How My Boys Got Their Start In….

February 24, 2014


Back in the day (circa 2002), my firstborn son, Tim Rasmussen, and his writing partner, son-in-law Vince Di Meglio.  transformed their  small North Hollywood apartment into a movie studio  and made a short film that  caught  the  attention of the Sundance Festival, as well as the attention of Director Jay Roach, who  hired them for a writing gig on the Meet the Fockers project (their second draft was the catalyst  to move the project forward), and the rest  is their own Hollywood history.

Please click on the following link to Vimeo to enjoy:

I noticed, on a personal Facebook pag , that  Vince had recently uploaded  a copy of the short film,  “Fits & Starts,” onto the Vimeo platform.

I invite you to take approximately 12 minutes  of your time and enjoy my boy’s creativity, of which I am proud.

The lead female role is my daughter, Stacie, was also the  mother  of my only grandchild.

The lead male role is my brother’s son, James, who brings  the uniqueness of his own personal life to the screen.

There is another short film (circa 2003) , which also included James, called “El Elegante,”  which  Tim and Vince are currently  transferring from  35mm film to digital  for submission to upcoming film  festivals, as they get back to their  cinematic roots.

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Dumb Doubles….

February 22, 2014


Political losers make stange bedfellows.


Rather than, extending  an apology  to Martha Bridges, Wildomar blogger Joseph Morabito supplanted  his original  vile cartoon with this equally sophomoric depiction of Martha Bridges.

He has further updated his Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch piece with the lame explanation  that the original cartoon was “some poorly drawn political cartoon.” To his credit, he has removed the original cartoon, as well as the above short-lived replacement cartoon.

In their place,  Morabito has apparently taken the time to create a  satirical animation  of yours truly, displaying the lyrical creativity that first drew my attention  to him.

Please click on the link to the Lake Elsinore/ Wildomar Patch for context:

Hopefully, in the future,  Morabito  will be able to  constrain his creativity,  without falsely  presuming that  Wildomar  Magazine has provided some  license to  degenerate to yesterday’s level of  degradation.

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Moral Sickness Beyond…

February 21, 2014

Friends From Foes?


To say that I was appalled when I  opened the page to the  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch morning  to follow a blog, and comments to Wildomar’s latest blogger, Joseph Morabito, whose introduction  I regret, given the moral depravity  he has exhibited, especially his  latest handmade depiction of Martha Bridges and myself.

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for confirmation, but I am sure the  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch will  summarily remove this cartoon, once they understand  the depravity that they have facilitated .

While the cartoon he has apparently  created  is,  as to  my part, “cute” and appropriate, depicting myself as a  Navy veteran with an  “I love Nam” T-shirt  (I actually have one of those T-shirts, but the  words on the T-shirt are written in Vietnamese).

However, in his attempt to mock Martha Bridges,  Morabito  utilizes a cartoon to depict  her as a woman who has been disfigured by  cancer surgery.

Despicable, deplorable and beyond any limits of  political parody, at least in a normal world.

Despite my personal revulsion to do so,  the only way to appropriately handle this is to expose it.

Comments are unnecessary, since this vile piece more than  speaks for itself.

Leaving Wildomar Better Than….

February 19, 2014

22912 Pavla Ct, Wildomar, CA 92595062


It has always been a matter of common courtesy to leave any place that you visit  in better shape than when you first arrived.

Now that I’ve completed the sale of  my residence in Wildomar, and my “visit” is over, I can attest to  my voluntary compliance with the aforementioned ethic.

As did every other house recently sold on the Pavla Court cul-de-sac in the Windsong Valley tract,  my house was purchased by a “flipper.” While some may consider that to be a term of denigration, the buyer was a nice young man with sufficient resources to pay cash for the purchase and to  immediately initiate a restoration protocol  that has transformed the property.

Ever since my stroke in May 2009, I have not had the  physical ability nor the financial  resources to address the issue of “deferred maintenance” on the property.   For the record, I went to  express my gratitude to fellow Windsongian, Ray Addington, who graciously offered to care for my lawn, upon my return from the hospital.

Needless to say, my former neighbors, should be pleased with the end result.

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Unfortunately, only the  City of Wildomar can do anything about the large crack appearing in the road surface. Another example of deferred maintenance?

Often Imitated; Never…

February 7, 2014



After six years of covering and commenting on Wildomar politics, writing over 1000  satirical opinion commentaries which have been read by over 200,000  individual visitors,  most of whom, I presume, are local Wildomar readers  (although I have followers from around the globe), this is a good time to shift from my “Epilogue” mode it into the “semi-retired”  phase  of Wildomar Magazine under a new category, “Curious Wildomar.”

Since  I have happily  relocated  into a peaceful and well-appointed  senior ( 55+) community beyond the borders of Wildomar, the distance in terms of time, miles, and  intense interest  will naturally  diminish  Wildomar Magazine’s ability to cover  the silly political  minutia  of local politics which  provided the fodder for 1000 satirical opinion commentaries.

Nevertheless, information which provokes  my “curiosity”  will continue to inhabit the pages of WM,  although with less frequency, in all likelihood.

In its place, I am finally able to move forward with writing my personal memoir on my brief (but more exciting than I intended)  journey through the military experience,  as my one nine-year-old grandson has a self-generated interest  in his grandfather’s war time experiences.

When I have completed it, I will take advantage of the 21st century electronic media opportunities for self-publishing  things like personal memoirs, which makes it available to anyone who has a Kindle, Notebook, or other such  electronic reading devices.

As always, I am profoundly gratified for the ongoing interest  in Wildomar Magazine  by my Dear Readers.

 I can only hope that I’ve given you a reason to smile, sometimes a grimace, but always, a provocation to think for yourselves when it comes to Wildomar politics.

‘Nuff’ said.

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Adding Another Voice To The Wildomar…..

February 5, 2014


Thirty-year resident Ken Mayes has created his own  communication portal to the city-wide  conversation. 

With the recent  demise of The Californian, the  current  upheaval with the  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, and the transformation  of the Press Enterprise  from a Riverside-based  medium to an Orange County-based medium, the addition of another local blog  will be  a useful asset for the citizens of Wildomar.

Please click on the following link to the Wildomar Connected  blog, as follows:

 Wildomar Magazine wishes Ken Mayes “all the best”  in his effort to inform and “connect”  Wildomar’s citizens  with important issues and one another.

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