Wildomar; A Park System (Poorly Run), With A City….

October 28, 2014


Two local, concerned citizens, Ken Mayes and Martha Bridges, have taken the time to monitor and comment on Wildomar’s parks, to the dismay of City Hall, we suppose.

Please click on the link to his Wildomar Connected blog for photos and commentary, as follows:


Please click on the link to her Wildomar Watcher blog for timely commentary, as follows:


A vote for an incumbent is a vote for continued incompetence.

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Another Accident At The Shell Station On…..

October 26, 2014


Since we lack the benefit of any local news reporters, the only information on incidents like this has to come from, of all things, Facebook.

Reportedly, there was another auto versus motorcycle collision on Saturday morning.

A local Facebook page, contains the following comments;

Q?) Does anyone have any info on the motor cyclists that were hit this am, coming out of the shell station on bundy?? Hoping they are doing ok??

A)Yes it is my moms friends there was two people right ? she has broken knee and ankle not to sure about him something with his back not sure if its broke real good peeps though i think it was the same wreck

A) It was around 9 or 930 this am!! We pulled over to see if they were ok!

A) Someone posted about it this am, but no more info. Did you see the accident? Many wondered if the bikes were hit by someone turning left from the shell station.

A) We came up like right afterwards! They lady who hit them had called 911! My husband is a medic, that’s why we stopped! But there was another medic on sight already! I think the lady who hit them was turning right!! Can’t be 100% though!

It’s not “hard”news, but it is sufficiently reliable to conclude that something occurred at the Shell Station on Bundy Canyon, which may add to the growing consensus that the location  may have some problems with it’s city-approved traffic circulation.

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Cornerstone Proposes, And Wildomar City Council Will Approve, A 3 Story Building In A…

October 24, 2014


So someone needs to purchase at least one of these (see graphic above!)

Apparently, Cornerstone assumes that Cal Fire or the City of Wildomar will purchase a ladder truck to rescue them, in the event of a fire, if they build multi-story.

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Add This Blog To Your “Must Read”….

October 23, 2014


A very active “Community Activist,” Martha Bridges is now blogging about Wildomar on a regular basis.

Since she does not hesitate to litigate over matters of serious concern to her, her blog, ” The Wildomar Watcher,” will provide some intellectual context to her  legal activism.

Please click on the following link or simply Google the title “The Wildomar Watcher”:


Martha Bridges, a  senior feminine voice in Wildomar that will not be suppressed.

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Wildomar’s Control Freaks Are Losing Control Of The….

October 21, 2014


One of the problems with trying to maintain control of a small “pro-city” insider bubble, is the fact that Americans have a serious independent streak that eventually erupts outside the limits placed on them.

As you may recall, there is an elitist Facebook page,  arrogantly titled “Wildomar,” which is a tightly-controlled closed group,  administered in such a way as to control the members  and to eliminate any discordant  commentary.  The Facebook page is administered by the spouse of a  Wildomar Planning Commissioner and a very outspoken supporter of  the Wildomar City Council.

Recently, a dispute has apparently  risen  within the borders of the  Wildomar page  to the extent  that several  former members have now split off to form their own  Wildomar-based Facebook page,  title “Wildomar Is Funny!! (Except for Michelle S.).”

Please click on the following link  to observe the independent democratic spirit (some of it is slightly  irreverent as it is for adults)  for yourself:


Wildomar Magazine offers its congratulations, and a “best of luck in the future,” for the new page. I  may eventually join, just as an observer, however.

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It’s So Predictable, It May Be…..

October 15, 2014


One of the unfortunate side effects of the shrinking influence of news organizations is the lack of reportage when tragic incidents occur.

Apparently, last evening, at approximately 7:30 PM, there was a traffic collision between a truck and a motorcycle on Bundy Canyon Road at the Shell gas station, located adjacent to the northbound offramp of the Interstate 15 freeway. As a result of the collision, it appears that a motorcyclist suffered critical injuries at that location.

Please click on the following link to the Riverside County Sheriff Department for confirmation that Bundy Canyon  Road was completely shut down for two hours following the accident:


According to various contributors to the  Wildomar Friends and Communities Facebook page, the collision  involved a vehicle making a left turn out of the Shell station, crossing Bundy Canyon Road  when the collision occurred.

If you recall, Wildomar Magazine  previously dealt with the conditions  required by Riverside County, and the conditions  required by the City of Wildomar. Originally,  the developer was to develop an entire  commercial parcel, with an  exit at Sellers Road, with traffic lights  in order to allow patrons to turn left onto Bundy Canyon Road.  However, developer apparently induced the City Hall staff  to allow him to build only the gas station/minimart portion of the project.  At that time,  the City of Wildomar was going to permit a four way stop sign  at Sellers Road, which would have caused a  significant  traffic jam  on Bundy Canyon Road. At the end of the day,  the project went forward without any meaningful traffic controls, even permitting  unsafe left turns across Bundy Canyon Road.

As a result of their failure to recognize the potential hazards, the City of Wildomar has exposed themselves  to potential litigation for their dereliction of duty in  failing to require the appropriate traffic controls  for the project.

However, beyond the potential economic losses due to litigation,  which losses can be transferred to the city’s insurance pool, the moral deficit which will stain the current elected officials, and their  so-called ” professional staff”  cannot be transferred to anyone but the elected officials who approved this project  without requiring the appropriate traffic controls  to ensure public safety.

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Candidates Respond In Different….

October 12, 2014


Yesterday’s Press Enterprise article provided some “real-time” responses to campaign/political inquiry in the following manner:


They’re all voting to turn the commercial land into ultra high-density residential,” Andre said. (FACT!)

On the other hand, Andre believes the city should encourage commercial development. “Property owners need to clean up commercially zoned land to make it enticing to investors,” he said. (FACT!)

We need to be a community that focuses on stability and if we don’t focus on our commercial (development), we will never have stability,” he said. (FORWARD-LOOKING)

The city should resist attempts to cram homes on lots that are more conducive to business enterprises.(FORWARD-LOOKING)


Walker put it bluntly: I want to protect what we’ve already been doing, and I want to make sure the other people don’t get in.” (FEAR OF WILDOMAR VOTERS?)

By other people, he means Andre and those whom he  may represent – a contingent that opposes many of the current council’s positions on land use, some of whom have legally challenged council decisions

“We’ve got to keep the momentum going when we can,” Swanson said. “I’m knocking on every door I can to find businesses that fit here.”(FANTASY)

Councilman Ben Benoit has been active in attempting to persuade Sacramento to spring some money for the cities. (FANTASY)

If you want to read the article for yourself, please click on the following link:


Ever Wonder Why Your Water Bills Are So….

October 8, 2014

EVMWD Unsed Cash Reserves


Just ask EVMWD candidate for the District 1, Peter Weber, former Reform treasurer for Lake Elsinore,  for the details.

Or, check out his website for more, as follows:


Since the Water District answers to no one but the voters, your intelligent choices truly matter on November 4, 2014.

In addition, District 3 voters need to oust the Chamber of Commerce’s handpicked empty pantsuit, Judy Guglielmana and replace her with George Cambero, an honest citizen, with lots of water district experience.

Any candidate that claims endorsement from the various Chambers of Commerce/Rotary Clubs are puppets of the “shadow government” that wants to spoon feed you your politicians.

Incumbents Running As Victims. Will It…

October 6, 2014


Since there are only 2 challengers to their re-election, it absolutely will work for at least one of them.

However, rather than running on a campaign platform of the successful, and reasonable, imposition of a new tax (“Measure Z”), so far, each of the incumbents have primarily resorted to handwringing  over several public interest  lawsuits as the reason for the lack of  progress in the  City of Wildomar.

A local blogger has provided a friendly and safe political environment for each of the  incumbent candidates  to freely  disgorge  their innermost thoughts, all of which is valuable and instructive  in your deliberations for whom to vote in November.

Let’s take a look at portions of the  comments provided by each of the incumbents and their responses to questions about lawsuits, as follows:

1)Marsha Swanson

First thought that comes to mind is: Anger. I don’t get angry very often, it takes a whole lot to make me angry.  

That’s when I thought, she [Sheryl Ade] has more power, by NOT getting reelected, than we that worked so hard to be elected —and work for nothing. When she didn’t get reelected… that’s when all of this started. She didn’t pull this stuff when she was on the council. 

She had some good questions. She’s a very smart lady. She probably really has read CEQA, and she understands it —to her way of thinking. 

It’s not a black and white document. I don’t know what pleasure they get from doing this. I’ve tried having a conversation with her on more than one occasion to find out why. [She told me] “They’re wrong and I’m right”… she [acts as if] she knows everything there is to know and she’s right. It’s about proving that Sheryl Ade is right. 

They say it doesn’t cost the city anything; they’re wrong. Every time there’s a document drop we have to pay the different attorneys extra/overtime to go over every word of what they said. To recheck our plans… then to explain it in closed session.”

2)  Tim Walker

“We have to defend them. It’s going to cost us [Wildomar] money, but the same groups that keep bringing the same types of lawsuits are doing it because they couldn’t win elections and they are bitter about not being in control.”

3) Ben Benoit

“That they are a very small minority. They’re a very disingenuous group that’s in it for the wrong reasons. If you had to pick out who’s corrupt… I’m sorry, they’re the ones getting the checks from the developers at the end of the day when they are extorting the money from them. That’s probably the biggest part of CEQA I’d love to see changed is —where does the money go? We know in these lawsuits, when these attorneys get paid, six, ten, twelve times their normal hourly rate… they’re not keeping it all. It’s likely going other places. That’s the toughest part, when they’re calling us corrupt.

It’s my belief, that they’re doing it because they used to run this place. Sheryl [Ade] and Gary Andre would be down at the planning commission, if they were giving the thumbs up to the planning commissioner for this area, the project would go forward. If they gave it a thumbs down Dave Stahovich and Bob Buster would kill it… and they ran this area. I think it’s unfortunate that they [seem to] think now they have to use CEQA to try and keep some of that control. I wish they would move on.”

For the record, public-interest lawsuits do not provide any monetary benefit  for the plaintiffs.   Under the CEQA  statutes, plaintiff attorneys  are reimbursed for the legal fees for services provided. Under normal circumstances, the developer’s indemnity agreement with the city  is the legal basis for the city recovering their legal costs.

Instead of directing staff, including the recently hired CEQA consultant, to avoid repeated  litigation by simply reading and incorporating the  reasonable objections  from private citizens documented in  what Tim Walker calls “document dumps, ”  these unsophisticated and sophomoric incumbents prefer to  run for re-election as victims, as that is easier  to purvey  than are real accomplishments.