Analyzing The Numbers For The Great Day Of….

August 9, 2013


Quantifying human endeavor through the use of mathematical calculations, is not new.

Every week we are provided labor statistics  which give us a “rule of thumb” indication of the nation’s economic health, using the  number of persons applying for unemployment insurance.

In a similar manner,  we can apply mathematics to the proposed Great day of Service volunteer effort, set for October 26, 2013, when Tom Pilkington intends to unleash 500 volunteers on to the arid wastelands of Wildomar’s parks, as follows:

1) Number of square feet  in an acre of parkland =   43,560 ft.²
2) Number of acres of arid wastelands of Wildomar’s parks = 15
3) Total number of square feet to be renovated = 653,400 ft.²
4)  Number of volunteers =500
5)  Number of square feet, per volunteer = 1306 ft.²

Based on the above calculations, every volunteer,  be they a 12-year-old Boy Scout, or a 62-year-old amateur gardener, will have to manipulate decomposed granite or  groundcover bark, using a  hand rake, to cover the equivalent of a footprint of a two bedroom, two bathroom tract home.

Most 12-year-old boys have trouble keeping a  single bedroom clean, let alone  raking the equivalent of an entire house.

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Obviously, the City Wildomar is being controlled by the mentality of a non-profit volunteer organization, rather than a taxpayer-funded  municipality, which is like  operating as the defunct Friends For Wildomar’s Park, or the obsolete Wildomar Community  Council, but on steroids.  


The United Methodist Church Wants….

August 7, 2013


At a time when most folks are concerned about intrusion by the government into our personal affairs, such as the current NSA scandal, the  United Methodist Church, as a part of their information “mining” and, as a required prelude to your volunteering to participate in their Great Day of Service on October 26, 2013, appears to be seeking to harvest an inordinate amount of personal information from you for the privilege of volunteering.

Volunteer Registration

Planting Shrubs and Trees

Title:- None –

First Name: *

Last Name: *

Email Address: *

Confirm Email Address: *




Zip Code:


Cell Phone:

Special needs/skills:

“I am a licensed contractor” or
“I have limited mobility and may need assistance”

Primary language spoken:

I will need an interpreter:


I certify that I am at least 18 years old: *


Age: *

Number of adults (age 18+) in my group, NOT including myself:

Number of youth participating with me (ages 12-17):

Number of children participating with me (age 11 and under):

I will need FREE childcare during the event:


I would like a FREE event t-shirt:


T-Shirt Size:- None -SMMDLGXL2XL3XL4XL

I will be attending the Celebration:


Number of people attending the Celebration (including myself):

I attend one of the sponsoring United Methodist Churches:



Church I attend (if any):

I would like to receive event updates:

How did you hear about this event: *

I would like to know more about the United Methodist Church:

Notice, if you will, that the volunteer registration is contained wholly within the  Re-Think Church   website, rather than controlled and coordinated by the City of Wildomar.    Thus, you have no knowledge of where this information can end up. By the way, the City of Wildomar will be legally liable for any  misuse of your personal information, since they are facilitating this information gathering protocol .

Apparently,If one wishes to participate in a Wildomar Park Renovation, one must divulge significant private contact information, including  your church affiliation.

Naturally, The constitutionally-unsophisticated juvenile adolescents at City Hall  have no problems with their facilitation of this unseemly abuse of their citizens.

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If you want to observe the actual Volunteer Registration, please click on the following link to the United Methodist Church website, click on the “Choose A Project” button and then click on the  the “sign-up to volunteer” button:

We Don’t Need No Stinking….

April 22, 2013


Over the span of a significant portion of my adult life spent in the ecclesiastical world, I was amazed at the number of ministers and religious leaders that I came across, who were willing to conduct church business in defiance of the common rules and regulations found in municipal Building Codes. There seems to be a sense that the perceived goodness and worthiness of a religious act of charity somehow supersedes any secular civic obligations, to the point where such mundane trifles as the pulling of building permits for a charity project can be ignored by church leadership.

For example, being made evermore curious by the  recent disclosure of civic  subterfuge  by the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee, in cooperation with the United Methodist Church/Great  Day of Service 2013, I found this additional video:

Since Rancho Damacitas is located in the County, the charity work depicted in the video on May 17, 2012 should have, at the very least, required the pulling of building permits for the construction of a patio cover, through the Building Department of the County of Riverside.

Click on the following link (and scroll down to “patio”) to confirm:

 In addition to the permit fees required, ranging from $258.47 for a “residential lattice patio cover” up to $657.06 (If the improvement  were deemed to be a “commercial patio cover”),  the purpose of the building permit, according to the Riverside County Building and Safety , is, as follows: “Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to inspect construction to ensure that minimum standards are met thus reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction, and therefore, ensuring the public health, safety and welfare.”

After checking the permit records maintained by Riverside County for Rancho Damacitas, located at  38950 Mesa Road , Temecula California , I was unable to confirm the existence of any permits for the construction of a residential lattice patio cover.

Not surprisingly,  neither could I confirm that any subsequent inspections were conducted by the County of Riverside Building Department, in order to ensure  minimum standards  were met for the patio cover.

Based on the above conduct by the promoters and facilitators of the Great Day of Service 2012, it would  be appropriate for the citizens of Wildomar to be vigilant about the proposed “improvements” to be made to the city’s parks during the Great Day of Service 2013, which is somehow now “scheduled” for October 12, 2013.

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Those Wacky, And Loveable Methodists Are…..

April 16, 2013


My cries of “shame on you” are probably still echoing down the hallways of City Hall, after forcing the Wildomar City Council to suspend their  Brown Act-violating back room deal with local area United Methodist Church (“UMC”) congregations for a Mother Nature-defying Great Day of Service , originally set for June 01, 2013.

Although the determination of the Wildomar City Council, last Wednesday evening, was to return the proposal to the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee to start the process all over, this time to be properly discussed before the public, it appears that, once again, a formal date for the UMC project has been set without the benefit of a public hearing.

 According to the UMC’s “Re-Think Church/Great day of Service 2013” website, Saturday, October 12, 2013 will be the day that the UMC will convene a religious service at Marna O’Brien Park , followed by several hours of volunteer work , and then a “celebration,” which will provide a Praise Band for the weary volunteers.

Please click on the following link to confirm (and mark your calendars!), as follows:

I, for one am amused, and at the same time impressed, by the methodical, machine-like obsession of the United Methodist  Church in their quest to penetrate community of Wildomar for their particular brand of “congregational development.”

But then, that’s apparently why they call themselves “Methodists.”

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Lead Us Not Into…..

April 3, 2013


Wildomar Magazine has just received documents requested pursuant to the Public Records Act which, unfortunately, did not provide documentation for the initial contact between the City of Wildomar and representatives from a church group who is offering to recruit and facilitate volunteers to rehabilitate parks in Wildomar.

Those documents did, however, provide evidence of unauthorized commitment of City of Wildomar sponsorship, as of January 26, 2013, on the part of the former Community Services Manipulator Manager, to engage in a church-based volunteer effort, without the matter coming before the Wildomar City Council in a public meeting, as required by law.

At first blush, it appears that the coming together of two disparate organizations for a common good would have universal approval. However, on further examination, there are serious, if not illegal, problems with the current “arrangement.”

First, let’s examine the first documented contact, which provides context for the current state of questionable circumstances, as follows:

From:     Tom Pilkington (
Sent:      Saturday, January 26, 2013 4:03 PM
To:          Paula Willette

Subject: 2013- Great Day of Service

“Paula: I’m happy to inform you that the United Methodist Churches of SW Riverside County did approve the Wildomar Parks project for June 1. I’m moving ahead with the planning and will look forward to meeting with you again. A big item on my list of needs is the project list you want us to accomplish.

 (Editor’s note; What follows in the original e-mail is a comprehensive list of significant physical changes to our parks, supposedly to be accomplished by recruited volunteers over a span of four hours on June 01, 2013)

We are excited to help you in this very worthwhile project . As soon as you’re able to refine your project list, let me know so we can meet again.

Your friend in Christ,

 Tom Pilkington”

Despite the fact that initiatives such as this must be approved by the entire Wildomar City Council before any commitments can be made, (it apparently will be on the April City Council agenda), this project is, in fact, already set up, rendering City Council actions meaningless, as follows:

It appears that the desperate Wildomar Parks subcommittee members, Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, have  surrendered to the inducement by Tom Pilkington and his Band of Merry Methodists of up to 500 volunteers to such an extent that they have illegally usurped the City Council’s authority in doing so, in violation of the Brown Act.

But there is another side to this equation, namely the surreptitious  intrusion of religion into a city-sponsored project.

Tom Pilkington is more than an enthusiastic and generous  volunteer, seeking to assist the pathetic City of Wildomar with their parks dilemma.

Pilkington, in fact, also holds a  significant “volunteer” position  in the Riverside District Office of the United Methodist Church.

Please click on the following to confirm (and scroll down to page 4, to review ) :

As Chair of the Riverside District Board of Congregational Development for the United Methodist Church, Pilkington’s area of interest (“congregational development”) and involvement in the proposed project cannot be ignored.

Further, Pilkington apparently has a personal interest in the concept, and establishment, of “home churches,” as follows:

For the record, Tom Pilkington has every right to exercise his religious proclivities, in whatever format he desires, including door to door evangelization within the city limits of the City of Wildomar. or any other city for that matter. That being said, however,  he cannot conjoin his theological and religious initiatives with, and within, a city-sponsored (and therefore, secular) program of any type.

If the Methodists, or any other religious group , desire to secure a permit from the City of Wildomar in order to conduct a religious service at Marna O’Brien Park, they can do so.

What church organizations cannot do is have  their evangelistic activities sanctioned, sponsored by, or involved with, the City of Wildomar.

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Wildomar Magazine will continue to address this issue (in subsequent  articles), further discussing the additional negative implications for the City of Wildomar, as a result of this unauthorized project.

We will expose, through documentation (there are more e-mails), the corruption that already infects, and renders useless, some members of the Wildomar Park Citizen Oversight Committee.

Artistic Brush….

June 16, 2011


Back in the day, circa 1949, my father was attending the Assemblies of God Bible school in Minneapolis, Minnesota, North Central Bible Institute.

My father parked cars for people such as the president of General Mills, in order to support his growing family, of which I was the baby of the family and, at that time, only son, and beginning to display the artistic potential that has blossomed from time to time in my life.

Sometimes, it was the trombone.

And other times, like the present, it’s the pen.

One of the men he served daily by parking his automobile was Dimitri Mitropoulos, then conductor of the prestigious Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra from 1937 to 1949.

Please click on the following link to confirm:

Ever the proud father, planning and studying for a life in the service for Jesus, my musical parents had taught me the words and melody to a simple gospel hymn, “It Is No Secret What God Can Do.”

I have vague recollections of my father putting me on the telephone so I could sing that gospel hymn to Conductor Mitropoulos. Those recollections were affirmed by my elderly mother, who reminded me throughout my life, after the passing of my father, of his joy in having me sing in a telephone for prominent people.

If you’re not familiar with the song, please click on the following and enjoy the popular Jim Reeves version, as follows:

As you may have gathered from my various writings, I have little regard for the “hipness,” mingled with unwarranted pomposity, that is the signature of many of today’s churches.

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Revival Special….

May 5, 2011


Child abuse takes many forms, including the encouragement of impressionable young people to do things, especially in the YouTube age, that they will regret and be embarrassed by in their adult years.

Poffered for your religious enjoyment, the following:

Please forgive me, if you will, as I cannot always dwell on Measure D, with every article I post.

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Perhaps the Mountain View Community Church of Temecula, has been an influence on the young lad. (See Wildomar Magazine article below, “Is it any wonder?”)

Once again, this is on available on vimeo. com so youmayo watch it as often as you wish.

I’m just saying.