San Jacinto’s Recall Movement…

December 6, 2009



Formal , apparently well-founded criminal charges against their allegedly corrupt elected official(s).

Saturday’s Press Enterprise reports a recall effort by local citizens of San Jacinto who call themselves the “San Jacinto Corruption Recall Active Movement” (“SCRAM”).  Everybody has to have a dumb acronym, don’t they?

The investigation and subsequent indictments by County DA Rod Pacheco  appear to have been thorough; yet each of the defendants is still entitled to their response of, “I’m innocent, Your Honor,” to the  formal charges and, then, to have their day in court. The San Jacinto defendants each are entitled by our Constitution  to have an attorney to defend them. 

In a sad contrast, Buckley has no charges being brought by an investigative agency, nor any fact-finding venue to defend himself against unfounded, uninvestigated allegations.  His efforts to avoid recall will be complicated by the unfair spectre of unfounded allegations.  Buckley has denied the allegations against him.

Buckley’s threatened tenure on Lake Elsinore’s  council is itself, therefore, based solely in politics, corrupt politics, at that,  if the allegations are untrue.  Buckley will now  have to prepare a formal, costly campaign, in order to retain his seat, fairly won by him in the last year’s election.

The recall process in San Jacinto appears to be a reasonable response by citizens to alleged corruption. The recall process in Lake Elsinore is not.  There is no indictment of Buckley, nor will there be one. As a result,  there will be no evidentiary hearings or any testimony given under oath before a judge or a jury.  

Any sitting council member who supports the bogus recall of Buckley are themselves subverting the legitimate vote of those Elsinore voters who supported Tom’s re-election and that is, in itself, a corruption of the election process.  

Yet there  is hope in Lake Elsinore.

All the  “good” Elsinorians have to do to keep Lake Elsinore political system from takeover by the “bad”   is to mentally join with the spontaneous,  faux anti-recall movement, calling itself Fight Lame Allegations To Undo Subversion (“FLATUS“) and vote “No” on the Recall of Tom Buckley.

It’s your town and your “no” vote is your best protection against political subversion in Lake Elsinore. It’s all in your hands. Even if you don’t like Buckley and have never voted for him, you should vote’ no” on his recall, for your own good and the good of Lake Elsinore.

You will feel immediate relief, once you do.

For those who don’t “google” often, eructate means “belch.”

Editor’s note; (This is the 100th posting of Wildomar Magazine on the Word Press blog platform and Zak is pleased that the content of this mile-stone piece is based on an issue of local importance).

Strong, Army Strong…

December 3, 2009


This young West Point Cadet was using some free time before Obama made his speech at West Point about additional troops for Afghanistan.

As long as American parents continue to produce men and women who know what they are about, the future looks safe.  He wears the Combat Infantryman Badge so his reading selection isn’t the dreams of those who choose the safe path. His other ribbons suggest service prior to West Point.

He was not identified in the photo caption but Zak salutes this worthy veteran for his service in difficult times and harsh places. 

God bless them all.

Is Mayor Farnam writing checks….

December 1, 2009



The Californian reports Farnam’s comments following a recent meeting of the local zone of the Western Riverside Council of Governments (“WRCOG”).  In today’s article, Temecula City Councilman Chuck Washington is quoted as follows: 

“Washington said the five members of the zone have not yet made a decision, but that they have decided to act as a unified body.

“It’s good for the zone to be united,” he said.”

Apparently a decision was made to “act as a unified body”  and was based on every attendees assurance that they each can achieve a desired result for the “Zone.”

Farnam is quoted, as well: “Wildomar Mayor Scott Farnam, the city’s representative on the council’s board, said he would discuss the fees at the council’s next meeting.”

Farnam appears to have risen beyond the city of Wildomar and now represents WRCOG’s interests, since it is obvious that he and the other WRCOG representatives believe that they can be unified before the vote of five distinct public entities are recorded.  There is no mention of contemplating what is best for Wildomar, in light of the negative impacts of reduced developer fees will have on our infrastructure.

Perhaps Mayor  Farnam should spend less time with “regional” boards and spend more time with his constituents, who happen to live solely in Wildomar.

Quality time spent with Menifee City Councilman Scott Mann is good for Wildomar Magazine but bad for Wildomar and Farnam’s re-election hopes.