite….

June 11, 2011



Greg Morrison, former spokeshole for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“EVMWD”), has, for years, had an adversarial relationship with Zak Turango starting as far back when he was the prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine and continuing to the present with Wildomar Magazine.

Morrison generally kept his snide remarks limited to face-to-face encounters, which made it more personal and, as a result, invited a more immediate response.

As a result, Morrison has been, to quote an old guy phrase, “my favorite turd” at the Water District, which ironically, specializes in processing all of our byproducts.

Recently, EVMWD District 1 Director, Andrew Morris, has replaced Morrison in that coveted fecal-based category, based on his outrageous behavior by an elected official. (See Wildomar Magazine article below, dated May 26, 2011, “Impudence From A Little Boy”).

 In that article, which outlined Morris’s bad behavior as he took it upon himself to shush one of his constituents, Morris provides the basis for his replacement of Morrison.

For the present, the only way for Morris to extricate himself out of the Wildomar Magazine spotlight, will be to execute the previously demanded public apology for his disrespect of an older constituent.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Zak wanted to get this started before the weather turned warm, on the wise advice of John Wayne.

Sorry, Morris, an e-mail from you will be insufficient.

Impudence From A….

May 26, 2011



Last evening’s Wildomar City Council took an unfortunate turn in citizen/public servant interactions.

Because the agenda issue before the City Council was about possible park closure, there were several passionate speakers who took the opportunity during the Public Comment portion of the agenda to address their concerns.

One of them was a young man, who represented a local soccer league, who was concerned about unfounded rumors that the City of Wildomar was going to impose a nearly $50 per athlete fee for using Marna O’Brien Park.

It was immediately apparent to myself, sitting in the audience, that some elements of my modest proposal presented at the prior evening’s Budget Session, had  been distributed throughout the community, via a “blast e-mail,” according to this properly concerned young man.

After he completed his comments, he returned to his seat, located in a row of empty seats just in front of me, as the Council Chambers were less than one-half full.

Eventually, my name was called and I took to the dais for my public comments, wherein I offered my “political” opinion that  the City Council should wait for the results of the June 07, 2011 election before formally considering park closure as an option, lest they be seen to be, by voting citizens, as surrendering to, and admitting the defeat of their own unfortunate ballot measure. At the very least, they should delay taking any action until after the election.

Or, on the other hand, voting to close the park, effective June 08, 2011, would be seen to be an inappropriate “fear tactic” on their part, to influence voters to vote “yes” on Measure D.

At least, that is how Wildomar Magazine would have read this morning.

I made my comments, with all due respect to the elected officials, and they seemed to take note of the admonition, so much so that  they failed to provide the direction requested by City Staff, and merely moved forward to the next agenda item at the conclusion of their own statements.

However, after concluding my remarks, and as I returned to my seat, I tapped the young man from the soccer league on the shoulder and briefly whispered to him that I would, as the originator of the recommendation which concerned him, be willing to speak to him after the meeting.

Apparently, however, a “brief whisper” was intolerable to the speaker at the public dais.

I was shocked, and offended, to hear the speaker, after turning from addressing the City Council, to address me at my location in the far corner of the Council Chambers in order to “shush” me.

To my knowledge, a brief whisper is not out of order in a public meeting, especially as it was not disruptive to any of the empty chairs in that half of the chamber, or at the council dais.

For that matter, abject silence is not a requirement for attendance at a City Council function. If I were being disruptive, it would have been appropriate  for the Mayor to gavel the Chamber to order.

She did not do so, as there was no need to do so.

Instead, the speaker took it upon himself to disrupt his own comments by turning away from the microphone to address me.

Needless to say, as a grown man of a mature age and and having just conducted myself with an appropriate public demeanor, I was personally offended by the public impudence of a much younger man, such that I later confronted him face-to-face, advising him that his public disrespect of an older man was inappropriate.

Or words to that effect.

I may have included a perjorative descriptive noun.

In response, since he was probably caught off guard by the confrontation, he merely giggled nervously.

That’s what little boys do when confronted by adults.

If this “punk” were only another uncouth citizen of Wildomar, the “face-to-face” confrontation would be sufficient for Zak.

However, since he is an elected public official of another local government entity, I insist on a public apology commensurate with his public affront, since he did so from the dais of a public meeting.

Unless elected officials understand that they are to be publicly respectful of the citizens they have been elected to “serve,” even in disagreement, the very “civility” of our democratic process is in jeopardy.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Former Lake Elsinore City Councilman George Alongi used to warn his colleagues to “never get in a dispute with someone who buys his ink by the barrel,” referring to newspaper editors or reporters.

“Cyberink,”on the other hand, is absolutely free.

No Way….

April 20, 2011



This morning’s Californian reports a disturbing allegation against José Carvajal, former Californian reporter, former public information officer for the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, and current Spokesman for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.

Please click on the following for the details:


Naturally, when allegations, such as these are made, an investigation must ensue. And we all must withhold final judgment until the facts are known.

That being said, and after reading the two negative comments already posted on the “Discussion” page of the Californian, Zak wants to weigh in as well.

Having known José for several years in his capacity as reporter and spokesman, it would be completely out of character for this young man to perpetrate such an act.

And, since he is probably well compensated as a spokesman for a public agency (reporting the news is not a usual career path to becoming rich but you make important contacts with School District administrators), resorting to this as a way to make your mortgage payment is unlikely.

José is also an intelligent young man, who appears to be of good moral character.

Given all of those elements, Zak is content to confidently await the results of a formal investigation into the allegations.

Banks are notorious, in a computerized world, for these types of errors. 

I recently made my monthly mortgage payment to  my local bank and confirmed that they had taken the money from my account, but still received an e-mailed, computer-generated reminder from  my bank that my payment was due.

 Hopefully, there will be a rational explanation and José Carvajal can have this dark cloud eliminated.

Comments can be made to zkaturango@excite.com.

Need You Ask?….UPDATE

February 3, 2011




Today’s Californian article confirms everything that Zak Turango opined in his previous articles regarding this inequitable, foul-smelling merger between two local water districts. (See “Need You Ask?, WM article below)

Please click on the following for the entire article:


Elsinore Water District Director Kristine Anderson said it was a relief to reach the decision.”

Some of the people were against the merger with EVMWD, but I think once they heard that their water bills could double or triple, I don’t think that’s something they wanted.”

Neither do Wildomar’s ratepayers. 

‘Nuff said.

Need You Ask?….UPDATED

February 1, 2011


Today’s Californian article confirms everything that Zak Turango opined in his previous articles regarding this inequitable, foul-smelling merger between two local water districts.

Please click on the following for the entire article:


Elsinore Water District Director Kristine Anderson said “it was a relief to reach the decision.”

Some of the people were against the merger with EVMWD, but I think once they heard that their water bills could double or triple, I don’t think that’s something they wanted.”

Neither do Wildomar’s ratepayers.

‘Nuff said.

I did indeed attend today’s Regular Meeting of the Elsinore Water District (“Little *ss Water District) and, as anticipated, there was no one else in attendance to represent the interests of Wildomar on such an important economic issue.

Apparently Bridgette, Ben and Marsha are each too busy flitting from flower to flower, like pollen-crazed honeybees, to actually attempt to influence the outcome for the citizens of Wildomar.

After the meeting itself, Zak was reminded of the recent heroic rescue of the trapped miners in Chile. When the 4-0 unanimous vote (one director was absent) was over, the scent of rescue filled the air, as the directors exhaled audibly as a single relieved entity.

I almost thought the Directors were going  to chant “E-V-M-W-D,” instead of “C-H-I-L-E.”

Once the merger is finally approved by LAFCO, (it may be impossible to stop now), the inability, dare I say incompetence?, of past and present Boards of Directors of the Elsinore Water District to formulate, fund and execute their own Capital Improvement Plan will drift into the hazy past.

Only the ultimate costs to you and I will linger.

At some point in the past, the Board would have had an opportunity to develop a maintenance/replacement protocol, that would have had a acceptable impact on their customer’s water rates.

Eventually, the denial and deferred maintenance extended far beyond their obviously limited capabilities to manage it.

Obviously, since no one had the courage to do so, it becomes, by default, the obligation of the rest of the 40,000 EVMWD ratepayers to make up for their abject failures as trustees.

One of the last comments, before the meeting broke up, was made by Director Kris Anderson, who offhandedly made some comment about the near -term  potential for  an “unanticipated” water pipe failure.

My point, exactly.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

I want to compliment EVMWD Director Phil Williams, who was present, for being cordial to yours truly, unlike the other officials in attendance. I haven’t always agreed with him in the past but he has always been a class act.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes….

February 1, 2011


While digging around the EVMWD archived agenda minutes, looking for written confirmation that Wildomar Mayor Marsha Swanson is a paid consultant to the water district (she was/is, as of January 27, 2010 with a payment of  $1000 for “real estate consulting”), I found an interesting statement made by newly elected EVMWD Division 5 Director, Andy Morris.

Since these are minutes and, as result, are the interpretation of what is being said by Morris as recorded by a District clerk or secretary, and are not always verbatim quotes, Wildomar Magazine invites Morris’s clarifying rebuttal, if warranted, by sending an e-mail to zakturango@excite.com and WM will publish it, to be fair to Morris, if that’s not what he said.

According to the minutes of the January 13, 2011 Regular Business Meeting, during the “Director’s Comments and Requests,” Morris was quoted, as follows:

He (Morris) commented that “he realizes now that he was not only elected to serve Wildomar area, but the entire District.”

Unfortunately, Morris does not understand that, by being elected to represent a District, he should always serve primarily with that district in mind, especially if his district’s specific interests are at stake. If there are no specific district interests implicated, he would, of course, be duty-bound to vote in the best interests of the entire district.

This would be true, as well, of the other District Directors. The net result of District advocacy ensures that every area’s interests are appropriately represented. It doesn’t mean one district’s interests will always carry the day.

However, when a District Director loses his sense of obligation to the people he represents, he then becomes a “tool” of a “disconnected” ruling clique. In this case, it is obvious that Morris is already reflecting a disturbing, disconnected loyalty to the “Greater” Water District’s ruling clique, rather than to the ratepayers of District 5, consisting primarily of Wildomar and a small portion of Murrieta.

“Concerning the merger, he opined that timing is important. One of the complaints received during the campaign season is about layers of government and more specifically water districts. Therefore, for lack of confusion to the public, he believes this merger makes sense.”

Unfortunately, for Morris, read in the light of day, (or even in the middle of the night), his comments make no sense.

Timing would be important for a comedian to know when to use his punch line, or a baseball player in trying to hit a curveball, but the forced integration of a decrepit 80-year-old water sewer system, with the attendant, as yet unknown expense, into the water rate structure for the ratepayers of Wildomar, has nothing to do with timing.

Today, tomorrow, or next year, Zak Turango opposes this merger, without knowing it’s financial implications for Wildomar ratepayers.

There is no benefit whatsoever, in my opinion, to Wildomar from this merger.

Morris should have opposed the merger, as well.  However, as is obvious, he “now” has shifted his loyalty to the “District.”

I doubt that that was the theme of his recent political campaign. While attending a campaign function in Lake Elsinore, and speaking with Ben Wicke, who endearingly spoke of Morris as “Andy,” I knew then that Morris’s loyalties lay elsewhere.

In any event, we are stuck, for the next four years, with Ben Wicke’s “Andy,” this infantile Director for the Universe, when what we needed was a mature Director for District 5, representing Wildomar’s interests.

So much for political integrity (an obvious oxymoron, unless you are Sheryl Ade).

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.