Another Successful Rasmussen….

May 18, 2014


One of the most satisfying parts of being a parent is to have one’s offspring become successful in their own right and by their own power.

My  lovely and talented daughter, Melissa Di Meglio has put her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California Polytechnic Pomona (“Cal Poly Pomona.”) into her successful photography business, as her photography work is highlighted in a recent issue of Racked.

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Wildomar’s Commissioner of…

October 16, 2013



One of the primary reasons the newest, and therefore least experienced Planning Commissioner, Bobby Swann, repeatedly graces the front page of Wildomar Magazine is that Swann continues to disseminate incorrect information on various Facebook pages about planning matters that will come before him as a Planning Commissioner.

In the current instance, Commissioner Swann, as recently as last evening, has been discussing tonight’s Planning Commission Agenda, which includes an application for a significant General Plan amendment which will convert more than 26 acres of finite prime commercial land, with highly-desirable freeway frontage, into a developer-friendly land-use designation of “Very High Density Residential.”

Since he seems unable to learn to resist his penchant for blathering on, it is our privilege, if not a moral obligation, to expose his mis-information to the general public as an embarrassing corrective, as follows (with my comments, in blue):

“This matter is open to the public as all meetings are but this matter is not open to public hearing.”

The public may address any item on the Planning Commission agenda, without restriction, save for the three-minute limitation.

Under Public Comment, the public may address any matter whatsoever, again save for the three-minute limitation.

“So we ALL need to remember this is not a meeting about the elements of the project, It is about the potential of updating the general plan to be able to proceed with the planning process or not prior to paying several hundred thousand dollars to get an EIR done by the applicant.”

The Planning Commission will indeed be voting on an actual General Plan Amendment, and not a General Plan update.

It should not be within the purview of the Planning commissioners to be concerned about the developers expenses in bringing a project to the city. Rather, the Planning Commission should be about protecting the interests of its citizens through developer compliance with the General Plan, as a safeguard against predatory development.

Even when challenged by another Facebook member, Swann doubled-down on his ignorance, as follows:

“Read the agenda closer XXXXX. This item is a general business item not open to public comment. Please in the future you want to distrust me, please show me the courtesy of having your facts checked and correct.”

If Commissioner Swann continues to insist on being the public mouthpiece for the rest of the Planning Commission, it would behoove Chairman Stan Smith to privately correct and censure Swann for speaking out of turn.

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If you are interested, please click on the following link to the “Wildomar” Facebook page in question:

 UPDATE: Upon returning from attendance at the Planning Commission meeting this evening, I opened the “Wildomar” Facebook page and found that the page administrators had once again returned to a “closed” status, thus restricting the potential for any further embarrassment of exposure of the mis-statements Planning Commissioner Swann. For the record, at the opening of the meeting, the Planning Director “clarified” that the public was always entitled to speak on any agendized item, contrary to Commissioner Swann’s earlier confused/confusing pronouncements.


The “Creepy” Factor Arises In…UPDATE

June 17, 2013


Apparently the “former” administrator (alas, with 168 total members so far, it was time to delegate the administration chores) of the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS  Facebook page is attempting to form yet another clique, this one based on the religious concept of  “shunning”  for three specific members of the community, namely Martha Bridges,  Yours Truly ,and Ken Mayes, according to the comment posted by said former administrator, himself, as follows:

“If a few select people continue to try to fracture the morale and efficacy of our volunteers and our city leadership, then it’s time to shine a big light on these few select people with the intent to eventually ostracize them.” 

Please click on the following link to  the Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch, and scroll through the comments,  to confirm:

(Editor’s Note: The above link to the Patch is no longer active as the author of the blog, as is his prerogative, previously stated that he  intended  to close it and eliminate the need to “monitor” any future comments. thus confirming the long-practiced wisdom of Wildomar Magazine to generally preclude  comments to my own commentary in the first place, thereby preventing inane and anonymous comments from destroying the original  thought. Meanwhile, the reprehensible “intent to ostracize” comment is preserved in perpetuity on the fearless 24/7/365 pages of Wildomar Magazine).     

“Shunning” is a creepy relic of  the religious world

Please click on the following link to Wikipedia for more information:

Wildomar Magazine wants to congratulate the former administrator  for taking the lead on bringing Wildomar “back” to the 17th century.

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Private Message to Ken Mayes: Dear Ken, since we have never met in person, please don’t take my failure to do so as “shunning.”

Those Wacky, And Loveable Methodists Are…..

April 16, 2013


My cries of “shame on you” are probably still echoing down the hallways of City Hall, after forcing the Wildomar City Council to suspend their  Brown Act-violating back room deal with local area United Methodist Church (“UMC”) congregations for a Mother Nature-defying Great Day of Service , originally set for June 01, 2013.

Although the determination of the Wildomar City Council, last Wednesday evening, was to return the proposal to the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee to start the process all over, this time to be properly discussed before the public, it appears that, once again, a formal date for the UMC project has been set without the benefit of a public hearing.

 According to the UMC’s “Re-Think Church/Great day of Service 2013” website, Saturday, October 12, 2013 will be the day that the UMC will convene a religious service at Marna O’Brien Park , followed by several hours of volunteer work , and then a “celebration,” which will provide a Praise Band for the weary volunteers.

Please click on the following link to confirm (and mark your calendars!), as follows:

I, for one am amused, and at the same time impressed, by the methodical, machine-like obsession of the United Methodist  Church in their quest to penetrate community of Wildomar for their particular brand of “congregational development.”

But then, that’s apparently why they call themselves “Methodists.”

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Wildomar Resorts to…

November 23, 2012


“BIRG”-ing, is an acronym for “Basking In Reflected Glory” by associating with someone else’s “success” as a means of elevating one’s own diminished self-esteem.

Wikipedia provides a fuller definition, for context, as follows:

The “normal” political state in Wildomar is for the Wildomar City Council members to “BIRG” about local events, such as the Clinton Keith Road bridge, whose construction has little or nothing to do with any engineering skills or political influence, wielded by any individual, or group of individuals which make up the Wildomar City Council. Nevertheless, said lack of influence has not diminished their ongoing association with the construction project as if they were somehow responsible for any of its progress.

Oddly, if not unseemly, the City of Wildomar  is now indulging itself in a reverse twist of the phenomenon.

According to a press release issued by the City of Wildomar, Mayor Ben Benoit has been chosen to replace the outgoing Mayor of Riverside, Ron Loveridge, on the hyper-environmentalist Southern California Air Quality Management District (“SCAQMD”).

Please click on the following to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for context and confirmation:

While Mayor Benoit might take personal satisfaction in his appointment (it might be a resume enhancement), it adds little value to the citizens of Wildomar and only displays the desperate and adolescent need for affirmation and approval by others on the part of City Staff to issue the press release in the first place, as if the appointment somehow enhances Wildomar’s thin resume.

In addition, it appears that Mayor Benoit’s appointment will not take effect until February 2013, two months after the end of his tenure as Mayor of Wildomar, making his replacement of the Mayor of Riverside far “less prestigious,” (apparently prestige is more important than accomplishment) and, perhaps, creating a one-year  delay of Mayor Pro Tem Tim “Mad Dog” Walker’s accession to the pinnacle of Wildomar’s student government-like political body.

Which is, in my opinion, not necessarily a bad thing.

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At the very least, or most, depending on how you look at it, we will know who to call to complain to when we are prohibited by the AQMD from using our personal fireplaces on a cold and rainy evening.

Lofty “Promises” Made In One Campaign….

July 3, 2012



Not only does Scott Mann make repetitive reference to his career in the U.S. Navy in his repetitive campaigns for himself, a recent campaign “commitment” from Candidate Mann, made while running for a seat on the Menifee  Union School District Board of Trustees in the recent November 08, 2011 election, may turn out to be an un-intended naval artifact in Mann’s current campaign to be the Mayor of Menifee,  in the upcoming November 06, 2012 election.

Please click on the following link to confirm his oft-repeated naval references:

Then, since he speaks of “integrity,” we suggest you read an additional reference.

Please click on the following Californian link to evaluate the quality of Mann’s “commitment” to the voters of Menifee during his last election effort:

Since a campaign promise is a politician’s “stock-in-trade,” it is, ultimately, up to the voters to “weigh” the integrity of that promise.

In Scott Mann’s case, his recent promise to the Menifee school district voters, if elected, to be “committed” to their service, in light of his current campaign for Mayor of Menifee, might come back to haunt him.

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Political opportunism and crass ambition eventually becomes a legitimate campaign issue.

Benoit’s Odd Critique Of…

June 16, 2012


Since Wildomar Mayor Ben Benoit cannot pass up an opportunity to offer up a quote to local reporters, he will once again festoon Page One of Wildomar Magazine.

In his latest episode, Benoit taps into his many years of experience as a political pundit to offer an odd critique on the record of incumbent Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster.

According to today’s Press-Enterprise, the following:

Wildomar Mayor Ben Benoit, who endorsed Jeffries, said a lot of people in his community “have felt that Bob Buster has been there for a long time and has done some great things. But (he) has been leaning in the last few years … more Riverside-centric.”

If you want to read the entire article for yourselves, please click on the following link:

From Day One as Wildomar’s Mayor, Benoit has himself been “Riverside-centric.”

For example, if you recall, in his very first action as Mayor, Benoit requested that the Wildomar City Council issue a declaration in support of a Riverside County-based Committee on “human trafficking.”

I don’t recall any particular issue within the confines of Wildomar relating to human trafficking.

For another example, whenever Benoit currently speaks in support of public safety in Wildomar, he never refers to the restoration of funding for the Wildomar Police Department, but rather, declares his support for the “Sheriff”s Department,” which is patently “Riverside-centric.”

Apparently, there is someone outside of Wildomar that Benoit is trying to impress.

Unfortunately for Benoit, with his personal choice of Kevin Jeffries as Buster’s replacement, Benoit inadvertently admits to the superior service of Supervisor Buster on behalf of his continuous support for Wildomar.

Again, quoting Benoit, “Bob Buster has been there for a long time and has done some great things.” (That normally qualifies as a favorable endorsement of a successful politician).

Note to Benoit and his cronies. When an honorable public servant such as Buster, “has done some great things,” they tend to be re-elected for repeated terms in office for obvious reasons.

To quote an old proverb, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

In my opinion, Buster has actually been “Wildomar-centric.”

When the City of Wildomar incorporated into 2008, Supervisor Buster thoughtfully relocated his District Field Office  from Lake Elsinore to Wildomar.

 He didn’t have to do so, but I presume that he wanted to show his support for our new city.

Kevin Jeffries, on the other hand, currently maintains an office in Murrieta, which I suppose, using Benoit’s political metric, would suggest that Jeffries “leans” towards beingMurrieta-centric.”

Don’t you find it curious, Dear Reader, that out of all of the local politicos in the area, including other mayors, that the Press Enterprise reporter would seek out Ben Benoit for a quote? (Notice, if you will, that Benoit is even being mocked by the Press-Enterprise editor, by using Benoit’s term, RIVERSIDE-CENTRIC? as a “pull quote.”)

I just hope, as the publisher of a satirical online magazine, that Benoit never catches on.

He is, after all, the political gift that “keeps on giving.”

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