Time To Re-evaluate My Time….(Updated)

May 31, 2011



As Yogi Berra once said, “This is déjà vu all over again.”

Zak Turango and Wildomar Magazine have gone through at least three “timeouts” over the past three years.

The first time out was voluntary, when I was appointed to the Trustee Board of the Wildomar Cemetery District, when I erroneously concluded that, perhaps, it might be better if I did not publish my usual opinion, satire, parody and commentary, but that didn’t last.

Second, in May 2009, I suffered a stroke and spent nearly a month in the hospital in Burbank. However, once I returned to my home, I found out that there was still an appetite in the community for my brand of commentary, as I still had daily curious readers, who apparently came to Wildomar Magazine for a different perspective.

So I eventually returned to regular writing, using it as a form of occupational therapy.

The third brief hiatus occurred last year when the publisher of the Wildomar Gazette attempted to stifle Wildomar Magazine by claiming ownership of the name “Wildomar Magazine,” through the filing of a fictitious business name with the Riverside County Recorder.

Unfortunately for the envious among us, copyright laws favor the first person to put pen to paper, and the threat disappeared from sight, as did the Gazette itself. After discussion with legal counsel, Zak returned to his commentary.

Currently, Zak will have to refocus his creative energies that produced Wildomar Magazine for economic reasons.

On April 15, 2011, I received notice that I was being “laid off”  from my part-time position by my employer, apparently as  the result of an internal restructuring imposed upon them by their primary client.

Suddenly, I was 64 years old, partially disabled and unemployed, and perhaps, unemployable.

However, I immediately called my “headhunter,” who has landed me several positions over the years. I made phone calls to various competing companies, making job inquiries and forwarding updated resumes.

Fortunately, my reputation in the claims industry apparently preceded me, and I received a return phone call, after leaving a voicemail message regarding my availability, and was employed once again by May 03, 2011.

And now, barely one month later, my status with my current company is being elevated to full time status with increasing responsibilities so it is imperative that I refocus on the important things in life that keep food on our table and a red-tiled roof over our heads.

Sadly, I will still have no stomach, or money, for a Mello Roos tax.

Needless to say, the pace of writing must slow, to some extent.

As an aside, although an important one, this article is number 500 since Wildomar Magazine first incepted in July 2008 under the Word Press banner.

And, within two days, the number of individual views of Wildomar Magazine will surpass 65,000 individual views.

(Editor’s note: At approximately 9:00 PM on June 01, 2011, the 65,000th visitor to Wildomar Magazine arrived. I wonder who you were?).

Zak tends to measure his success  by the number of elected and appointed officials who cannot bring themselves to make eye contact with Zak, or carry on a casual conversation in public venues.

Based on that metric, Wildomar Magazine has been wildly successful.

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Brush With Fame…..

May 31, 2011



Zak already knew this was in the works, but  it always seems better to read it in The  Hollywood Reporter.

 Please click on the link, if you would, and are curious, to share my pride in my boys and their accomplishments:


Congratulations are in order to my son, Tim Turango and my son-in-law, Vince Di Turango.

These are a couple of hard-working, creative and funny guys, who deserve their success.

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A Warning Yawn…..

May 31, 2011



On the weekend when more than 800 people showed up for Wildomar’s Memorial Day celebration at the Wildomar Cemetery, approximately 40 people showed up for the Vote Yes on Parks rally at Wildomar Elementary School, including media personnel from the Patch.

Click on the following link to view the pictures of the event for yourself:


In fact, according to Zak’s observations, there were more folks at Welch Field, playing and watching Little League baseball games, then there were at the Pro Parks rally.

While I am certain that Measure D will have the “Yes” votes of the Little League supporters, as well as those of  the other sports leagues, the proponents of Measure D apparently lack their personal support. (That must be annoying).

Proponents of the Measure should be properly concerned by the lack of overt support of the community at large.

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Mello Roos Taxes Are Not….

May 29, 2011


Just one other thing that the dim bulb’s of the Wildomar City Council and their surrogates, the Blue Ribbon Committee, failed to mention.

Please click on the following for your edification:


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A small but annoying omitted fact. 

A $28 per year “parcel tax” would still have been deductible. “Expanding” the tax to include “recreation services” alters its deductibility.

If Measure D passes, please consult your tax professional.

Lake Elsinore City Council Still Won’t End The Funding….

May 28, 2011


This morning’s Californian article about cost-cutting ideas from the City of Lake Elsinore City Council reports on some cost-cutting measures being considered.

Please click on the following link for confirmation:


Wildomar Magazine applauds the elimination of travel costs and membership fees for the League of Beleaguered Cities, for savings of approximately $12,000 per year.

 This recommendation similar to Gil Rasmussen’s recent recommendation to relocate “all” travel and membership costs from the budgets for the Wildomar City Council, City Manager, and City Clerk to offset utility costs in order to keep Marna O’Brien Park open and functioning, should Measure D fail to secure passage on June 07, 2011.

However, the City of Lake Elsinore continues to fund the Lake Elsinore Chamberpot of Commerce to the tune of approximately $45,000 per year, which includes approximately $30,000 per year for the salary of the CEO Kim Cousins.

Zak once challenged Cousins, face to face, about refusing to accept taxpayers money for his salary and he laughed.

Since a significant percentage of the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamberpot of Commerce membership has historically included businesses located outside the city limits of Lake Elsinore, it makes little or no sense for the taxpayers of Lake Elsinore to continue to subsidize a commercial business.

However, it makes all of the political sense in the world for the City Council to support their political base, even to the detriment of their constituents.

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Learning From A Murrieta Resident….

May 27, 2011



…unless you already know what the answer is.

Apparently the proponents for Measure D shared the same political strategy brain session, when they planned on attacking any opponents of the measure along with Murrieta resident, Gerald Hall, but naïvely didn’t know the rule themselves, or never thought to stick around for the lesson Gerry just  learned.

This afternoon’s Patch reports on the outcome of the formal complaint filed by the Wildomar City Clerk, as follows:


If you will note in the prior Wildomar Magazine article, Mr. Hall asked about a purported $2.8 million “misrepresentation” he found offensive in Measure D opponent’s literature being passed out in the community(a traditional, historic free political speech  tool), during the recent Wildomar City Budget Session.

After asking the question, Mr. Hall sat back in his chair with a short-lived gloating look on his face, until Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist admitted that the $2.8 million was, at the time of the creation of the flier, a valid figure.

Abject silence. No follow-up questions by Hall.

 And now, the other primary  rug of the proponent’s opposition to the opposition group, Stopthemoneygrab.com, has been pulled out from under them by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

 The only political leverage left for these hapless proponents will be to stack weeping soccer players next to “Dancing Dave” at the corner of  Hidden Springs and Clinton Keith Road.

As you can tell, Zak Turango is evolving from smirky satire to all-out laughter.

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I can no longer take these people seriously, “if”  I ever did.

Caught In Their Own Self-Made Trap….

May 27, 2011



Zak has been monitoring most of the comments to the various newspaper media, whether it be in print or online, and must conclude that, should Measure D fail to achieve a 66 2/3% majority of those who vote on June 07, 2011, all of the snide remarks and vicious comments, from both sides of the issue, we’ll have contributed to its defeat.

Had the pro-Measure D proponents been smarter, they would have cautioned everyone in support of parks for Wildomar to restrain themselves and refrain from taking, or following, this issue into the gutter.

Alas, they weren’t smarter.

At some point, many of the people who may have been sitting on the fence, waiting to decide at the last moment before they voted, may choose to vote against the measure, or choose not to take the time to go vote, out  disgust for the adolescent conduct of the proponents.

Whether the Stopthemoneygrab.com “brain trust” planned it that way or not, the self-destructive urges within the proponent clique may have lured them into their own self-made trap, leading to the same result.

I’m not certain that Steve Beutz is that smart to have set such an effective trap.

As an example, whether Martha Bridges or Steve Beutz may have “misspoken” about a budget surplus, as alleged by proponents, (ironically, Murrieta resident Gerry Hall raised the issue of the $2.8 million surplus “lie” during last Tuesday evening’s budget study session, and Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist explained and confirmed that it did exist) the relentless harping about “lies” does not work to the benefit of securing additional “Yes” votes.

(Editor’s note to Gerry Hall: You never ask a question in public for which you don’t already know the answer).

Even if they”were” lies, most folks don’t like hearing people calling other people liars.

While acrimony doesn’t help the proponents as they cast about for Yes votes, the ugly and distasteful nature of the commentary is  surely destructive to the community spirit.

I don’t think many people will vote for a park tax out of disgust for the debate. On the other hand, I can see where people might vote against a park tax for just that reason.

Although I have always been a supporter of a “replacement” parcel tax of $28 per parcel, I publicly and openly dissented, along with others, at a public City Council meeting, with regard to the “Mello Roos” $5,000,000 bond issue.

That the City Council foolishly clung to the Mello Roos/CFD tax vehicle, after dropping the bond issue, they knew or should have known, or at least listened to others, that while most unsophisticated of voters may not know what Mello Roos is all about, but they know it is something to be avoided.

At this point in time, I don’t believe that some members of Wildomar “deserve” anyone’s vote in support of parks, especially after they have exposed their nasty and vile proclivities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of others in Wildomar feel the same way.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

At the very least, thankfully, we will know the answer on June 07, 2011, after 8:00 PM.