Is It Any Wonder?….

April 30, 2011




Did you catch the line in the lyrics, “got a hot wife, so I don’t need to be a pimp?”

Apparently, “pimping” is “needed,” if your wife is not hot.

The Press Enterprise recently reported on the arrest of a  staff member for the Mountain View Community Church, located in Temecula, for allegations of  rape.

Click on the following link if you haven’t read it:

Since “this” video is on the MTVCC website, MTVCC is apparently more than happy to have you view it.

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The video speaks for itself. 

Hip Hip Hooray….

April 29, 2011



Zak presumes that he is only one of multiple thousands of Wildomar property owners who will be able to take advantage of Steve Beutz’ successful litigation against the County of Riverside for their flawed “special assessment,” known as LMD 2006-1 (Wildomar Parks).

Zak received a letter dated April 28, 2011, from the County of Riverside Treasurer and Tax Collector, titled “SPECIAL ASSESSMENT/FIXED CHARGE REFUND CLAIM.”
RE: Notice of Overpayment for Wildomar LMD 2006-1

“Your property was levied with a special assessment for Wildomar LMD 2006-1 (Wildomar Parks). Recently, the California Appellate Court invalidated this assessment and ordered refunds for properties levied with the special assessment. Your property is eligible for a refund in the amount of $112.00 for the annual assessment as specified below. Per government code 5096 et seq. a refund claim may be filed to receive your  refund. This refund is not due to error by the Treasurer-Tax Collector.”

Let’s call it the “Beutz Bonus.”

In this fortuitious instance, there is truly  no one else to “blame” for the windfall.

Unfortunately for cloven-hooved goatish Mayors For A Day and little children, Zak must retain all of the proceeds of the tax refund for his own personal use.

It couldn’t happen at a better time for Zak.

Or at a worse time for the Measure D proponents, as it will highlight, for taxpayers/voters, the cumulative effect of taxation.

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This tax refund will actually be “business friendly,” as Zak will be able to purchase approximately 16 lattes, according to a recent City Staff presentation, from the local Wildomar Starbucks, thus generating much-needed tax revenue for the General Fund.

Steve Beutz Exposed…

April 28, 2011


Zak has occasionally suggested that someone from the Wildomar City Council or the Blue Ribbon Committee should have contacted Steve Beutz and sought his input, however negative, into the process of creating an “replacement” tax for the $28 per year maintenance assessment that Steve’s lawsuit ultimately overturned.

 Well, I decided to take some of my own advice and I contacted Beutz for an interview for the curious readers of Wildomar Magazine.

 As a result, this morning, Steve and I met at the local Starbucks, where I conducted my interview.

For clarification and context, Wildomar Magazine has, in the past, robustly criticized Beutz for ending a rather modest $28 per year maintenance assessment that enables Wildomar to maintain Marna O’Brien, Windsong and Heritage Parks. Without the assessment, according to City Councilmember Bridgette Moore, “the parks will close.”

 When we met for discussion, there were no prearranged boundaries  or limits to the scope of my questions.

 My first general question to Steve was, in essence, “What are you thinking? You’ve become the pariah of Wildomar, where little children want to come to your house and complain about the loss of their parks.”

 In response, Steve began by discussing his involvement, as a coach, with the Little League in the 1990s, when he and his team suffered through the loss of playing fields provided by the Ortega Trails Recreation & Park District (“OTRPD”). As a result of the closures, his team was forced to play baseball games in Lake Elsinore and elsewhere.

 At that time, Steve and his wife and daughter were living in a home in Sedco Hills, but they purchased a new home in the “Parkside” area of Wildomar, in anticipation of the fulfillment of the promises by developers that a large regional Park was planned/scheduled for development near their home.

 Steve states that a portion of our ad volarem property taxes imposed on all of the parcels in Wildomar have, since 1995, been paying for that promised regional Park.

When the County was attempting to help Wildomar reopen their three parks, he began to attend meetings of the Parks Committee that included Bridgette Moore and John Lloyd.

However, he soon found out that Moore and Lloyd were not concerned with the promised Regional Park but only with the reopening of the three closed parks on the west side of Wildomar.

 After that, he met directly with County officials, who indicated that there appeared to be sufficient funds to reopen the parks in Wildomar, but only for a total of three years before the money ran out.

However, that financial plan was never enacted. In its place, the County substituted an assessment district of $28 per year that was ultimately approved by the voters in 2006.

 He states that the County illegally short-circuited the usual process by requesting a Report from their consultants, Webb & Associates, and somehow approved that report on the same day, despite the fact that the report did not exist, nor could it have.

 In addition, the County later indicated that they intended to sell the land that would have become the Regional Park out from under the taxpayers, despite their having paid the taxes since 1995.

 He considered the County’s conduct to be illegal so he initiated several lawsuits to prevent the loss of the promised regional park.

However, the length of litigation, as so often happens, continued beyond the City of Wildomar’s incorporation, and when his litigation was upheld by the Fourth Court of Appeals, overturning the $28 per year maintenance assessment, it unfortunately, for him, appeared that his litigation was directed primarily at the new City of Wildomar.

 His current opposition to Measure D relates primarily to the inclusion of a Mello Roos/Community Facilities District, which is a financial boon for consultants, which will enrich consultants such as Webb & Associates, at the expense of the Wildomar taxpayers.

 In contrast, he believes that the 2% cost of maintaining the existing parks can and should be funded from the existing budget, through cost cuts and by appropriately tapping the city’s annual 15% budget reserve, making Measure D unnecessary.

 Zak inquired and found out that Beutz is not a “wannabe” lawyer, who is initiating litigation to enrich himself.

Rather, he appears to be what he portrays himself to be; a highly-motivated taxpayer attempting to preserve the Regional Park that he was promised when he moved his family to the southeastern part of Wildomar from Sedco Hills.

A part of Zak’s skill sets in his career-long role as a claims investigator is to evaluate the credibility of the person from whom he is taking a statement.

In Beutz’ case, I find him to be a believable and credible witness on his own behalf.

As Zak has previously suggested, it would’ve been far wiser of those who populated the Blue Ribbon Committee with their pro-park cronies, to have included Beutz in their deliberations, in order to mitigate his potential opposition to their recommendations.

As it has turned out, their recommendations inevitably instigated his formidable opposition.

It didn’t have to turn out this way.

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City Council Cedes All Leadership…

April 28, 2011



The look on Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore’s face was one of pure ecstasy/relief when Wildomar Chamber of Commerce Secretary/Rotary Club of Wildomar President-elect/BBQ Impresario Henry Sylvestre blatantly pushed the hapless Council aside and announced, without objection, that this year’s City of Wildomar birthday celebration was “on him.”

Zak recalls hearing gasps of feigned surprise/delight emanating from the various councilmember’s mouths at the announcement.

“Knock me over with a feather,” seemed a bit contrived.

Despite the “three-hatted” Silvestre’s “generous” announcement of free entry into his BBQ domain, it is likely he will be once again selling “tasting” tickets, generating cash flow for his barbecue enterprise/company.

On July 02, 2011, rather than having a modest (befitting the harsh economic times) celebration of the city’s incorporation, perhaps a nicely decorated sheet cake and coffee in the Council Chambers after the Council meeting closest to the anniversary date, would be most appropriate.

Instead Wildomar will have another repetitive beef-fest. This would be the third barbecue in Wildomar this year.

Oddly, the proposal had all the earmarks of “pre-arrangement,” as none of the elected officials had the slightest inclination to discuss the issue, indicating that such a discussion had actually occurred prior to the meeting. In fact, Sylvestre further announced that today’s Rotary Club agenda will commit Rotary members to do the post-party cleanup.

How is it that this is already on the Rotary Club’s agenda and not mentioned once on the City of Wildomar’s agenda?

This has all of the aroma of a “serial Brown Act violation,” rather than the scent of brisket being grilled on the Barbie.

Ordinarily, the subject of the city’s birthday party would be an agenda item, to be fully discussed in front of the public, where those of us who have historically counseled modesty for each annual celebration, could once again attempt to quell the 16-year-old “teenybopper” primal urges of Bridgette Moore, who must always seek to have “the best birthday party ever…..”

Since the celebration will occur less than 30 days after the June 07, 2011 election, the “sheet cake option” provides the least embarrassment for this Council.

For example, if Measure D passes, the community can congratulate itself on a successful election.

However, if Measure D fails to win passage, a restrained birthday party would be more appropriate.

Are there no adults in City Hall, elected or staff?

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Zak Puts Wildomar On The Map….

April 27, 2011


For some reason, Hawaii has not weighed in.

Perhaps they are distracted by a public disclosure of “someone’s” birth certificate.

I’m just saying.

Zak recently republished one of his original Zak Turango articles, “M1 Thumb, Sort Of” and apparently a member of the Civilian Marksmanship Program googled “M1 Garand,” seeking information about  the best shoulder weapon of World War II, and instead found Wildomar Magazine.

Apparently amused, this new reader from Wasilla, Alaska (is Sarah Palin a reader of Wildomar Magazine?) commented about it on their website forum, starting a “thread” of responses.

Some of the comments question the credulity of the article, not fully realizing the fictional nature of Zak Turango and that the article was itself fiction. (There are some confused folks in Wildomar who still don’t know, either).

If you would like to, please indulge Zak and click on the following link to read their amusing comments:

As a result, two days ago, there were over 400 individual views of Wildomar Magazine (Biggest day ever!!), and more than 240 additional views yesterday from readers from Alaska to Florida and just about  as far northeast as you can go, Vermont.

In Zak’s opinion, there is no other article ever created within the confines of Wildomar’s city limits that has provably spread throughout the United States with such gusto.

Without contradiction, Zak has put Wildomar on the map.

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Is This Another Benoit Crony….

April 27, 2011


It appears that Wildomar’s Mayor pro tem Ben Benoit is attempting to insinuate more of his father’s (Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit) political cronies into Wildomar’s body politic.

Last Wednesday evening, a Special Session of the City Council and Planning Commission, a purported training session, was conducted by Mann Communications, a Benoit-associated public relations firm, which assisted with Ben’s “tragically” successful City Council campaign.

Zak attended the ” training” Session conducted by the Benoit crony firm.

I’ve seen better presentations.

(Out of sheer boredom, Zak was reading his new Kindle book, at the same time Benoit was playing with his IPad). (See WM article below, “The Education of Ben Benoit,” for a photograph).

Tonight, young Benoit calls into question the contractual agreement between Wildomar and “our,” not Benoit’s, City Attorney, Julie Biggs.

Please click on the following Californian article, for background:

Laughably, Mayor Marsha Swanson, who originally supported and voted for the retention of Julie Biggs as city attorney, now supports Benoit’s request for a review of her contract, as follows:

We’ve got some new council members and we need to know where our money’s going. … It’s time to take a good look at what we’re spending on everything,” Mayor Marsha Swanson said.

After the meeting in which Benoit requested this as a future agenda item, Mayor Swanson should have  taken Benoit aside privately, and told him that his agenda request was inappropriate, unwarranted, and would never see the light of day.

Unfortunately, that would mean that Swanson had leadership qualities equal to her honorary title as Mayor.

Alas, she does not possess those qualities.

Equally laughable, is the fact that Benoit’s own business is a “suspended” corporation, which usually results from unpaid state taxes.

The following document was copied directly from the California Secretary of State website, as of this morning:

Entity Number: C2572269
Date Filed: 01/08/2004
Jurisdiction:  CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 24065 OAK CIRCLE DR
Entity City, State, Zip: WILDOMAR CA 92595
Agent for Service of Process:  BENOIT
Agent Address: 24065 OAK CIRCLE DR
Agent City, State, Zip: WILDOMAR CA 92595

 If Master Benoit is unable to manage his own financial assets sufficiently in his personal life, Zak is not interested in his unqualified perspective on the “value added” to Wildomar’s stability by Julie Biggs, who is “our” City Attorney, not his.

 Ultimately, the excessive legal costs are not a result of Julie Bigg’s fee structure. They’re the result of the City Council’s misguided decisions on the Robles Project and the Medical Marijuana Collective litigation.

Zak agrees with Swanson that, “It’s time to take a good look at what we’re spending on everything.”

Especially, everything the City Council votes on.

To paraphrase Harry Truman, “The buck stops there.”

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If you want a factual perspective on the costs of legal defense for Wildomar, prepared by Biggs for tonight’s Council meeting, please click on the following link and scroll down to pages 145-153:

Official Ballot Arguments…..

April 25, 2011


Most of us are reasonably educated adults so we can read and decide an issue for ourselves.

Opponents of Measure D have published the official “Arguments” that will appear in your ballot pamphlet issued by the Riverside County Registrar of Voters before the election.

Therefore, as a public service, Wildomar Magazine herewith links the official arguments, for and against, Measure D, upon which registered voters in the City of Wildomar will partially base their votes, as follows:

There are other mediums of political commentary, such as Wildomar Magazine and Facebook, if you need some additional input.

But then you knew that.

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