Wildomar Issues Public Notice For A Committee….

July 20, 2013


In an example of  bureaucratic sloppiness, the City of Wildomar has apparently provided public notice for a meeting on July 25, 2013 for the non-existent “Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee.”

What should have been “noticed” is a meeting of the “Parks Funding Measure Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee,” which does exist to provide “on the record” verbal commentary from committee members and concerned citizens in attendance, for such things as a proposed expenditure of $10,000 for a birthday party for Wildomar in 2014 .

If City Hall fails to recognize their legal error by 6:30 PM on Monday, July 21, 2013, and fails to re-post a proper and legal notice of the meeting of the Parks Funding Measure Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee, the proposed  the meeting will have to be re-scheduled to comply with legal requirements for public notice of public meetings .

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Think Twice… Before Wildomar Installs….

January 8, 2013



At the recent Wildomar City Council Parks Subcommittee meeting, conducted by city council members Marsha Swanson and Bridgette Moore, the issue of park rehabilitation was addressed by Community Services Director (a non-employee position) Paula Willette, who apparently is attempting to secure grants for the installation of “rubberized bark/mulch” under and around the playground equipment at the Marna O’Brien, Heritage Regency and, eventually, Windsong Parks.

As usual, after a modest amount of digging around on the Internet, it appears that there is a reasonable concern about the potentially detrimental health effects on children that the use of rubberized bark/mulch would create.

Please click on the following link for confirmation in context:


One of the more ironic dangers is the potential negative effect on the mental development of small children if exposed to the chemicals contained within these ground up tire pellets.

Before the City installs this stuff, despite reports of a preliminary telephone call to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the City of Wildomar should make exhaustive written contacts with agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) before they gratuitously utilize this chemical waste on our children’s playgrounds.

At the very least, if they install it, they should comply with Proposition 65 by also installing a warning sign, putting unwary parents on notice of the potential exposures.

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This stuff will burn, if ignited by vandals, producing copious, toxic smoke.


Wildomar Re-Elects Wildomar Magazine….

November 14, 2012

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There’s no chance whatsoever that any other “upstart” Pretender To The Throne could embarrass Wildomar Magazine’s pre-eminence in the local world of “parody, satire, opinion and commentary.”

There is no  Mitch Miller-like opinion medium waiting to arise on Election Day to expose the absurdity of my self-delusions of preeminence.

Unlike a certain local politician who maneuvered and manipulated Wildomar’s municipal apparatus, including City Staff and elected officials into propping up her sagging political visage, much like a plastic surgeon does except, in this case, instead of the surgeon’s scalpel, it was done through an expensive political artifice, now known as Measure Z.

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I couldn’t help celebrating the milestone without mocking, one more time, the fragile incumbency of Bridgette Moore.

Measure Z Vote Count Ordeal Is Proof…

November 9, 2012



After relying on the so-called scientific telephone poll results produced by the Lew Edwards Group, who projected an unrealistic 77% approval of a parcel tax as a means of inducing the Wildomar City Council to contract for an additional $35,500 “education” campaign, the park proponents are now reduced to prayers and supplications to the Creator Of All The Earth to sustain the current miniscule 66.83% “yes” super majority reported by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters.

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article written yesterday after the latest update, the current margin  is “slim.”

There are some calculations that as little as a 13 vote swing could change the outcome.

(If you click on the following link, don’t fail to scroll down and read the comments in order to “taste” the angry bile and vitriol of some of the park proponents).


Asking one’s God to somehow prevent the recognition of “no” votes already cast from being counted, is reducing the Almighty to the level of election fraudster and “magician.”

Perhaps, in a modest form of Heavenly retaliation, the prayer mongers are being tormented by the delay in the eventual outcome, whatever is.

When my 90-year-old mother faced surgery last week, she was frightened by the words of her surgeon that she was “high-risk” due to her advanced age. Although I rarely resort to prayer these days, I wrapped my arms round her frail figure and implored God to watch over and preserve my mother through her physical ordeal.

Fortunately, mother survived the surgery and is currently in recovery in a wonderful rehab facility in Long Beach.

I can only imagine what could have happened if God was being pestered and distracted by Facebook requests for His interference in the outcome of the vote tally for Measure Z.

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Can the concept of prayer be made any more trivial?

Can you say theological adolescent!

Bridgette Moore Admits The….

November 8, 2012



On August 08, 2012, on the evening  the Wildomar City Council became the ad hoc “Committee to Reelect Bridgette Moore,” I publicly declared to Moore’s face that the act of putting a parcel tax measure on the November 2012 ballot was to provide political cover for her, since her voting record was indefensible. Later, in the same meeting, Moore defiantly denied my allegation.

Please click on the following link to the minutes (and scroll down to page 10) of that meeting for confirmation:


But that was then; this is now.

In yesterday’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, Moore proudly admitted that her reelection effort was focused primarily on the issue of the passage of Measure Z, confirming, in my opinion, my initial allegation, by stating “I actually campaigned more for parks than I did for myself.”

Of course she did, ‘ cause that’s all she had to run on.

Please click on the following Patch article to review her statement and sign for yourself:


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As always, confession is good for the soul (and helps make a public record).

Bridgette And Bob Dodge A….

November 7, 2012


By the name of Mitch Miller.

Miller, an unknown political neophyte, came within 140 votes (as of 6:00 AM this morning) of ousting incumbent Council member Bob Cashman. In fact, if Miller’s vote tally is combined with that of the other unknown political neophyte, Rich Cary, Miller/Cary surpassed even the vote total of incumbent Councilmember Bridgette Moore.

Unfortunately, Miller was unable to conduct a political campaign and Rich Cary committed a political faux pas by not having a candidate statement. Over the last few days, the statistical page of Wildomar Magazine reflected a significant number of people doing a Google search for Mitch Miller, thereby finding Wildomar Magazine’s endorsement of Miller.

As a result, despite retaining their seats on the council dais, Bridgette and Bob should not consider their re-election as a sweeping endorsement by the overall community of voters in Wildomar.

Rather, they should widen their political horizon’s to be far more responsive to the “other” voices in the community, whose voice’s are normally dismissed with disdain, especially by Bridgette Moore. (Cashman has not been dismissive, but is generally on the short end of a “virtual” 4-1 Council vote when his concerns and comments are rudely truncated by his colleagues).

As to Measure Z, it appears to be on the cusp of passage, with 66.6% “Yes” votes, again as of 6:00 AM. However, with three precincts remaining to be counted, it still requires 66.66% yes votes for approval. While the City Council may have secured a funding mechanism for parks, the “cost” in community divisiveness and vitriol will continue to have a political legacy.

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Wildomar Magazine will continue to be preeminent source of political commentary for the City of Wildomar, in case you were worried that this election might change that. I’ve written more than 800 opinion/satire pieces since Wildomar’s incorporation in 2008 and am approaching 150,000 total views, averaging nearly 200 views per day.

Park Proponent Fesses Up…

November 3, 2012


Measure D and Z proponent, John Lloyd, former Chair of the Blue Ribbon Committee for Measure D, posted a blog on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch this morning, where he finally strips away the stealthy, if not sneaky, motivations behind the repetitive and costly park measures.

In 2011, the failed Measure D cost approximately $100,000, while the 2012 version, Measure Z, has expended $58,500 (plus the cost of the election) for a telephone survey/poll and an “education” regimen, conducted by an Oakland-based consultant firm, the Lew Edwards Group. (We should know by Wednesday if the expenditure was successful).

In his blog, Lloyd finally admits to having a larger vision for Wildomar’s parks, which goes far beyond the fiscal capabilities of the $28 per year parcel tax  should it secure passage.

Please click on the following link for confirmation and context:


The basic political problem with “dreams” of any kind, in a municipal setting, is that the dreamers have to find a way to effectively share their dream with the ultimate decision-makers, the voters of the municipality, and if possible, thereby reaching a majority consensus in order to go forward.

Former University of Indiana basketball coach, Bobby Knight, always said: “Most people have the will to win. Very few people have the will to prepare to win.”

Rather than having any kind of open and public consensus-building political discourse with regard to the current and future state of parks in Wildomar, park proponents have displayed their mistrust, if not contempt, for the entire community as a whole, choosing rather to focus on their core supporters (primarily sports leagues), while hoping to sneak a 66 2/3% majority vote for parks, as a “stepping stone” to an expansive and expensive parks and recreation bureaucracy.

Unfortunately for the proponents, their attempts to secure passage of a much-needed “park maintenance assessment” as a “down payment” on their dream of splash zones and sports fields has, so far, never carried the day without attaining sufficient numbers of “Yes on Measure ‘whatever'” voters.

Somehow their expansive parks and recreation dream DNA migrates into their message, as seen in the above postcard sneakily mailed to Eastside Wildomar voters only, which may hurt their efforts more than help them.

This DNA thing may explain why the Lloyd-chaired Blue Ribbon Committee was so easily led astray into their initial recommendation of a $5.2 million Mello Roos bond/Community Finance District that dealt a lethal blow to Measure D.

However, with the partial distribution of a postcard by the Citizens For Wildomar Parks (a Lloyd-led Political Action Committee), Lloyd has eliminated any further disingenuous posturing by park proponents that their focus is the benign maintenance of current and existing parks under the disingenuous banner of “Save Wildomar’s Parks.”

In the future, the “dreamers” should try to build a winning consensus first, before supporting the unwise expenditure of limited taxpayer funds on stealthy/sneaky tax measures which, ultimately, divide the community into two camps.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

John Lloyd and his Band of Dreamers should induce their cronies on the Wildomar City Council to put a formal “study session” on the agenda, after November 06, 2012, to begin the process of building a consensus on a park/park and recreation system.

Or we could just pay the Lew Edwards Group to tell us what we think.

How Bizarre…

October 10, 2012



There appears to be no  limit to the political depravity that would motivate a supporter of Measure Z  to “channel” the political “opinion” of the late Marna O’Brien in support of the parcel tax measure on the November 06, 2012 ballot.

In a Letter to the Editor of the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, the following:


However, after a brief amount of fact-checking, Wildomar Magazine has confirmed that Marna O’Brien died in 1989 (at the age of 53), while the author of the Letter to the Editor appears to have first purchased property in Wildomar in December 1992, thereby rendering any sense of how Marna O’Brien would vote on Measure Z, moot, if not bizarre.

According to my sources, O’Brien was a community activist who resorted to successful litigation against the County of Riverside, in order to stop the annexation of her property into the Bear Creek community.

Her name is attached to a park in Wildomar in honor of her political activism on behalf of her community.

For anyone to invoke her name and “opinion” in support of a parcel tax measure demeans and dishonors that memory and may, in fact, misrepresent the spirit of her activism

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

If the Lew Edwards Group telephone survey is to be relied upon, resorting to this level of political desperation would be unnecessary.

Express Advocacy…

September 27, 2012



According to today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article, absentee ballots will soon be mailed (and utilized by approximately 43% of the registered voters in Wildomar).

Please click on the following link for context:


Therefore, it will be time to start monitoring my mailbox for the first of three “educational” brochures  which are supposed to emanate from the City of Wildomar’s hired gunslinger for the Measure Z parcel tax measure, the Oakland-based Lew Edwards Group.

Since city officials are not permitted by law to openly advocate for or against any measure that they put on the ballot for consideration by voters, the proximity of their brochure campaign to the mailing of absentee ballots may constitute a forbidden political practice; “Express Advocacy.”

Please click on the following link to inform yourselves:


Please note that within Section (B), you will find the following example of express advocacy:

 “Proposition 123. Your last chance to save California.”

Depending on the wording of the printed brochure, it is possible, that a formal complaint will be filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) in order to ensure that the elected officials and City Staff of the City of Wildomar did not use our tax dollars to promote a political issue which they support.

Such a complaint, if filed, will have no impact on the outcome of the election in November 2012.

However, if a complaint is filed, and upheld, by the FPPC, it would serve to uphold the principle of the “rule of law” upon which our representative form of government relies.

It could be a “learning moment.”

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

According to my political sources, in order to avoid the appearance of express advocacy, the initial mailing of the first “educational” brochure should have occurred weeks ago.

Angry E-Mail From “Outside” the Bridgetteville….

August 28, 2012


If you weren’t aware, the City of Wildomar (“Bridgeteville”) is dominated by a small and insular “bubble,” which is centered primarily on the compulsive and obsessive public life of Bridgette Moore.

Command and Control of the bubble is facilitated through the pages of Facebook.

For example, the intra-bubble communication of the upcoming Community Visioning Session was first announced on various Facebook pages, including the city’s own Facebook page but not on the city’s official website, ensuring that the “inner circle” of Bridgette’s friends and supporters got the word before anyone else.

Nevertheless, despite their best efforts to restrain dissident commentary, occasionally messages from beyond the bubble are able to penetrate Wildomar’s civic consciousness.

Yesterday morning, in response to the Baxter Road overpass traffic nightmare, the following, unsolicited e-mail was received at the editorial offices of Wildomar Magazine:

From:  XXXXXXXX96@yahoo.com.
Subject: The stop sign on Baxter
Date:  08/27/12 09:38 AM
To: zakturango@excite.com

“What a joke. The city of Wildomar really didn’t think this through.They took a smooth flowing traffic area and made it a disaster.  There has never been a line of more than 2 cars waiting to exit the SB freeway onto Baxter Road. All the sign did was back up East bound traffic on Baxter. It was ridiculous this morning at around 8:40am. I drove up to be the 20th car in line for the stop sign, and with no other cross traffic, it made no sense.

Now I am reading another stop sign will be put in on the NB exit. This has got to be some kind of joke. Either the City of Wildomar needs to do better research or they need to fire the ones who implemented such a bad idea. Apparently, they aren’t taking their job seriously anyway.”

If there is anyway a meeting will be held to oppose this ridiculous change. COUNT ME IN!!!!

The photograph at the top of this article was provided by the author of this e-mail.

“Nuff said.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Obviously, not everyone is happy in Bridgetteville.

 NOTICE: The next ad hoc “traffic meeting” can be held during PUBLIC COMMENTS at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting in September.