Citizens Of Wildomar To Meet On Sunday To Discuss….

October 31, 2013



An amicable “back-and-forth” discussion, which originated on the comments section of a blog on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, has evolved into an impromptu Parks meeting for additional discussion, which is to occur on Sunday, November 03, 2013 at 1:00 PM under the gazebo located on the public grounds of the Wildomar Cemetery.

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for confirmation of the meeting, as follows:

Everyone is invited.

Apparently, My “Recovery Group” Has…..

October 30, 2013
When I opened my e-mail this morning, I found this:
“From: Gerry Hall<
Date:10/29/2013 07:44 PM 
 In my, and many other’s
opinions, you are one very
Go get some help, Gil.”

Sometimes, the best way to teach some individuals that they have no expectation of privacy when using the Internet, is to simply “cut and paste” the e-mail onto the pages of Wildomar Magazine. The text of Gerry’s odd  e-mail included the “bold” format that you see above. Since it was in bold, is Gerry shouting at me?

Gerry Hall’s e-mail is not the first I’ve ever received from him. His previous e-mail on June 22, 2013, once again questioned the veracity of my disability status with the Veterans Administration, as follows:

Hello Gil
You wrote in your service in Vietnam that you were a Postal Clerk. Just how the hell does a postal clerk get PTSD”
In response to his obsessive e-mail and Facebook postings about my status, I have responded by asking Gerry to confirm that his military service in the Air Force included any significant time spent in Vietnam, as most Vietnam veterans do not question another Vietnam veteran’s “in-country” service, nor do they question the effects of that “in-country” service.
To date, Gerry has not responded to any of my inquiries
Comments can be made to
For the record, I once again responded to Gerry’s latest e-mail asking that, if he would confirm his own “in-country” service in Vietnam, I would be able to “cut him some slack” on his obvious obsession with my own well-documented service “in-country” in Vietnam.
Apparently, Gerry, and “many others”, consider that my method of  political activism and expressing opinions through the pages of Wildomar Magazine in the City of Wildomar constitutes some form of “sickness.”
How sick is that?

“Each Park is 90% Done” Is….

October 28, 2013




According to the uncritical eye of Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore, the amount of volunteer work performed by less than the Pilkington-promised 500 volunteers constitutes at least 90% of the desired completion of the rehabilitation of Wildomar’s three parks. If so, the 17 un-planted trees waiting for installation at Windsong Park alone are an illusion.

Unfortunately, the reality is that what remains to be completed by employees of the city will eventually add up to a significant and yet to be determined number of labor hours. Only when the parks are completely rehabilitated can final amount of labor hours be calculated.

Please click on the following link to the Press Enterprise to confirm Bridgette’s delusion, as follows:

No wonder the future of the City of Wildomar is uncertain, if it’s elected leaders choose to drink their own Kool-Aid.

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Wildomar would be better served if it’s elected officials could separate the heartfelt efforts of the volunteers from the stark reality of work yet to be completed.

Great Day of….

October 26, 2013



….HALVES 2013

I attended the opening session of the United Methodist Church/City of Wildomar Great Day of Service 2013 and observed approximately 200 persons in attendance between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM, meaning less than one half of the “promised” 500 volunteers showed up.

According to Tom Pilkington, the primary force behind the church-sponsored event, he opined that 300 people eventually showed up to work as volunteers throughout the morning, perhaps even as much as 400 persons, although there is no current documentation of that amount .

Check out the “crowd”  of no more than 150 persons for yourself, by clicking the following link;

This video of the  was taken just before the team leaders broke to meet with their teams, most of whom were not yet present. (A scan of the ginormous ‘crowd” starts at 3:11.

Despite briefly showing up to the city event, I was accorded a less than appropriate reception by two Wildomar city officials, as follows:

1) Half-*ssed insult:

Wildomar City councilmember Ben Benoit:

When I approached Benoit, he asked me if I was present at the event to “harass” the volunteers?

Before I could respond in the negative, Benoit turned his back to me and walked away.

2) Fully-*ssed insult:

Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bobbie Swann:

As I was taking a still photograph of the group leaders, I was approached by Commissioner Swann, who inquired as to my purpose for being present. I responded by stating that I was taking photographs for the readers of Wildomar Magazine. Swann then denigrated by efforts by claiming that I represented an illegitimate journalistic entity.

Since I was already holding my camera in my hands, I elevated it as if to take a picture and asked Commissioner Swann to repeat what he had just said.

Instead, he degraded himself to the level of a crude and vulgar sexual suggestion, which begins with the letter F.

Overall, it appears that the volunteers performed to the best of their abilities, even though a significant amount of work remains to be completed by the City of Wildomar.

I can only assume that the self-inflicted pressures of substandard participation in a dysfunctional city government has resulted in the depraved official conduct displayed by an elected City Councilmember and an appointed City Planning Commissioner.

In my opinion, this depraved conduct amounts to harassment and bullying of an involved citizen, whose activist participation and opinions they dislike and disapprove of.

Comments can be made to

There was one humorous moment when a visiting minister was about to pray an opening invocation, I noticed that the City of Wildomar Mayor’s spouse, Maria, was peeking at me across the courtyard to see if I was closing my eyes and bowing my head in prayer.

For the record, I did neither.

Martial Law Declared In Wildomar;….

October 25, 2013




However, this obviously satirical suggestion does not arise from the misguided CERT activation of two days ago (see the Wildomar Magazine article just below), it arises from the hysterical “over-the-top” official conduct of Wildomar’s City Manager/Security Guard, Gary Nordquist.

On Wednesday, I drove to the Wildomar Cemetery parking lot to record, by photograph, the unloading of various trees and shrubs intended for installation by the proposed 500 volunteers on Saturday, October 26, 2013.

My intentions for for doing so, as one of the few remaining, viable media outlets (and the sole outlet for political commentary), was to obtain a permanent record of the type and kind of plants to be used, in light of some concerns that the improper selection of certain plants would be harmful to Wildomar park/flood basin environment (especially Heritage Regency Park/detention basin).

As I drove my vehicle through the open gate onto the Wildomar Cemetery District parking lot, I was suddenly confronted by Wildomar’s version of Mayberry’s finest, as City Manager Gary Gary Nordquist emerged from the rear of a delivery truck, walking vigorously to where I was now stopped. With both arms outstretched, and the palm’s of his hands elevated in my direction, it was obvious that “Barney” wanted me to put my vehicle in reverse.

When he approached the open window of my vehicle, a rather robust discussion ensued, as Barney demanded that I exit the premises immediately.

However, I objected to his demand, as there was no legal basis for doing so, as the Cemetery parking lot is public property and was obviously being used by other members of the community. 

Barney then argued that the Wildomar City Council had declared that its three parks were “closed to the public,” as of October 17, 2013, in preparation for the Great Day of Service.

I immediately retorted that the Cemetery District parking lot was not included in the Council agenda item and, as a result, Barney could not legally restrict public access merely on his “say-so,” without there being a compelling reason to do so, such as some unforeseen type of “civil disaster.” (The unloading of small shrubs by several women, one in high heels, would not qualify).

Rather than continue the ongoing debate, I chose instead to depart the Cemetery parking lot, abandoning my legitimate argument along with my previous high regard for Nordquist as a city manager in the process.

Unfortunately, the municipal degradation of the City of Wildomar, from that of a heroically struggling city to one focused only on its parks, does not bode well for Wildomar’s future.

Comments can be made to

Wildomar Declares Great Day Of Service A…

October 23, 2013


In a not unsurprising move, the City of Wildomar has activated its Community Emergency Response Team (“CERT”) by issuing  CERT ACTIVATED email at approximately 3 PM this afternoon.

According to Janet Morales, Administrative Analyst for the City Manager’s office, the following:

“CERT has been activated for the Great Day of Service Saturday, October 26, 2013.”

Perhaps, instead of a groundswell of volunteerism, the tepid response of approximately 420 “volunteers, ” many of whom may not be able to fulfill their pledge to serve, has created a sense of urgency at City Hall.

Please click on the following link to the Great Day of Service/Re-Think Church website, for context:

After all the hours of training and preparation by the volunteers for the CERT effort, they have been reduced to mere landscapers by the desperation at City Hall.

Comments can be made to


The Crossing…And Re-Crossing Of..

October 19, 2013



LIke so many others, I was shocked to hear the news of the tragic passing of a local pastor, Ed Dufresne, of the World Harvest Church in Murrieta, who died yesterday, along with his pilot, in a plane crash near Wichita Kansas.

According to the local newspaper, the Wichita Eagle, his business jet exploded and crashed in a field, with no survivors.

Please click on the following link to the Wichita Eagle for more information:

In 1978, while fulfilling a life pathway of my own, after the sudden and untimely death of my father, Roy Rasmussen in 1957, (after having just moved from pastoring  a small church in Wichita, KS to start a up church in  Long Beach CA).  After I became an adult, I moved my then-young family to the central California town of Visalia, for the purpose of starting a new pioneer church, renting the facilities of the Visalia Women’s Club to do so.

At the same time, another church was also developing in a nearby facility, known as the Praise The Lord Club,  by Ed Dufresne. At the same time, several elderly members of my family, who had also recently moved to Visalia to retire, visited Dufresne’s church and were impressed by his energy and zeal in promoting his new church.

One of the things that impressed my uncle was Dufresne’s request for financial support from his members for the purchase of what was probably his first small, propeller-driven private airplane, which would enable Dufresne to expand his ministry.

Years later, in 1994, after moving to Wildomar, our paths crossed once again when I discovered that Dufresne was the pastor of the local World Harvest Church, located on Palomar Road on the border of Murrieta/Wildomar. (It’s actually located in Wildomar.)

It is always a profound tragedy for “families” when confronted by the untimely death of husbands, fathers and their pastor.

Our condolences go out to each of the families, for their loss.

Comments can be made to

For more local information about Pastor Dufresne, please click on the following link to the Press Enterprise:

Planning Commission Says Unanimous NO!! To…

October 17, 2013



In a remarkable demonstration of civic sanity, the Wildomar Planning Commission voted last evening to reject Planning Director Matt Bassi’s recommendation to approve a developer’s grotesque alteration of Wildomar’s landscape. In the proposal, in excess of 27 acres of prime commercial land along Interstate 15 would instead be covered with more than 300 multi–family condominiums.

The vote was a unanimous 5-0 vote against forwarding the proposed General Plan approval to the Wildomar City Council for an anticipated final approval.

Commission Chairman Stan Smith, who had been personally involved in a pre-incorporation “Roundtable” of Wildomar’s foremost citizens carefully establishing the various allocations of land-use designations within the current General Plan, properly joined with Planning Commissioner Bob Devine in adamantly rejecting the initial step required to implement this proposal by the developer, Golden Eagle Multi-Family Properties LLC.

After Devine and Smith spoke, the remaining commissioners joined with the senior members of the Commission to provide a unanimous 5-0 victory for the citizens of Wildomar.

As a side note, Commissioner Bobby Swann’s inarticulate suggestion on the pages of the once-again “Closed Group,” Wildomar Facebook page, that there would be no public commentary on this matter during the Planning Commission meeting was properly and abjectly rejected by the opening comments of Planning Director Matt Bassi, who assured the public in attendance that their comments and input on the agenda items were welcomed and would be included in the public record, should the proposal be forwarded to the Wildomar City Council.

For far too much of additional blathering/commentary by Commissioner Swann, please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch:

For the record, despite the Patch article, Chairman Smith reported a 5-0 unanimous vote on agenda item 3.1.

The vote on agenda item 3.2 was originally 3-2 (Swann and Langworthy voting against the motion), then it was changed to 3-1-0, with the obviously befuddled Commissioner Langworthy changing her vote to abstain.

Comments can be made to

By the way, the developer “suits,” were muttering and angry as they left the Council Chambers, vowing to continue the fight by going directly to the Wildomar City Council.

Needless to say, the battle for the semi-rural soul of Wildomar is not over.

Wildomar’s Commissioner of…

October 16, 2013



One of the primary reasons the newest, and therefore least experienced Planning Commissioner, Bobby Swann, repeatedly graces the front page of Wildomar Magazine is that Swann continues to disseminate incorrect information on various Facebook pages about planning matters that will come before him as a Planning Commissioner.

In the current instance, Commissioner Swann, as recently as last evening, has been discussing tonight’s Planning Commission Agenda, which includes an application for a significant General Plan amendment which will convert more than 26 acres of finite prime commercial land, with highly-desirable freeway frontage, into a developer-friendly land-use designation of “Very High Density Residential.”

Since he seems unable to learn to resist his penchant for blathering on, it is our privilege, if not a moral obligation, to expose his mis-information to the general public as an embarrassing corrective, as follows (with my comments, in blue):

“This matter is open to the public as all meetings are but this matter is not open to public hearing.”

The public may address any item on the Planning Commission agenda, without restriction, save for the three-minute limitation.

Under Public Comment, the public may address any matter whatsoever, again save for the three-minute limitation.

“So we ALL need to remember this is not a meeting about the elements of the project, It is about the potential of updating the general plan to be able to proceed with the planning process or not prior to paying several hundred thousand dollars to get an EIR done by the applicant.”

The Planning Commission will indeed be voting on an actual General Plan Amendment, and not a General Plan update.

It should not be within the purview of the Planning commissioners to be concerned about the developers expenses in bringing a project to the city. Rather, the Planning Commission should be about protecting the interests of its citizens through developer compliance with the General Plan, as a safeguard against predatory development.

Even when challenged by another Facebook member, Swann doubled-down on his ignorance, as follows:

“Read the agenda closer XXXXX. This item is a general business item not open to public comment. Please in the future you want to distrust me, please show me the courtesy of having your facts checked and correct.”

If Commissioner Swann continues to insist on being the public mouthpiece for the rest of the Planning Commission, it would behoove Chairman Stan Smith to privately correct and censure Swann for speaking out of turn.

Comments can be made to

If you are interested, please click on the following link to the “Wildomar” Facebook page in question:

 UPDATE: Upon returning from attendance at the Planning Commission meeting this evening, I opened the “Wildomar” Facebook page and found that the page administrators had once again returned to a “closed” status, thus restricting the potential for any further embarrassment of exposure of the mis-statements Planning Commissioner Swann. For the record, at the opening of the meeting, the Planning Director “clarified” that the public was always entitled to speak on any agendized item, contrary to Commissioner Swann’s earlier confused/confusing pronouncements.


Mayor Walker’s GREAT YEAR OF SERVICE Wastes……

October 12, 2013



According to today’s Press Enterprise article, Mayor “Mad Dog” Walker once again has his hyper-sensitive hackles raised.

However, in this case,  his political ire is misguided in favor of the City of Jurupa Valley, whose citizens live more than 40 miles outside of Wildomar’s city limits and, as a result, have no claim on Wildomar’s shrinking treasure.

Please click on the link to the Press Enterprise for context:

For those of you unwilling to pay a subscription fee to be able to view the  PE online, the following quotes are lifted directly from the above article:

Wildomar Mayor Timothy Walker said “we’re willing to fight on for another year.”

Jurupa Valley needs all of us to present a united front,” Walker said.”

Apparently  Tim Walker and the rest of his city council cohorts have  become  infected with the feverish virus that infects Tom Pilkington and his United Methodist Church/Rethink Church Great Day of Service missions people and Wildomar now wants to “help” other needy cities, to the tune of  $36,000 in support of vague, and perhaps mythical, legislative “rumblings.”

Comments can be made to

This WM article is a continuation of the theme of the previous article, “Why Wildomar Will Eventually Go Broke.”