Intentional Distortion?..UPDATED..

September 30, 2010



As today’s Californian initiates their campaign coverage series on Wildomar City Council candidates, the Editors of the Californian have, for some as yet unknown reason, chosen to mis-state factual information provided to them by City Council member Sheryl Ade. In doing so, it appears that the Californian is “tampering” with  the election process in Wildomar.

In response to the Californian’s partially inappropriate campaign questionnaire (why are political party affiliations reported in a nonpartisan, municipal election anyway?), Councilmember Ade accurately described her occupation as “City Council member.”

Along with caring for her ailing 93-year-old mother, Sheryl’s work on behalf of the citizens of Wildomar consumes most of a 24-hour day, 7 days a week cycle.

However, despite her submitted response, the Californian instead publishes “this,” as her occupation.

While there is nothing wrong with being a “Community Volunteer,” and in Sheryl’s case, she is obviously that, and much more. However, to be factual and accurate, she is, after all, a sitting Wildomar City Council member.

And, since she complied with the Californian’s information request by listing “City Councilmember” as her “occupation,” the Editors owed Sheryl  a telephone call if, for some unknown reason, they wanted to amend her submission.

Now, the Californian’s Editor owes Sheryl an apology for their mis-statement of fact and a reprint of the article. Accurately, this time, reporting her occupation, if only for journalistic pride.

Zak has made call to Californian Editor Laurie Lockwood, for a response to Wildomar Magazine’s inquiry into their “factual distortion.”

As you can see, blogging is a sword that cuts both ways.  Most of the time, it is a foollish, unthinking politico that gets sliced; Sometimes, however, it’s the working press that covers them, that “earns”  them their entry onto the front page of Wildomar Magazine.

Nothing, and no one, is sacred, when it comes to the truth. Especially during an important election campaign.

Mis-statements matter.

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Since posting this morning, I have received a responsive telephone call from Laurie Lockwood, Editor of the Californian. Ms. Lockwood denies any intentional mis-statement of City Council member, and current candidate for re-election,  Sheryl Ade’s occupation.

Lockwood commented further that most of the incumbent candidates  they have interviewed portray themselves as something other than “councilmember” and the only other option was to leave the entry “blank.” Sheryl may have chosen that option, had anyone from the Californian called her to inquire as to her preference, with blank being a viable option.

Unfortunately, not every political round peg fits the same political square hole.

If we accept the Californian’s denial on it’s face, and we have no reason not to accept it, it highlights the dilemma caused by a local newspaper, such as the Californian, seeking to reduce every candidate into its own “cookie-cutter,” restrictive, campaign coverage format.

Sheryl Ade is unique and different from any other “politician” that I know.

As reported above, Sheryl Ade, quite literally “works,” as an occupation, for the citizens of the City of Wildomar. The depth and intensity of her labors as a “public servant” is significantly unlike that of most “politicians,” who often initiate their political careers as an adjunct to some profession, business or form of employment that might benefit from the status derived from an elective office.

Again, unlike most politicians, Sheryl has repeatedly stated that she has no ambitions or designs on higher political office, and is content to actively represent the Citizens of Wildomar for one more term, should they choose to vote to re-elect her in November 2010.

That kind of political clarity and restraint of ambition is unique amongst the political class. And it is a healthy antidote, by comparison, to the more blatant manifestations of political ambition.

Ms. Lockwood has asked that Sheryl contact her for further discussion, which Sheryl has indicated that she will do.

Steve Beutz’…..

September 29, 2010



Tonight was one of those wonderful, warm Wildomar late summer, early fall evenings at Marna O’Brien Park that makes one happy to have left the environs of Metropolitan Los Angeles and Orange counties and to move to still rural Wildomar.

More than a hundred of Wildomar citizens gathered together to share a common moment in Wildomar history. Sadly, the common moment was a result of the civic wickedness of a small group of anti-community activists, led by successful litigant, Steve Beutz.

It is Steve Beutz’ successful, misguided lawsuit against the County of Riverside’s Park landscape assessment of $28 per year per parcel tax that has been overturned, despite the 56% majority approval of the assessment by Wildomar’s citizen voters, thus eliminating the funds necessary to water the lawns and maintain 3  parks in Wildomar.

As the city-sponsored Town Hall Meeting was being conducted, these 2 young community activists were displaying their feelings about the imminent park closure resulting from Beutz’ misguided litigation.

Steve, your heart must swell with pride when you contemplate the negative impact that your self-absorbed, self-indulgent legal gambit will have on the  lives of the young children who will soon be unable to use our parks.

Or your heart would swell, if you had one.

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It’s all on you, Beutz.

Win, Lose, And……

September 29, 2010



The Wildomar Chamber of Commerce earns a “draw” for their contribution to the election process in providing a forum for each of the candidates in our important City Council election.

The forum was run with an even hand and did not appear to unfairly favor any particular candidate. Therefore, Wildomar Magazine applauds Chamber President Jeff George and CEO Michelle Thomas for their contribution to our electoral process.

Also falling into the “draw” category were candidates Kristan Lloyd and Ben Benoit, who each presented themselves and their qualifications to be considered for a city council seat in a believable and appropriate, yet unspectacular, manner.

Councilmembers Sheryl Ade and Marsha Swanson each share the “win” category as  they displayed the natural confidence and reservoir of knowledge that comes with successful incumbency, an incumbency which has produced a viable community, despite the city being birthed and nurtured under difficult economic circumstances.

Marsha Swanson delivered the best political punch of the evening, however,  when she castigated candidate Martha Bridges for hypocritically bewailing the loss of the Park Assessment and then touting the need for a “new funding mechanism for parks.” 

Bridges and fellow traveler Steve Beutz, who was sitting in the audience, were mutually supportive in their “successful” efforts to overturn a popular $28 per year Park Assessment.

As a result, Martha Bridges appropriately rests uncomfortably at the pinnacle of the “loser” category.

Joining Bridges in the loser category is candidate Tim Walker. Now Zak, who once considered Walker to be a “one trick pony,” based on Walker’s declaration that he was running solely to oppose the enactment of a Medical Marijuana Collective ordinance, must update and broaden his narrow depiction of Walker.

In addition to Walker’s “pro-suffering” stance on medical marijuana collectives, let’s add  functional ignorance to his limited list of attributes. “I don’t know”  how many times Walker stated, “I don’t know,” which included his “inciteful” Conservative commentary on reducing budget expenditures for police protection without knowing how many police officers are currently on staff and how many are necessary for our protection.

Most troubling, was Walker’s “potty mouth.” I do not think the phrase “a bunch of crap” is an appropriate display of verbal skills for a potential elected representative of the City of Wildomar.

The most disturbing comment came when Walker was trying to criticize people who “suckle from the government teat (usually pronounced “teet”).” While that may be an effective use of the English language when used and pronounced properly, the unfortunate and inappropriate use of Walker’s poor substitute, government’s  “big  t*t,”  in a public gathering where more than half of the attendees were women, and enlighted men like Zak, reflected a vulgar coarseness and lack of sensitivity/sophistication on the part of Walker that has long been unwelcome in the professional and business world, let alone a public, political world.

Fortunately, Zak believes that candidate Timothy “Big T*t” Walker effectively squandered his best shot at gathering positive attention and voter support for his candidacy.

My guess is that Walker will garner less than 500 votes on November 2.

Walker is  not a credible candidate.

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Public Service Announcement…..

September 27, 2010


From: City of Wildomar []
Sent: Mon 9/27/2010 9:49 AM
To: Zak


Contact: Frank Oviedo, City Manager

September 24, 2010


The California Supreme Court chose not hear a critical case concerning the County of Riverside in a lawsuit brought about by a resident of the City of Wildomar.  The lawsuit concerned an improper establishment of the assessment district that pays for the operating and maintenance costs of Wildomar’s parks.  Since the County lost this case the elimination of this funding stream makes providing park services next to impossible.

“Not having the funding for our parks in our community hurts everyone.  The consequences are devastating for the quality of life many of us have come to enjoy.  This hurts the City’s efforts in everything from economic development to developing parks programming for all age groups in the City.  We want our residents to show up and voice their opinions.  Imagine children growing up in a community without parks it’s simply unacceptable”, said Mayor Moore.

What: City of Wildomar Parks Town Hall Meeting
When: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:00 PM
Where: Marna O’Brien Park 20505 Palomar Street, Wildomar, CA 92595

Who: Hosted by Wildomar City Council




In Full Disclosure…..

September 27, 2010



Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, September 28, 2010, at 6 PM, the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a Wildomar City Council Candidate’s Forum at the Lake Elsinore High School theater.

In the interest of continuing to inform the readers of Wildomar Magazine, and as a follow-up to our earlier posts regarding the “out of town” status of 70% of the current Wildomar Chamber membership, early Monday morning I called the Chamber and spoke to Michelle Thomas, CEO of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, to discuss our concern for complete transparency and disclosure in the process, given that several, but not all, candidates have substantial ties to the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Thomas was gracious and forthcoming with her answers to my questions.

She first described the selection process of questions for the candidates as being drawn “fishbowl-style.” The questions will, as a result, be drawn randomly, with each candidate given the eventual opportunity to be the first candidate to respond to a new question, followed by comments from each of the other candidates in response to the same question.

Ms. Thomas further informed us that approximately 50 questions had been received and that “we had screened them” and reduced them to 40 questions, mostly as a result of duplicates.

My immediate follow-up question was, Who is we?

Ms. Thomas  responded by stating that herself and 2 other Chamber members, comprised the screening committee, none  of whom live within the Wildomar City limits and, as a result, will not be able to vote in our election

There will be an unaffiliated moderator of the forum, whose primary purpose is to facilitate fairness for each of the candidates.

Continuing, we raised the issue of disclosure of Chamber affiliation for any candidate. Ms. Thomas stated that such disclosure will be the responsibility of each candidate, as they list their qualifications. Ms. Thomas continued  by stating that only one candidate, Ben Benoit, holds an office within the chamber hierarchy, but that he is currently on a “hiatus.”

Now then, I know what a hiatus hernia is, but haven’t a clue what a hiatus Director is. Perhaps Ben will explain the impact of and what his thought processes were for taking a hiatus from  being a Chamber Director.

As an aside, Benoit himself claims to have been a Director of the Wildomar Chamber on his own website. I do not know if being on a “hiatus” eliminates any potential conflict with the Chamber of Commerce conducting a candidate forum which still includes a hiatal Chamber Director.

Nevertheless, as long as everyone is informed, each voter will have to make up their own minds as to whether or not this Candidate Forum was ultimately helpful to the voting citizens of the City of Wildomar.

If the Forum is fairly conducted and each candidate has an opportunity to express themselves to the voters, then Wildomar Magazine will be happy to applaud the Chamber and thank them for their efforts.

That being said, that praise-filled article can only be written  after the Forum.

Zak Turango and the editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine encourages the readers of the Magazine to join him in attendance at the Forum.

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Manos’ knuckles Are Not Tired From Knocking…..

September 25, 2010


Sunday morning’s Californian article heading on Lake Elsinore’s City Council candidate, Steve Manos, appears to allude to  Wildomar Magazine’s earlier treatment of Manos (see August 17, 2010 “Manos Fails a Third Time”), published when he took out his candidate papers in August 2010.

At that time, Zak Turango, uniquely gifted with uncanny abilities to look in the political future, courageously declared that Manos would lose an election for the 2nd time in the same year, 2010, and and a 3rd time, overall.

Manos complains, in the article, of being weary. “”Boy, am I tired,” he said recently. “My feet are tired. My knuckles are sore from knocking on doors.

Manos lamely attempted to sneak a council seat by hopping on Michel Knight and and his crony, City Councilman Daryl Hickman’s bogus “Tom Buckley is corrupt”  recall bandwagon.

However, as events played out, the recall failed because the allegations against Buckley were patently untrue and, fortunately, the people of Lake Elsinore rejected the allegations.

Manos is not not only a disingenuous opportunist but he is also not very bright. Albert Einstein must have been thinking of Manos’ political career when he opined, “Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”

As the above graphic says “some things never change.”

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Steve, when you support untruths about a good and honest public servant, like my friend, Lake Elsinore City Councilman Tom Buckley, you have well earned my contempt and deserve your “special” attention by Zak.

For what it’s worth, Buckley, once again has my unequivocal and unabashed support for his reelection.

Excuse Me But This Is……

September 25, 2010



Pardon Zak for being a little harsh, but discovering that Wildomar Mayor Bridgette Moore and City Council candidate, Ben “Baby Bridgette” Benoit, are both “friends” with Jasper the Alpaca on Facebook is a little disconcerting.

But not surprising.

Click on the link below, and scroll down,  to confirm.!/friends/?id=100001300728609

Should Benoit somehow overcome Wildomar Magazine’s ongoing and, hopefully, entertaining display of Benoit’s lack of experience and now, adolescent silliness, and be elected to the City Council, he and Bridgette will make certain that the common attributes most oft displayed at the council dais during  the very important decision-making process, that will seriously impact citizen’s lives, will be similar to the choices and antics of vapid and fatuous teenage girls, which is “inappropriately” appropriate when one is 16 years of age.

Zak knows whereof he speaks because he raised one.

Successfully, I might add.

Ben, your desperation to be elected has reduced you to the level of being “utterly silly,”  by your willingness to be  a Facebook  “friend” with a goat.

Click on the link below to confirm this animal’s goat-ish origins.

If the effort to save Wildomar’s parks is going to be apearheaded by Jasper the Alpaca, then the effort to win the hearts, minds and wallets of taxpayers is doomed by Bridgette-style silliness already.

Please click on the link for confirmation.!/event.php?eid=128458087205482

Wildomar needs adult leadership.

Now, more than ever.

Please vote for “grown-ups only” on November 02, 2010.

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Thinking Outside The Box….

September 24, 2010



Sweet Jesus, it’s 1999 all over again, when the Ortega Trail Parks & Recreation District was shut down by another group of obsessive losers. In that case, it was John Hayner, an under-employed renter (he was the late Delores Mayhall’s printer) who has since moved, thankfully, and Jay Hinterlong, an angry, obsessive Menifee resident.

Even though they were elected as Directors of the Park District, they obsessively went door to door, seeking supporting signatures for their park-destroying petition.

Apparently, some issue obsessions never change in Wildomar.

In any event, Mayor Bridgette Moore is asking for folks to think “outside the box,” seeking lame-brained ideas from the citizens, rather than simply exhibiting leadership and announcing her intention, as our mayor, to immediately lead the community in voting, through a Special Election, for a new $28 per year parcel assessment.

We already know what everyone but Steve Beutz is willing to pay. Therefore, we don’t need to be greedy and increase the amount so no expensive “study” will be required. The sooner we start this process the better.

It will be a daunting task, as it will require a 66% approval of the voters, but it will eliminate any legal objections by “The Obsessives.” They will, however, still oppose it as a result of their obsessive desire to inhibit the benefits of cityhood for everyone else.

Sorry, Bridgette, but your Facebook buddies are not going to be a useful substitute for your leadership. This dilemma requires adult leadership which can only be provided by courageous elected officials.

Despite my derisive comments regarding lame-brain ideas, and without resorting to my Facebook page, Zak offers several “out-of-the-box” ideas:

  1. Turn Marna O’Brien Park into a 3 par, executive “Pitch N’ Putt” municipal golf course. It will generate revenue for the city and the neighbors who complain about golf balls landing in their yard can start their own “bedroom” business , at a neat profit, since the balls are free, selling the used balls to newly-arriving golfers. And they  can then join the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, who enthusiastically embraces bedroom businesses that produce no tax revenues to the city. The competing campaigns for “Small Business of the Year” will be much more exciting.
  2. Revisit the Medical Marijuana Collective Ordinance, enact it and develop a voluntary revenue-sharing agreement with the proprietors of the collectives to directly fund the parks. Not only will Wildomar then come into compliance with existing California state law, it will help facilitate the reduction of suffering among it’s chronically ill citizens, and it will produce revenue for the park system for the community.

 So then, Mayor Moore, there are my 3  suggestions.

Start the ball rolling for an “open and above-board,”  direct city-wide Park assessment of a $28 per parcel tax, enacted through a Special Election (we can fund raise to pay for the election) or, retain an executive golf course architect, or  provide thoughtful leadership by bringing back the Medical Marijuana Ordinance, in order to open negotiations with collective applicants for a voluntary revenue-sharing agreement.

Or, in the alternative, we can be forced to shut down the parks in Wildomar,  once again.

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Forget trying to find Zak’s Facebook page. Like Zak, it doesn’t really exist.

Steve Beutz Ends Martha Bridges’ Run…

September 22, 2010



Unfortunately, for the citizens of Wildomar, the California Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by  Riverside County, seeking to overturn an earlier ruling by the 4th Appeals Court, which sustained anti-park assessment litigant Steve Beutz’ lawsuit which will cut off the funding for Wildomar to maintain three parks in the city.

Click on the link below to read the Press Enterprise article, for context:

This ruling comes at an incredibly bad time  for Wildomar City Council candidate Martha Bridges, whose support for Beutz’ antics will likely doom her 2nd attempt to gain a seat on the City Council, as it should.

I cannot imagine any informed person voting for Martha Bridges in November, unless they are a “community-killer” as well.

Not only has Bridges reportedly publicly applauded the efforts of Beutz for his litigation victories against the city, she joined forces against cityhood with Beutz in the recent past. There are reports that she  attended the appeals hearing with Beutz.

Click on the link to confirm.

Congratulations are in order to Steve Beutz for his timely and effective termination of Bridges’ rancorous political campaign. You have done us all a great favor.

It saves Zak from having to attend Butterfield Trail meetings to gather information on Martha’s overtly politicized efforts to undermine the trail system in Wildomar, for her political gain.

As for Beutz’ litigation which overturned my intentional and voluntary vote to tax myself $28 per year to maintain 3 modest parks? Please, Steve, kiss my *ss.

By the way, Beutz, that was me hissing at you as you spoke at a recent City Council meeting, in case you didn’t hear it.

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Earth, Orbit And Climate….

September 21, 2010




On Thursday evening, September 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM, Wildomar’s very own and very interesting resident astronomer, John Garrett, will be making a presentation on the above topics to the Sierra Club, at the Rancho California Water District, located at 42135 Winchester Road, Temecula, California.

In his press release to Wildomar Magazine, John states, “I will be presenting my talk on “Earth, and Orbit and Climate.” In Earth, Orbit and Climate, John will share what he has learned in the past few years about the astronomical foundation of climatology, and specifically, the role of Earth’s orbit in governing climate over millennial timescales. He will also discuss the “greenhouse effect” and consequences of rising levels of greenhouse gases.

As you can see, in John’s brief summary of his topic, there is something for everybody.

If you believe that climate change has less of man’s carbon “footprint” on it than reported by Al Gore, you may find support for blaming any climate changes on the change in the earth orbit, over which we have no control so go ahead and fire up your large, gas guzzling SUV.

As an aside, Zak has read where the filling of large reservoirs of water in the northern hemisphere have contributed to a slight alteration of the Earth’s usual rotational “wobble”. Yet I possess no large gas guzzling SUV. I do drink water and frequently bathe, however.

On the other hand, if you lean to blaming rapacious capitalists and the effects of modern civilization for climate change, well then, there is that.

In any event, Thursday evening would be a good time for everyone to take a break from stealthily cruising around Wildomar, putting up campaign signs on any bare fence space remaining, (likely owned by someone other than the candidate), and take the evening off and enjoy the interesting presentation by John Garrett.

There is no charge for the presentation.

If you want more information, click on the following link to John Garrett’s blog:

Wildomar Magazine applauds the efforts of John for his years of effort in attempting to educate everyone to reduce the amount of light pollution leaking into Wildomar’s nighttime skies so that we can all continue to see and enjoy the various planets as they migrate across our skies.