If This Is What It Takes….


…Then I won’t protest the City of Wildomar’s move to expand the temporary use of the baseball fields  located on the grounds of the Wildomar Cemetery District.

The Californian reports the demise of the Wildomar Little League and resultant efforts by the Bridgette Moore-led Wildomar City Council to prop up the failed youth sport entity, as follows:


One of the reasons for the failure of the Tim Underdown version of the Wildomar Little League, according to my sources, was the alleged favoritism displayed by Underdown and his cronies for teams with players connected to Cornerstone Community Church. 

Whatever the reason for the failure of the Wildomar Little League, when it attempts to restart itself in Wildomar, hopefully it will have leaders whose  primary interest is facilitating  the ability of young people  to enjoy our national pastime, without regard for church membership.

I’m not convinced that opening  baseball fields on  Wildomar Cemetery District as a temporary substitute for Marna O’Brien Park to the  children of Wildomar is legal, given that the boundaries of the Wildomar Cemetery District do not include all of Wildomar, but does include some taxpayers from Lakeland Village. ( If you wish to be buried in the Wildomar Cemetery, you must  have proof that you owned property in, and paid a portion of your property taxes to, the Wildomar Cemetery Special District.)

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Tim Underdown,  who is currently a  member of the Board of Trustees of the Lake Elsinore Cemetery Special District would not be eligible for burial in the Wildomar Cemetery District, based on where he lives in Wildomar.


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