Why Manos Doesn’t Matter….

February 25, 2010


Two Time Election Loser Steve Manos’ quote in today’s Californian discussing why the recall of Thomas Buckley failed badly, attaches: 

“The recall proponents disappeared from the scene after November and there was nobody to counter the argument (against the recall),” Manos said. “I would have preferred to have a respectful disagreement and debate issues, but what happened was just name-calling. … I felt if we had been able to run a race just on the issues, I could win that election.”

The entire election was all about the only issue involved;  whether the people of Lake Elsinore believed that Buckley had taken money when there was no evidence that he had. Zip. Nada. End of story with the defeat of the “dishonest ” recall.

There were no other issues, period. Campaigning actively for and winning a meaningless male beauty contest by only 14 votes is still a political loss, however. Manos wanted a seat at the head table and didn’t get one.

However, post-election, there is the lingering issue of why Manos thinks Lake Elsinore city hall is corrupt and what that means, anyway.  If there is evidence, bring on the evidence.

Elsinore used to be corrupt  but Buckley changed that.

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Buckley Vindicated…..

February 24, 2010
20/20 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
NO 1,222 56.08%
YES 957 43.92%
Total 2,179 100.00%


The voters of Lake Elsinore have gotten it right by not buying into the false allegations against their finest city councilman, Thomas Buckley, in a decisive 56%-42% drubbing of the bogus recall election, which was initiated by a  vengeful bowling alley proprietor, according to Buckley.

Congratulations to Tom Buckley and the voters of Lake Elsinore.

As a result, Lake Elsinore will continue on it’s path of reformation and rebirth, started by Buckley nearly 9 years ago when he was first elected.


In a side election, Two-Time Loser/Realtor Steve Manos “won” a meaningless Beauty Contest, by gaining a mere 14 more votes than perpetual candidate, Planning Commissioner Jimmy Flores. 

20/20 100.00%
  Vote Count Percent
NP – STEVE MANOS 563 35.45%
NP – JIMMY FLORES 539 33.94%
NP – PHILLIP L. MENDOZA 486 30.60%
Total 1,588 100.00%

Manos has now failed to be elected two times within the last year. Zak guesses that Manos will file his candidate’s papers once again in August, hoping to get a desirable “hat trick” by losing for a third time in the next general election in November.

Read Manos’ odd quote to a Californian Reporter:  “I have mixed feelings about the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the recall vote. Obviously, I’d like to be seated as a city councilman…..”

Mixed feelings about the yes or no vote?  What else is there? Wildomar Magazine couldn’t make up a character like Manos.

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An Elsinore Citizen Speaks Out With Wisdom….

February 21, 2010



A rare talent, usually found only on the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

Zak found this gem in the “Comments” section of today’s Californian,  currently providing the best local coverage since the Press Enterprise laid off their fine, young reporter, Aaron Burgin.

Thus, Zak re-gifts “LE David,”  to speak again for him (or her) self.

LE David said on: February 20, 2010, 8:37 pm As a resident of LE, I’m asking the residents to please vote to retain Buckley. This recall is absoluely(sic) absurd. When the signature collector was outside Albertsons on Mission Trail collecting signatures to put forth the recall, she wasn’t even gving any info on Buckley. She was just asking if people wanted to sign a petition to get corruption out of city hall. Who wouldn’t sign it when worded like that? I asked her what the issues were with the council in question and she had no answer. This has wasted something close to $45,000 of the city’s money, for nothing.

Residents also need to know that Steve Manos has absolutely no leadership experience. Being a real estate exec means you were part of the housing problem, not a good candidate to be running your mouth off about Buckley. No matter how many signs you put up in my neighborhood lying about the phony corruption in city hall, you’ll never deserve a seat on the council.

At least Phil Mendoza was a Marine for 20 years, he has real leadership experience.

So Mr. Manos, I ask of you to promptly remove the 8 foot picture of you and your family from my neighborhood after Tuesday and stick to selling houses, the world needs all the realtors we can get.” (bold by WM).

Well said, sir or madam.  I hope Elsinore reads and heeds your comments.

Additional funny comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com. Unfunny should be submitted to the Elsinore Multiple Listing Service.

“Marmaduke” The Movie, Is Closer Now…

February 19, 2010

(Photo courtesy of Ade Photography)


Zak (shown above at a modest 5’9″ height) heard there was a nine-foot tall hydrant in the lobby of the Murrieta theater so he had to check it out for confirmation. Yep, it’s there all right.

And my funny little boy, Timmy,  is one of the primary reasons why it’s there. (I almost trained him to be a good claims adjuster).

Writing together with his partner,  my son-in-law Vince Di Meglio, in their odd,  quirky style humor, yet  always tinged with some tender,  human qualities.

So, permit me to boast, in a most Christian display of humility that ole Zak can conjure up, of their accomplishments/credits:

Fits and Starts, a short film starring my beautiful daughter-in-law, Stacie (shown below)  that received honorable mention at Sundance and opened Hollywood’s doors to the boys. 

You can find  and enjoy it by a simple search on Youtube.com.

Meet the Fockers (although they did not get ultimate screenplay credit), but here’s an early credit before Writer’s Guild politics entered the fray.

Directed by: Jay Roach
Written by: Jim Herzfeld, Tim Rasmussen, Vince DiMeglio
Cast: Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Teri Polo

License to Wed,  starring Robin Williams and,

Smother, starring Diane Keaton, which they wrote, produced and directed. (Faux disclaimer: This movie has absolutely nothing to do with the story of  Zak’s bad first marriage, so don’t try to rent it from Netflix),

and now, Marmaduke.

Not a bad run of flicks, Tim and Vince. Your old man is proud:-)

Don’t take the time for comments to zakturango@excite.com.  Save your energy for the ticket line.  June isn’t that far away.

Kids Say The Darnedest Things…

February 14, 2010



Art Linkletter built a TV career around kids making embarrassing statements.

In an interview with Councilman Scott Farnam, the Californian recently reported that Farnam ascribed last Wednesday evening’s 3 yes votes in a 3-2 majority (to return city hall to a traditional five day work week) to City Council Colleagues Bob Cashman, Marsha Swanson and Sheryl Ade’s age.

“Everybody has their own ideas,” he said. “I think it probably has a lot to do with generations. If you notice how that vote went, younger members of the council voted for the four-10s and the older council members went with the five days. The four-10 (schedule) is something that’s relatively new and I think maybe the younger generation gets that and understands that more than the elder generation.”

That was then, this is now, however.

Most seniors will “get” this insult.

Ronald Reagan once commented to Walter Mondale during a presidential debate, back in the ’80’s, stating that he wouldn’t hold Mondale’s “youth and inexperience” against him.

Elder voters in Wildomar may not be so gracious.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com but only by the younger generation as the elderly probably don’t have fancy, modern computers and don’t even read Wildomar Magazine, as a result. Zak doesn’t tweet, either.

The “Sallie” Has It Right…

February 14, 2010


Wildomar Magazine gives kudos to the Californian for an excellent article on the Salvation Army and homeless in Escondido. It is linked for your ease of reading, if you don’t read the best local coverage in the valley.


Zak would prefer to listen to the voice of an experienced ministry rather than listen to the homeless advocacy neophytes in local churches, as they bend local codes  to “help” those who pretty much choose to live homelessly. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel on homelessness.

Also, check out the budgets for the “rescue missions.”  What used to be a ministry for “skid rows” in urban areas has morphed into a big business.  One local mission has an annual budget of $51 million dollars and a CEO making $251k per year.  That salary is downright sinful! 

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com, especially if your ministry salary is anywhere near $250k per year.  Jesus has asked me to discuss that with you.

Bootleg Wildomar; Bring your old dirty trailers…

February 11, 2010



According to Wildomar Magazine’s sources, this new “development” has been reported as a code violation and has been “red-tagged” by the City staff.  Wildomar Magazine will follow the process and see how long it takes before this new generation of imported blight is removed.

Is the “word” out that Wildomar is so “developer friendly” that anything will be allowed and pass for habitable or commercially viable.

In a similar vein, it seems that any home with large sized backyard (acreage) has become a new bootleg, unpermitted “RV Storage” facility, all without the required permits.

At least, this double-wide is not sitting atop a perimeter fence….yet.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com, but only if your home did not  recently arrive on wheels.