Wildomar Tainted By Their Park Friend’s…

December 30, 2013


One of the primary reasons that a secular municipality such as the City of Wildomar should conduct its business without associating with religious groups such as the United Methodist Church (UMC) and their missionary effort, “Re-Think Church/Great Day of Service,” is that a secular government can never be certain as to what that religious association entails.

For example, the local Claremont UMC church has created a national  controversy with their bloody  Nativity scene.

Please click on the following link for the grisly confirmation, details and context:


Congratulations are in order  to the mental giants in the City Wildomar for foolishly leading Wildomar into this awkward religious association.

The area I am working to start.

This taint will still be “there” longer than some of the plants currently dying at Marna O’Brien Park. (Photo by Ken Mayes/Patch).

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Wildomar’s “Peter Principle”…

December 29, 2013


Most folks who’ve been around the business world  over the last forty years are familiar with the concept of the “Peter principle.”

The  City of Wildomar is a unique  municipal example of that principle.

For context, please click on the following link for a brief history and discussion of the principle , as follows:


 For a prime  example, consider that the City of Wildomar is rather successful with events  such as  Breakfast with Santa, despite last year’s money-mishandling embarrassment.

According to  fellow- blogger Joseph  Morabito, who attended the most recent breakfast,  he reported an attendance of 289 paying customers, with total receipts of $1294.

Please click on the following link for confirmation:


However,  any attempt  by the City of Wildomar  to elevate themselves beyond a small food-based enterprise  exposes their profound  incompetence when they attempt anything larger, such as actual governance.

For example,  their joint sponsorship of the  United Methodist Church/Great Day of Service generally achieved  a  marginal  attainment of the  numbers of volunteers  anticipated, but the  substandard level of landscaping competence  will continue to be manifest  throughout the coming months, as the turning of Mother Nature’s timeclock exposes their efforts to the unforgiving  and harsh reality  of the Wildomar  environment.

Unfortunately, despite the ongoing  “cheerleading” of Wildomar’s sycophant class, and conversely, the ongoing analysis of  Wildomar’s  criticism class, including distant critics such as myself, nothing can change as long as the same incompetents are running the show.

It is who they are!!

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Zak’s Ultimate Christmas Gift From….

December 27, 2013


Approximately one year ago, I re-evaluated my life in the context of economics, health status, personal goals, and enjoyment of life and determined that it was time to maximize and monetize any available assets in Wildomar and set myself up for a proper retirement.

As a result of my efforts, my economic strategy has succeeded exceedingly well. I am now permanently situated in a nearby retirement community, yet beyond the borders of Wildomar, living well, within my means, for the present and into the distant future.

As for Wildomar Magazine, I will continue to publish articles as long as my curious muse is stimulated by actual events as they unfold.

However, I will no longer have the need or desire to provide any helpful ideas for Wildomar, as most of my ideas have been  demeaned, at worst, or ignored, at best.

Wildomar’s forefathers and foremothers are now on their own.

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Santa’s Elves Won’t Be Able To Mishandle Santa’s Money This Year….

December 19, 2013


With the approach of this year’s city-sponsored  Breakfast with Santa, it is  an appropriate opportunity  to remind  Wildomar Magazine’s readers that Santa’s Elves will be subject to  city-instituted money handling protocols, thanks to the sharp eyed oversight  of the mythical editor of Wildomar Magazine,  Zak Turango.

Please click on the link to the following article on the subject in the equally mythical Californian newspaper:


‘Nuff said.

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Wildomar City Council Throws Up Its…

December 17, 2013


At this point, we don’t see any other option,” Mayor Tim Walker said, commenting on the City of Wildomar’s exercise of its one year and two-year lease extension option.

For more context, please click on the link to the Press Enterprise, as follows:


What the hapless City Council has  agreed to is moving from its current  gratis use of Suite 111 for its City Council Chambers into  a larger suite, which will cost  approximately $25,000  annually, starting  in the second year of the lease option.

If you recall, last year, the City of Wildomar forefathers  and foremothers bragged about ending the year 2012  with a budget surplus of approximately  $1700.

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Of course, this begs the question, “What happens in three years?”

Unless the City of Wildomar  is able to provide its own facilities for City Hall, the Property Manager has maneuvered them like a new-car salesman  into leasing the shiny Cadillac, instead of buying the less expensive and more practical Geo.

Apparently , not being able to “see any other option”  did not include  contemplating the ramifications of their short-term decision three years into the future.

Why Plaintiffs Usually Retain Their Own….

December 16, 2013


One of the primary reasons for a plaintiff in a lawsuit, or even a potential lawsuit, to shop around before retaining the services of an “expert,”  is to be sure that the outcome of their experts report  will support the legal theory of liability  behind their case. That being said, however, the retention of an expert is expensive and not all law firms can afford to finance  an “expert-driven”  litigation.

For more of the details regarding the findings of the State of California, please click on the following link to the Lake  Elsinore /Wildomar Patch:


In the case of the Autumnwood homeowners,  they have sought to bolster their theory of legal liability, that the ground underneath their homes  is contaminated, by involving experts from the State of California to make  their case, albeit unsuccessfully. 

Unsurprisingly,  the environmental experts from the State of California have completed their work  and their reported  conclusions seriously undermine  any future litigation by  some members of the Autumnwood  residents, past and present. By the way, criticism of the reporting  as premature , even if justified, will not change the negative impact and effect of the conclusion.

In fact, if any of the Autunnwood homeowners, involved in  any litigation, present or future, eventually retain their own experts,  those experts will have to convince a future jury  that their conclusions are superior to those  of any defendant’s experts, as well as  the independent conclusions and testimony  of experts from the State of California.

In the world of litigation, the Autumnwood homeowners have only  further diminished the likelihood  of a positive legal outcome.

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Litigation 101: Never ask a question that you already don’t know the answer to.

The Other Shoe Is….

December 8, 2013


According to the agenda for next week’s Wildomar City Council, it appears that the City Hall Facility Ad Hoc Committee has run out of “long-term” options.

Mayor Tim “Maddog” Walker (who will be running for reelection next year as a laughable fiscal “conservative”)  and Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson (the real estate broker  whose offices are within the shadow of City Hall), demonstrated their political and business incompetence as they were were unable to find a workable alternative to the current City Hall arrangement (at a current cost of $120,000 per year for 3824 ft.² ), so they are recommending that the City of Wildomar exercise its 1 year and 2 year lease options to buy themselves more time.

However, the property manager, quite predictably,  is no longer willing to provide free space for use as the City Council Chamber (1497 ft.²), and is no longer willing to provide free storage space (3786 ft.²), as the property owners quite appropriately intend to lease the space to paying commercial customers.

As a result, the City of Wildomar is being forced from its current location in Suite 111 and  into Suite 105, where the City will have a total of 3825 ft.² within which to produce and perform its monthly city Council “extravaganza.”

Accordingly, “with direction, staff will continue to negotiate terms, cost and schedule items  of this proposed amendment and return to Council for the review and consideration of amendment approval.”  

It is quite obvious that the lease options  did not include  the previous “free space.”

Needless to say, the cost of an additional  7609 ft.²  will be a significant and  obvious economic detriment  to the City of Wildomar.

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To quote Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson, after  I had proposed  moving  Wildomar City Hall  to the city-owned  (and paid for) property  at  Marna O’Brien Park, this Committee-proposed  idea is “stupid.”