October 18, 2015


As you might know, a recent ruling by the Riverside County Superior Court included an order by the Court which confirmed an important allegation by the Alliance for Intelligent Planning that the City of Wildomar was operating contrary to their own Housing Element.

As a result, the Court has ordered the City to hold additional Public Hearings and address the deficiencies. It appears that the City of Wildomar lacks legal authority to  arbitrarily convert valuable commercial property  (which the city needs to survive economically)  into  hyper- high-density apartment projects. In fact, it is reported that the City has been trying to force  developers to put more apartment units onto their projects  than even the developer’s desire, as this City is apparently driven by Mello Roos tax revenues . Fortunately, those developers refused to be bullied by the City of Wildomar.

In addition, because of the Court ruling in the favor of Alliance for Intelligent Planning, their legal counsel is entitled to recover the legal fees and costs incurred  in order to bring this to the Court’s attention. Rather than present his entire array of legal invoices,  legal counsel has agreed to settle for a lesser amount,  a total of $120,000, which amount  the City Council of Wildomar  has apparently agreed to pay.

For the record, despite the allegations by Wildomar Mayor Ben Benoit  and local blogger, Joseph Morabito, through the pages of his sycophantic  blog, the Wildomar Crap, that  Alliance for  Intelligent Planning signatory  and titular head, Sheryl Ade somehow receives a portion of  that $120,000. For the record, Sheryl Ade  did not receive any remuneration for her public service in bringing the successful litigation.

Small minds apparently cannot comprehend the concept of  public service  for the larger good.  In the case of the Alliance for Intelligent Planning,  Sheryl represents a number of Wildomar residents who support her and prefer anonymity  in order to avoid civic retaliation  from the city’s vindictive forefathers  and foremothers.

In the Oak Creek Canyon matter, despite  a settlement agreement that includes appropriate testing  for chemical contamination on the proposed  instruction site, the  developer’s legal team is  continuing to stall in their performance of appropriate testing previously agreed to.

As a result, the developer will soon find himself back in court  as the plaintiffs seek enforcement of the settlement agreement. Apparently, the developer does not want his Oak Creek Canyon project  to become known as Autumnwood II, when the presence of  chemical contamination from the Farm’s obsolete  urine and feces spray field  is likely to be  confirmed by testing.

On a more pleasant note, I can confirm that I have completed  the first draft of my  Vietnam memoir.  After another pass through the manuscript  to make corrections, I will submit it to the U.S. Navy Information Command  so that they can review it and provide guidance as to the presence of any  classified information, especially as it relates to survival school.

Once I have passed that procedure, I will upload it and  self-publish  it, likely through Amazon , making it available to whomever has an interest in it. The  previously unpublished content will explain why I am not a fan of abusive  senior noncommissioned officers , such as  the alcoholic Navy  Chief Petty Officers, that I had the personal displeasure of having to serve under.

In the meantime, until the public at large becomes curious about  the real reasons behind repetitive litigation that arises from  questionable  City-Council  approved  development, the  City of Wildomar will continue to be  turned into an apartment jungle, bearing no resemblance to the original Vision for the City of Wildomar.

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