The True Artists In The Rasmussen….

July 10, 2014


My son, Tim Rasmussen, and my son-in-law, Vince Di Meglio, are at it again. They just finished a weekend shoot in rural Santa Barbara, returning to the short film genre that opened the doors of opportunity in Hollywood.

Back in 2003,  they created a short film,  “El Elegante“, which received recognition but they became busy with  a variety of writing opportunities.  Finding the grind of writing for Hollywood a bit stale, they are  attempting  to regenerate their creative juices so they re-mastered El Elegante  and have re-released it.

I have no idea what the new short film is about, all I know is that it once again stars my daughter in law, Stacie, and my nephew, James Rasmussen, whose lifelong  battle with Williams Syndrome  has made him a unique  actor, always portraying  the fictional Verlin Diggs.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the 15 minute short film, as follows :

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How My Boys Got Their Start In….

February 24, 2014


Back in the day (circa 2002), my firstborn son, Tim Rasmussen, and his writing partner, son-in-law Vince Di Meglio.  transformed their  small North Hollywood apartment into a movie studio  and made a short film that  caught  the  attention of the Sundance Festival, as well as the attention of Director Jay Roach, who  hired them for a writing gig on the Meet the Fockers project (their second draft was the catalyst  to move the project forward), and the rest  is their own Hollywood history.

Please click on the following link to Vimeo to enjoy:

I noticed, on a personal Facebook pag , that  Vince had recently uploaded  a copy of the short film,  “Fits & Starts,” onto the Vimeo platform.

I invite you to take approximately 12 minutes  of your time and enjoy my boy’s creativity, of which I am proud.

The lead female role is my daughter, Stacie, was also the  mother  of my only grandchild.

The lead male role is my brother’s son, James, who brings  the uniqueness of his own personal life to the screen.

There is another short film (circa 2003) , which also included James, called “El Elegante,”  which  Tim and Vince are currently  transferring from  35mm film to digital  for submission to upcoming film  festivals, as they get back to their  cinematic roots.

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Zak Turango Presents….

January 2, 2014



Although my opportunities for venturing forth into nature’s hinterlands for the “harvesting” of natural resources has been restricted by age and health, my fellow hunters, including my first cousin, Ron, pictured above in the center, continue to explore and expand the limits of their diet.

For example, upon receipt of the above photograph as an attachment to a Christmas e-mail, I inquired if the “food”  reposing in their hands was edible.

In response, my cousin stated the following, “Yes they are, they taste better than duck, geese, and even pheasants.  They are referred to as rib eyes in the sky!”

So far, I have not altered my calendar for 2014 to accommodate the invitation to join the Dynasty for  the next Texas hunting party.

I prefer my rib eyes from Stater Bros’ butcher counter.

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Disturbing News From The…..

April 27, 2013


My son Tim, stopped by the house last evening, permitting me to enjoy my grandson Kent in person, rather than on Skype. He was driving a new car, probably as a reward for his current Disney project, a sequel to the Three Men and a Baby comedy, getting much closer to actual filming. Reportedly, all three male stars have signed on to the project.

It’s always good to have good reports from your children of their latest successes.

Unfortunately, one of the darker sides of success in Hollywood is having the time and money to explore your personal gene pool, something I’ve never thought important beyond the typical family interest in one’s predecessors. In my case, having each one of my grandparents be happy and legal immigrants from Norway during the years 1880-1905 , I was always comfortable with my genetic consistency. 

No personal “Heinz 57” issues to deal with.

Until now.

According to Tim, after providing the appropriate blood sample for testing, his genetic bloodlines  are identifiable as 100% European, perhaps a slight step down from being 100%  Norwegian. Since his mother was generally French and German in in origin, a 100% European identification remains within the bounds of expectation.

However, Tim was further advised that 3% of his bloodline (which puts him in the 99th percentile of Homo sapiens) comes from the Neanderthal line.

 For more information, please click on the following:

Sometimes, it’s not good to ask questions.

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I have to admit I always worried that his mother’s eyebrows were a little prominent.

Wildomar City Council Promotes It’s Drug…..

January 10, 2012


Pardon me if I momentarily choke on my usual breakfast of Post Shredded Wheat ‘n Bran, with fresh banana slices added, over the likely unanimous and exquisitely hypocritical vote during   tomorrow evening’s City Council meeting formalizing  Wildomar’s intention to throw open its arms to microbreweries.

What makes it hypocritical is the abject opposition by Bridgette Moore and Tim Walker to a single medical marijuana collective, which would have been able to operate legally before the Obama Administration switched gears and determined to neutralize the rights of Californians to avail themselves of the benefits of medical grade marijuana, rendering the issue moot. (Unfortunately for Wildomar’s taxpayers, the city remains embroiled in costly litigation with the collective, rendering the ongoing cost of their opposition litigation unmoot.)

At the end of the day, or more exactly, at the end of tomorrow evening, the Wildomar City Council will be on record as enthusiastically inviting the manufacture and distribution of the most devastating drug known to man into it’s “holier-than-thou” environs.

It doesn’t matter that alcohol is legal for adults. It’s the impact of its use and abuse in our community that makes this vote objectionable. Just ask Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (“MADD”).

Please click on the following link to compare the impact of marijuana use compared to alcohol use, as follows:

I guess it comes down to a matter of  “what is Bridgette and Tim’s drug of choice?” Heaven only knows.

Perhaps they want the business community to know that Wildomar is “alcohol friendly.”

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For the record, unlike former Pres. Bill Clinton, who admitted to smoking marijuana, but “didn’t inhale,” I have never smoked, or ingested, marijuana in any form, even once in my lifetime, even though inexpensive “party packs” of pre-rolled joints (“Hey GI, you 5 dolla me for party pack?) were readily available outside the perimeter of our military base in Vietnam, circa 1968.

I still  toss down an occasional beer, even as I continue to keep that information from my godly 90-year-old mother.

Irony, If Not…

December 9, 2011



It was not that long ago when the Wildomar City Council was grappling with the issue of the medical marijuana collective and hyper-moralists, Tim Walker, et ux,  were  ranting at City Council meetings regarding the degradation that would come to Wildomar if a medical marijuana collective were permitted to operate in the city.

So it is ironic that Walker’s Planning Commission appointee, Veronica Langworthy, who also objected vociferously to the medical marijuana ordinance, was a part of the automatic 5-0 vote to put out the welcome mat for beer manufacturers.

Please click on the following link to the Wildomar Patch, for confirmation:

My surmise is that alcoholic beverages, which includes beer, has had a far more detrimental effect on our communities, over the years, than has the use, and alleged abuse, of medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, since beer has few medical benefits (it’s supposed to be good for your hair), I am loathe to compare it to medical marijuana for it’s palliative effects for those who suffer.

I don’t want to be unfair to beer.

Please click on the following link to confirm:

Nevertheless, Wildomar Magazine, in it’s unique and continuing effort to provide political context, through commentary, on the foibles of our feckless elected and appointed officials, offers the following:

One of the curious and creative aspects of microbreweries is the unique names created for their product.

Once again, please click on the following link for your amusement:

In particular, in Wildomar’s case, I would suggest the following microbrew names be dedicated to those responsible for bringing this scourge to Wildomar, as follows:

1) Hypocritical Hefe-Walker, a pale, wheat-based Pilsner, for those with weak constitutions and/or uncertain core values.

2) Langworthy Lager, a darker amber ale, with a hint of attitude and which is, occasionally, a bit hard on the stomach.

3) Elsinore “High” Eye of the Tiger, a rum-laced beer which might satisfy local high school student’s desire for intoxication and help their parents keep them away from Ecstasy…. and jail.

4) And, of course, Cornerstone’d Brew, a non-alcoholic ale for those Evangelicals among us who are conflicted over the consumption of alcohol, but still want to appear hip and cool, yet without sin

(Check this out

I can’t even make this stuff up, without there being some “truth” somewhere on the Internet.

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Eventually, we won’t have to import our drunk drivers from Lake Elsinore; we can grow them right here in Wildomar.

Wildomar Magazine Just Blew Through 80,000 Views….

September 23, 2011



I guess folks have an appetite for opinion and commentary, even if they don’t always agree.

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Thanks to my readers!!