Thank Goodness We Stopped The 500 Great Day of Service “Volunteers”….

June 29, 2013


‘Cause if we hadn’t, all of the new grass would be dead this weekend, killed by the heat wave!!

‘Nuff said.

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Why Does Wildomar Gets Sued So Often?…

June 29, 2013


Next Wednesday evening, a small, yet environmentally significant proposed development will come before the City of Wildomar Planning Commission for consideration  and approval.

However, the  Planning Department is apparently assuming that the Planning Commissioners will fail to properly exercise their mathematical skills in their deliberations.

For example, the project proposes to break up an existing 5 acre parcel into 10 individual 1/2 acre parcels, which is the minimum size allowed under  the Low Density Residential (“LDR”) land-use designation for the property.

Please click on the following link to the planning commission agenda for confirmation:

In what appears to be a misrepresentation by whomever  prepared the agenda, Item 2.3 considers the application for a subdivision of “5.0 acres into 10 lots for future single-family residential development.” Dividing  5.0 acres into 10 lots equals .5 acres per lot, which is permissible under the LDR.

However, the actual size of the parcel is 4.8 acres, which if divided  into 10 parcels equals .48 acre per lot and is, therefore, categorically less than the .5 acre minimum size required.

This doesn’t mean that the landowner cannot exercise his own private property rights to develop his own land; What it does mean is that he should have to reconfigure and reduce his proposed Tract Map to no more then 9 lots, making each lot to be .53 acres.

However, there are other much more nuanced issues that will result in litigation, if the Planning Commission fails to protect the citizens of Wildomar from substandard development/developers.

It is stated in the Agenda Packet the  applicant does not intend to build residential structures that would/should conform to the architectural standards of the existing homes that will be immediately adjacent to the proposed subdivision, if the planning commissioners are doing their jobs properly.

In fact, the developer states that he intends to sell each of the lots, if approved, to individuals.

Unfortunately, that would expose this attractive neighborhood to the prospect that, under current California law, a future property owner could legally put a mobile home on his 1/2 acre property, to the economic detriment of the existing homeowners.

 In addition, it appears that the someone has imported soils onto the property and has filled a naturally- occurring water pond (which fills during our “rainy” season), which has been reported to entertain migrant ducks traveling south  along the Pacific Flyway, raising a question of environmental concerns.

The Planning Commission  deliberations will be observed by concerned citizens next Wednesday evening to monitor their basic math skills, not to mention the performance of their duties on behalf of the  citizens of Wildomar.

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 Apparently at Wildomar City Hall, 4.8 equals 5.0. How simple is that?

 If the Planning Commissioners and city Council members  don’t properly exercise their powers and obligations to protect the private property interests of the nearby property owners, private citizens will have no choice but to use the Courts to do so.

Wildomar Paying Over $300,000 More Than Necessary…

June 27, 2013


As the old saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs…?”

 Last evening, at the Wildomar Special City Council meeting to publicly review and approve the City of Wildomar’s new two-year budget plan (Fiscal  Years 2013-14 & 2014-15),  Yours Truly once again took to the public dais  and lobbied for establishment of Wildomar’s own municipal animal control  department in order to replace its current overly-expensive relationship with the Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest  Communities Finance Authority,

Yesterday afternoon, City Manager Gary Nordquist released a document created by Finance Director Misty Cheng, in response to my written proposal submitted at the initial  Budget Review, conducted several months ago.

In my own response to the City’s response, I addressed the City Council, speaking from the following prepared notes,  which are now submitted for your review, Dear Reader, as follows:

“According to a city-produced document, titled “Animal Sheltering and Control Cost Options,” created as a Draft for June 26, 2013 presentation, the following City Estimate to provide animal control services, is as follows:


 This amount is contrasted and compared with the “Proposed 2013-14 Budget,” as follows:


(The above figure is modified/reduced by an $83,448 “38% DIF payment.)

The Proposed 2013-14 Budget omits an important entry from the 2012-13 Budget, which states “less animal licensing fees of $80,000.”

By applying the same $83,448 “38% DIF payment” to the City Estimate of $283,643, the net amount of animal control costs is actually $200,195.

In addition, if the $80,000 in animal license fees, which is currently ceded to the Animal Friends shelter, the additional revenue would further reduce the net cost for animal control services to a net total of $120,195.

In contrast, if $80,000 in lost revenue is properly added to the $360,852 proposed in the 2013-14 budget,  rather than be omitted the net cost for animal control services for the next year would be  a whopping $440,852.

Therefore, the actual difference in the net cost of providing animal control services within the City of Wildomar, as opposed to continuing to participate with the Animal Friends JPA, is a significant savings of $320,657.

It is my recommendation, following the approval of the proposed budget this evening, that a study session be convened within the next 60 days to diligently review all aspects of this comparison for future Council consideration.”

In the City Council discussion that followed,  Wildomar City councilmember Ben Benoit  suggested the formation of a subcommittee of himself and one other city councilmember  to further explore the financial and legal ramifications of my proposal.

Mayor Tim Walker also joined with Benoit and voiced a  desire for further examination of the potential benefits.

For additional comments from Councilmember Benoit and Mayor Walker, please click on the  link to the  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, as follows:

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The Embarrazzment of…

June 25, 2013


Ever thankful for the legal requirement to publicize, in writing, a municipal government’s plans and intentions for the expenditure of it’s taxpayers hard-earned tax dollars, the just-published City of Wildomar Budget for the fiscal year 2014 & 15 exhibits a deplorable, yet not altogether unexpected plan to spend extraordinary amounts of taxpayer dollars to celebrate the extraordinary 6th anniversary/birthday party  on July 01, 2014.

Please click on the following link to the 2014-15 budget (and scroll down to page 155) to confirm the extravagance :

 After several years of celebratory sanity  including this year, when the City of Wildomar will modestly and appropriately celebrate its birthday with free coffee and cake during a break in next Wednesday evening’s “Special” City Council meeting, we  will apparently return to the era of juvenile pre-pubescent party excesses by spending $10,000 to celebrate Wildomar’s all-important  6th anniversary of incorporation at  Marna O’Brien Park.

 Quite obviously, the reason that the  juvenile frenzy will be held at Marna O’Brien Park is to link it to Measure Z funds under “park-related activities.”

 It will be interesting to see if the Citizens Park Oversight Committee addresses this fiscal excess, or if it will join  the Wildomar City Council by putting on it’s own poodle skirts, presumably rented and paid for under the authority of Measure Z.

 Perhaps, although we’re not holding our breath, Mayor Walker,  who ran for office on his self-defined reputation as a “conservative,” might even object  to a $10,000  birth day celebration.

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Hiding Santa To Avoid Embarrassing…

June 24, 2013


Apparently, the City of Wildomar continues to be sufficiently embarrassed by the revelation of “mishandling” of City money after last year’s Breakfast With Santa fiasco, which was uncovered by the “original” Citizens Oversight Committee of One, Yours Truly.

(See Wildomar Magazine Archives on February 6,2013, “Santa’s Slush Fund Exposed,’ for the historic details, as follows:)

The recently released City of Wildomar budget for 2013-14 & 2014-15 contains a budget allocation for each year of $500 for an event to be held at Marna O’Brien Park (in order to qualify for Measure Z funding), which will be celebrated instead as “Winter Breakfast.”

please click on the link to the City of Wildomar budget (and scroll down to page 155) to confirm:

Despite the municipal embarrassment, the juvenile adolescent females on the City Council dais (at my last count, there are  at least four of them) are  determined to have their  parties.

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As long as Wildomar magazine exists, there is no place for juvenile adolescent females to hide their silly Santas.

Wildomar Budgets A 34.5% Increase For…

June 22, 2013


The  City of Wildomar released its 2013-14 budget late Friday evening, in preparation for next Wednesday evening’s Special City Council Meeting, proposing a budget allocation of $445,300 for “animal control  services.”

The budget document itself notes that this is a 34.5 % increase over the 2012-13 budget allocation for the same animal control services of $331,000.

The “bottom line” number of $445,300  is actually the “next to the bottom line” number, when we include the $80,000 in license fees which are  annually ceded to Animal Friends of the Valleys , making the actual “bottom line” figure to be $525,300.

As a result, the City of Wildomar is spending in excess of  $500,000 to corral 997 dogs and 779 cats (in 2012).

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If you wish to examine the proposed budget for yourself, and Wildomar Magazine prefers that you do,  please click on the following link:

Keeping Wildomar “Rural”…

June 20, 2013


In the seemingly perpetual battle between the pro-development forces in Wildomar and the common resident/citizen who wishes to continue to enjoy Wildomar’s small-town “feel,” it doesn’t hurt to delineate and to define the heroes and villains that are promoting or destroying our more placid lifestyle.

The list of combatants are, as follows:


1)  Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore (based on her “aye” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
2)  Wildomar Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson (based on her  “aye” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
3)  Wildomar Mayor Tim Walker ( based on his  “aye” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
4)   Wildomar city councilmember Ben Benoit ( based on his “aye” vote on the Oak Creek  Canyon project).
5)  Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bob Devine (a Bob Cashman appointee, based on his “aye” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
6)  Wildomar Planning Commissioner Stan Smith ( a Ben Benoit appointee, based on his “aye” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
7)  Wildomar Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy (a Tim Walker appointee, based on her “aye”  vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).

For confirmation of the above votes, please click on the following links to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch and the Press Enterprise, as follows:


1)  Wildomar city councilmember Bob Cashman (based on his “no” vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
2)  Citizens for  Quality Development (based on their lawsuit filed to challenge the approval of the Oak Creek Canyon project).

Missing In Action:

1) Wildomar Planning Commission Vice-Chair Michael Kazmier (based on his absence on the night of the vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).
2)  Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann (based on his absence on the night of the vote on the Oak Creek Canyon project).

 I guess that we will have to wait for the vote on the Lennar project  ( described below) to see which side of our community that   Kazmier and Swann will represent with their next vote.

As you contemplate the aforementioned list, lest you think that their votes, or absences, are unimportant you need to know, Dear Reader, that a  Lennar Communities project which intends to wrap 4 two-story homes around the backyard pool of an existing single-family residence on acreage) is currently in the comment stage of the development process.

If the elected and appointed officials are unable to recall or understand visioning process, where citizens of the newly- incorporated City of Wildomar adamantly stated that their intention was to retain the rural atmosphere, it then falls to groups like Citizens for Quality Development to influence the adverse outcomes, even if it means litigation.

please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, to confirm:

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 For your own edification, focus on the  upper “right angle” in the proposed map and you can see be existing homesite that will be thoughtlessly engulfed by this project.

The “Creepy” Factor Arises In…UPDATE

June 17, 2013


Apparently the “former” administrator (alas, with 168 total members so far, it was time to delegate the administration chores) of the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS  Facebook page is attempting to form yet another clique, this one based on the religious concept of  “shunning”  for three specific members of the community, namely Martha Bridges,  Yours Truly ,and Ken Mayes, according to the comment posted by said former administrator, himself, as follows:

“If a few select people continue to try to fracture the morale and efficacy of our volunteers and our city leadership, then it’s time to shine a big light on these few select people with the intent to eventually ostracize them.” 

Please click on the following link to  the Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch, and scroll through the comments,  to confirm:

(Editor’s Note: The above link to the Patch is no longer active as the author of the blog, as is his prerogative, previously stated that he  intended  to close it and eliminate the need to “monitor” any future comments. thus confirming the long-practiced wisdom of Wildomar Magazine to generally preclude  comments to my own commentary in the first place, thereby preventing inane and anonymous comments from destroying the original  thought. Meanwhile, the reprehensible “intent to ostracize” comment is preserved in perpetuity on the fearless 24/7/365 pages of Wildomar Magazine).     

“Shunning” is a creepy relic of  the religious world

Please click on the following link to Wikipedia for more information:

Wildomar Magazine wants to congratulate the former administrator  for taking the lead on bringing Wildomar “back” to the 17th century.

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Private Message to Ken Mayes: Dear Ken, since we have never met in person, please don’t take my failure to do so as “shunning.”

The “Official” City of Wildomar…

June 15, 2013


Despite his invitation, Kevin Jon Sax,  creator and moderator of the WILDOMAR .CA. LOCALS Facebook page, and relative newcomer to the City of Wildomar, maintains strict control over access to the page, where criticism or dissent of elected or appointed officials appears to be prohibited.

Within the past week, Sax has closed off the page, making it  observable only to those who have been “permitted” to join. Before that unseemly “occlusion” took place, it was possible to observe and copy the comments of the approved members, some of whom are officials of the City of Wildomar.

Sax continues to seek new members, using the Lake Elsinore/ Wildomar Patch, as well as using the city’s official logo, to do so, as follows:

For the record, WILDOMAR .CA.  LOCALS has been joined by the following public officials, who are unembarrassed by the content, as follows :

1) City councilmember Bridgette Moore
2) City councilmember Marsha Swanson
3) City councilmember Ben Benoit
4) Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann
5) Citizens Parks Oversight Committee Chairman John Lloyd

 For the sake of transparency, and the clarity that transparency provides, and under the permit and protection of the First  Amendment, Wildomar Magazine provides the following choice  “contributions” to the page ( with my own commentary, in blue):


Bobby Swann I won’t advertise his sham blog but I was baptized days after being appointed to the planning commission. Depicted by a fat hairy man in a tooth fairy costume.

For Commissioner Swann’s further enlightenment, the graphic he complains of was of a middle-aged man, admittedly dressed as a tooth fairy, which was exactly on point to parody and satirize his foolish and uninformed statement to a reporter. In fact, I intentionally “stretched” the graphic to make the middle-aged man  appear to be thinner, in order to prevent the article being taken as a personal, physical attack. Unfortunately, the Commissioner who doesn’t know the difference between a nonexistent “TUMP” and an actual TUMF took it personally, which is regrettable. (See WM article “Bridgett’s New Planning Commissioner, ” March 5, 2013 for confirmation).

 In the future, I should probably restrict my commentary about the Commissioner’s conduct, including his Incitement to Riot,(California Penal Code Section 404.6) which is contained in an unfortunate suggestion by Commissioner Swann  that my house in Wildomar should be burned (see below).

Regardless if he joins or not he won’t post here. He is too much of a coward to allow anyone to comment on his topics. Same with bartha (his demeaning name for Martha Bridges) when she blogs you are not able to comment. They are nothing more then an angry group of people that never want Wildomar to be a city in the first place IMHO. But now that I have said this I am sure I will get to grace a GR blog or two soon enough.

 Although  simple exposure of his own words is probably not what  Commissioner Swann expected.

Bobby Swann I will say that I have attended several council meetings that have made note of the Stoops (presumably, a juvenile insider code word for “the stupids”) contact via email or letter. They are generally dealt with by the city attorney at the time. So it seems that if the city attorney feels it is not an actionable item it sends Martha into a tizzy. Then the lawsuit ensues and the fighting starts. I suppose every city has these people and deal with them as Wildomar does. The real problem is that they hide behind the tag of activist they are only active in attempting to hurt the city. I wonder what the bottom line is with these people is? What is it that they actually want? They say they are misunderstood and have our best at heart. Why is it that I just do not see the good in what they are doing? I really do honestly want to understand the position and do the best for all concerned. They just make it so hard to want to help them.

When a newly-appointed official is so blatantly disrespectful  of the citizens he was appointed to serve (” The Stoops”), there is little hope that Commissioner Swann has the gravitas required for his important function as a Planning Commissioner.  

Bobby Swann Well people told me he attacked me once again. I do not read it unless told it was about me in some way. Honestly, this isn’t satire or parody anymore this is him attacking me and those that attempt to help the city. If we were in LA people would have burned his house to the ground by now. Alas he hides behind his keyboard like the childlike coward that he is and pretends it is under the guise of “political activism”. So they don’t want the city to grow and develop. I get that not everyone will be of the same position. But if you aren’t willing to help fix the problem get the hell out of the way of those of us who are little man!

Fortunately, we are not in LA.  Nevertheless, this deplorable comment has resulted in my request to Gary Nordquist, City Manager, asking for a meeting with himself, the City Attorney, the Wildomar Chief of Police, Councilmember Bridgette, and Commissioner Swann to discuss his threat of violence.

Bobby Swann The political activist group is nothing more than a bunch of old farts (for the record, I will admit to occasional excessive flatulence, for which I apologize) that refuse to see the reality of living in 2013 in our city. I am just sick of the cowardly actions of a small group of disgruntled phonies that want to hurt every citizen in Wildomar. Think about if they had there way part of the city would be Murrieta the other would be Elsinore and no Wildomar. We would never have parks again and we would never have any new development be it commercial or residential. I gotta ask the members of this group is that what you all want? If it is I want to know now so I can help with that plan. I do not think it is anywhere close to what we want so let me know folks.

That being said it is probably better closed then as an open group.

Why am I not surprised that you would prefer your written opinions be hidden from the general public?


 John Lloyd The peepers on the outside would prefer it stay open so they can use the information against others. Possibly in court. They just roll that way.

“Insiders” obviously prefer secrecy. They just roll that way.

 John Lloyd I’m confused. Who is attacking you? We all know you are driving to help Wildomar. What kind of person is trying to make all that you are doing ,anything but beneficial to our community? If the Stoops are against you, I’m guessing your going in the right direction.

John Lloyd, another Bridgette Moore appointee, and current Chairman of the Parks Oversight Committee, also shows his disrespect for the citizens of Wildomar whom he was  appointed to serve (byreferring to them as the “the Stoops”).

My confidence in his ability to provide “oversight” is further diminished by his writing. 

John Lloyd Don’t go to that idiotic web site. You can’t expect anything but poison from a snake. Just Don’t Go There!!!

I can well understand that the political “insiders,” such as Lloyd,  might not be a fan of Wildomar Magazine, or yours truly, but putting that “poison from a snake” comment in writing while chairing the Parks Citizen  Oversight Committee, is a glaring demonstration of political “courage,” while hiding behind the skirt of Bridgette Moore’s political protection.

In closing,  I would encourage as many of my readers from Wildomar join with the group in order to  encourage the widest dissemination of their bile throughout the community of Wildomar until we all  reach the point of our political gag reflex.

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This unfortunate type of conduct will continue as long as the  citizens of Wildomar tolerate it.

You, Dear Reader, Be The…

June 13, 2013


When I attended last evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting, I was reassured to observe  one of the city’s foremost cost-saving measures is still functioning as expected, as Mayor “Mad Dog” Walker continues to graciously provide to the city, free of charge,  his own services as Court Jester.  Every Council presentation is introduced with a silly wisecrack, followed by even sillier banter with the presenter.

And now, in an article posted by the Press Enterprise yesterday,  His Silliness provides his own amateur legal arguendo while, at the same time denigrates the unnamed “dissidents” who filed the lawsuit challenging the City Council’s  approval of the Oak Creek Canyon project for second guessing the “professionals” that the majority of the Wildomar City Council routinely and repeatedly rely upon, without questioning, to their ultimate legal detriment, as follows:

According to the traveling journalist, Michael J. Williams, Walker stated the following:

“Mayor Tim Walker said he believes the suit lacks foundation  (an amateur legal argument) and is the work of dissidents in the community.

We knew they were going to challenge it because they’re going to challenge everything in the city from now on”(all the more reason to get it right the first time), Walker said. “They don’t want any growth in the city, period. They want to stop all growth in the city. These are people that are not professionals second-guessing the professionals.”

 Apparently because the City of Wildomar Planning Department is a bit “overworked” or “under qualified,” on November 29, 2012, the City of Wildomar  cried out for “professional” help , as follows:

Res Ipso Loquitur. (Latin for ” the thing speaks for itself.”)

You be Walker’s judge.

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