Wildomar Hysterical Society Invades Wildomar Cemetary…

September 27, 2008

…Hundreds Found Dead Inside

Three members of the Wildomar Historical Society, as reported in today’s Californian, invaded the space and offices of the Wildomar Cemetary to interrupt a state-mandated and County-operated cemetary district’s daily operations. 

Seemingly taking the side of the current “office” manager, who told reporters of applying for and being passed over for the job of “general” manager, the three Space Invaders have intruded into a job dispute for which they have no standing and which is none of their business.  (Shades of the Post Office versus EVMWD, Cashman and Lloyd,  all over again).

Apparently anything that is located in Wildomar, be it Elsinore High School or has Wildomar’s name on it, such as the Wildomar Cemetary, is subject to the “oversight” of these self-appointed watchdogs. 

It always seems to be the same group of geniuses and some of their equally-genius spouses that swarm Wildomar’s hills and flood plains (is there nothing in between?), looking to keep their small version of Wildomar’s history for themselves. And the money (RDA PAC). And the influence (WCC).

Given that Mayor Bob Cashman was, in an oddly disconnected way, muttering aloud about the Cemetary District in his comments at the last city council meeting, Wildomar Magazine believes that he is behind this unwarranted intrusion or, at the very least, had foreknowledge of their mission.   He did claim that he had “people” looking into the situation.  Voila!  Female Space Invaders.

Unfortunately, Mayor Cashman does not recall nor understand that he and Councilwoman Sheryl Ade agreed to form an ad hoc committee empowered to look into the matter on behalf of Wildomar’s citizens.  As a result, the Wildomar Hysterical Society has, by their actions, pre-empted the  city council committee’s ability to properly investigate on behalf of the city’s interests. 

For Cashman’s Hysterical Society, of which he is president, to invade a county entity and stage a “sit-in” is an affront to the City of Wildomar and a challenge to the County and clearly another reason why Mayor Cashman’s troubled term as mayor must finally end in December.

Ladies, please calm yourselves and learn to restrict your activities to those permitted by the bylaws of your 501 C 3 tax-exempt organization, lest the IRS notice that you are engaging in politics, which is also prohibited by law.  

Zak may be contacted at zakturango@excite.com but only if you type your message in ALL CAPS to reflect your hysteria. 


New Planning Commissioner a Scofflaw?

September 25, 2008


At last evening’s City Council meeting, unsuccessful Planning Commissioner applicant George Taylor alleged that a newly named Planning Commission appointee has developed a commercial business and a trailer storage park on his Wildomar property without having secured the necessary permits and zoning waivers.

Said Planning Commissioner appointee is apparently attempting to get his property into conformance “now” but the hypocrisy of having appointed a non-comforming Planning Commissioner who will be making other property owners applicants “toe the line” and conform to the planning rules is beyond comprehension.

What possible motive could Councilwoman Bridgette Moore have for appointing a scofflaw to the Planning Commission?  Time, and Wildomar Magazine, will tell.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.  However, first a permit must be secured…..

Wildomar Magazine Has 107 Weekend Hits

September 24, 2008


Wildomar Magazine was read 107 times from Friday through Sunday. 

Zak’s opinion, satire, parody and commentary, whether you like it or not, is getting into people’s heads and into their conversations.  People in Wildomar are reading and talking about Zak’s thoughts.

Since Zak does not advertise and isn’t linked on the City of Wildomar website….yet, it can only be by “viral marketing,” meaning simple word of mouth.

Zak is proud……and pleased.

Zak’s Offspring Make It In Hollywood….

September 22, 2008


Once in a while, Zak has to take a time out from doing God’s Work in calling attention to the zany wrongdoings of elected and appointed officials and their cult-like religious supporters in Wildomar to boast of familial success.

On Friday, September 26, 2008, Diane Keaton, Liv Tyler, Dax Shepard, Mike White and Ken Howard will appear in the U. S. premier of Smother, a movie written, produced and directed by my son, Tim Rasmussen and my son-in-law, Vince Di Meglio. 

You will have to travel to Orange County (Irvine Spectrum) or LA (Mann’s Chinese Theater) to take advantage of a cinematic opportunity, however, as the owner of the film has chosen to make an initial limited release at this time. If the “buzz” about the movie is large enough, the film will get wider release. If not, then off to Lifetime television and DVD.

These talented young men, both graduates of Temecula High School, have hit the big time and Zak is understandably proud.  This is not their first artistic success as they have credits as screenwriters for other movies.  They wrote a significant portion of Meet the Fockers and were given screenwriter credit for last year’s Robin Williams comedy, License to Wed. They are currently writing the screenplay for a partially animated movie based on the cartoon, Marmaduke.

Neither of them have ever attended Cornerstone and have achieved success in their chosen field without the benefit of Cornerstone’s support, unlike 40% of Wildomar’s City Council. As a result, they have no obligation to carry Cornerstone’s water pail.  Isn’t that refreshing once in a while?

You can find more information at www.smother-movie.com so hit the link and share Zak’s understandable pride.

Wildomar Magazine will return to its’ usual habits of parody and satire at the first opportunity, which will likely be another inane Council misstep in Wildomar.

Comments may be made at zakturango@excite.com.  If you had successful kids, you’d want to write about them, too.  

RDA PAC Eggs It’s Own Face…..

September 20, 2008


The Lakeland Village-Wildomar Project Area Committee (hereinafter “RDA PAC”), in their August meeting, voted to generously waste 600,000 of Wildomar’s tax dollars.  This past week, the same RDA PAC voted to rescind their vote.

At the first meeting, EVMWD Director John Lloyd presented a request to the RDA PAC Board of Geniuses (hereinafter “Geniuses”), asking for $600,000 to complete a project that was already fully funded by the EVMWD. When the Geniuses voted to approve the request, the EVMWD then dropped it’s bombshell on the Geniuses, letting them know that Wildomar’s money was not needed. 

Alas, the Geniuses and Lloyd are each left with a large egg (appears to be “sunny side up”) on their faces.

Suddenly aware of how inept they looked, the RDA PAC rescinded their prior vote this last week, restoring $600,000 to the taxpayer’s coffers but, sadly, they left any taxpayer respect and confidence in their  decision-making abilities in the dust.

According to a recent Californian article, one Genius even stated, in defense of all of the other Geniuses, that “the committee board asked all of the right questions during the previous meeting.

He said they asked why the district needed the money, why it was important to the project and how the project would be built.

Anyone who doubts that can read the minutes of the meeting to see for themselves, he added.

“We did our job,” he said.

Wildomar Magazine would agree with the unnamed Genius (only to be kind) but only if their job is to spend $600,000 without performing the appropriate “due diligence.” Just one Genius could have thought to ask one simple question;  does EVMWD need the money?  Then, another Genius could have been tasked to make one simple phone call to the EVMWD General Manager to confirm that the cash-bloated EVMWD really needed the money. 

Okay, assume for arguments’ sake, the RDA PAC did ask the right questions, then the answers they received were wrong. 

If the answers were incorrect, there are only two options.  They were incorrect either as a result of the ignorance of John Lloyd or a result of an intentional act by John Lloyd.  So, let’s give the Geniuses a brief pass, assume they were duped and turn our attention to Lloyd.

John Lloyd is a Director of the EVMWD.  If he doesn’t know by now how the funding for EVMWD projects work, he is not qualified to represent Wildomar on that Board and he should not be asking taxpayers for large amounts of money. If he is ignorant of how the District works, he needs to admit it, stop acting like he does and go educate himself.

If Lloyd knows how the funding mechanisms at the EVMWD operate but still asked for the unneeded $600,000 from the RDA PAC anyway, he is duplicitious, for some unknown reason, and needs to answer for his deception.  

In any event, should John Lloyd ever dare ask for money from the RDA PAC in the future, the Geniuses must ignore him. Lloyd laid his credibility on the line for $600,000 and rolled a 7.

This is, admittedly, tough criticism for most readers of Wildomar Magazine.  But the potential loss and wastage of $600,000 cannot be ignored. Someone has to apply some critical thinking skills to stop this kind of financial folly.

Who has the right to question the RDA PAC? 

Who has the right to question John Lloyd about his activities in leading the Geniuses astray?  

Who but an Idiot?

Zak is not taking any comments at this time.  However, you can join Zak and John at D’Canters for a post-Council Meeting drink some Wednesday evening.  We both had such a good time the last time.

Bridgette Brazenly Lobbies For A Church…..

September 11, 2008


City Councilperson Bridgette Moore was overheard in the City Hall hallway last evening, minutes after the council meeting was adjourned, lobbying a newly-appointed Wildomar City Planning Commissioner to agree to forego the application of County-imposed, and now City-imposed, mitigation conditions for a church’s hillside parking lot project.

Bridgette apparently seeks a church’s project approval without having to secure an Environment Impact Report (they are planning to move more than a million cubic yards of soil offsite) that would require them to properly mitigate their impacts.

Here’s Bridgette’s infraction. Planning Commissioners serve at the pleasure of each Councilmember and are an extension of the Councilmember’s goals for the city’s development. That is why each member gets to nominate their own choice for the Commission, subject to the approval of a council majority. 

Bridgette could not contain herself, however, and waited mere minutes to approach one of the new commissioners and to lobby on behalf of a church without the appointing Councilmember’s knowledge.  That, my friends, is a serious interference with the appropriate decision-making protocol. 

Once upon a time, for a little background, a church got a big pass from the County when they built their large sanctuary and then a large entertainment center.  A church was not required to alter the road in front of their facility to accommodate all of the traffic hazards and conditions that their numerous attendees impose on the rest of us citizens whenever there is a meeting taking place or especially as the attendees depart. 

Now that Wildomar is a city, however, the City’s desires apply. City staff has recommended reasonable mitigation conditions in order for a church to gain approval of  the project. Staff is protecting the quality of life for all of the citizens of Wildomar.  It’s why Wildomar became a city, isn’t it?  This is what “local control” means.

It is apparent that Bridgette has thus begun to also subvert the staff’s work on behalf of a church with her hallway peccadillo

You may place your bet in the “Shame or Anger” pool as we witness Bridgette’s reaction to Zak’s “calling out”  of a major political offense at zakturango@excite.com.  I’m betting anger and tears but this sh*t has to stop.

Wildomar Magazine hereby requests…..

September 8, 2008


It’s all about fairness.

Wildomar Magazine, in it’s efforts to promote freedom of the press, public discussions and the free flow of ideas hereby requests that the WCC (“Wildomar Community Council”) provide a free booth at the Street Fair and Car Show. 

Since WM never finances it’s high overhead with advertisements, WM does not have the extra cash to actually pay for a booth.  In fact, Zak had to re-do his limited budget in anticipation of the day that Wildomar runs out of cash and asks it’s citizens to cough up for a city-wide assessment to continue to exist, all because of passing out cash to “worthy” causes like feeding the folks in Lake Elsinore.

So, in the interest of fairness, Wildomar Magazine needs the assist.  It won’t actually cost the WCC any money for the WM booth, unlike the $1,500 the WCC lifted from the taxpayers of Wildomar.

Any official of the WCC or the Street Fair and Car Show can contact Zak at zakturango@excite.com with the details as to when and where Zak needs to show up for his free booth.