Tim Walker, Wildomar’s “Conservative” Bully Boy….

November 29, 2011



At the end of last evening’s Closed Session, it was announced that a decision had been made by the City Council, led by faux conservative, Council member Tim Walker, to initiate a costly lawsuit against the County of Riverside over the refunds that are due taxpayers of Wildomar for the $28 per year tax assessment overturned by the Courts.

Unfortunately, for the blustering Walker, the amount at risk will be far less than the cost of legal expenses unavoidably incurred by the City’s Attorney, Julie Biggs. For example, when the County of Riverside considered the exposure to refunds requested by taxpayers, they found the total amount requested to be less than $10,000.

Please click on the following Riverside County Board of Supervisors agenda, to confirm:


Notice, if you will, on page 1 that the fiscal impact for the current fiscal year is $9826. Given that many folks have lost their homes to foreclosure or have sold their homes, or are uninterested in expending energy to recover $56 from the City of Wildomar, the likely exposure to Wildomar is less than $10,000.

The initial cost to file a lawsuit will be approximately $2500, and the eventual cost of litigation will more likely be $25,000-$50,000 through trial.

And don’t think for a moment that this foolish litigation will not potentially degrade the current and unnecessarily tepid relations (one-sided, I might add) with the gracious and ever-generous Supervisor Bob Buster.

According to my sources, most of the City Council and City Staff dullards have, at one time or another, approached Supervisor Buster, with their hands out, seeking  a contribution from his office for one of their special needs.

But Walker is not alone in his bullying tactics. The City Council vote in Closed Session was announced to be 5-0.

The leadership of the city of Wildomar, both elected and staff, are reaching the point of political dysfunction, to the detriment of the citizens of Wildomar.

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As Dirty Harry used to say, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

This may not work out well politically for Walker….. Or Wildomar.


Wildomar Sticks It’s Head In The…..

November 28, 2011




The City of Wildomar continues to keep its municipal head sequestered from reality, although there may be faint stirrings of reality afoot.

A Closed Session of the Wildomar city Council is scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to discuss their ongoing failure to respond to their obligations to address the reimbursement of its taxpaying citizens of two years of taxes collected which were set aside by the Courts.

Please click on the following link to confirm:


Apparently someone has initiated some form of litigation over the city’s failure to address their obligations, to the point where the City Council will resort to having the discussions that should have been discussed in a public forum to now take place in a closed session, far from the public eye.

I am not surprised.

On September 18, 2011, in an e-mail addressed to the City of Wildomar, I made a formal demand for reimbursement of $56 for two year’s worth of taxes” taken” by the City of Wildomar for the park maintenance fee for the years 2009-2010. The County of Riverside has already reimbursed most of us taxpayers for the years 2007-2008.

I fully understand that the City of Wildomar has budgeted their annual tax revenues of $8 million  without publicly considering their obligation to reimburse each of us our $56, but they cannot honestly state, “We have no money.”

They just planned to spend it somewhere else, and can’t find their municipal brains to perform a simple re-allocation.

At the very least, as would happen in most professional environments, my e-mail would have generated an acknowledgment of some type, or a response that would say, “We’ll  get back to you.”


I suspect that the dysfunctional municipal government that presides over Wildomar was hoping that some of its citizens would forget.

If necessary, I can easily file a Small Claims action against the City of Wildomar to force them to function properly as a legitimate municipal government.

I’ll get back to you on that.

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Thanks For Elkian….

November 24, 2011


Wildomar and surrounding communities are blessed with a cadre of generous folk, who took the time yesterday to feed a quality Thanksgiving meal to seniors, who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to join the annual “overstuffed” post-meal nap that most of us will enjoy today.

Please click on the following Californian article to confirm:


Zak Turango and the editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine applaud the Elks for the generosity and service to the community.

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An Evident Lack Of Leadership….

November 20, 2011


An article appeared in today’s Press Enterprise factually reporting on the looming closure of Windsong Park but inadvertently revising the history of Wildomar’s park dilemma.

Please click on the following link to confirm:


What is omitted in the article is the background context of the mis-guided “leadership” of then-Mayor Bridgette Moore in taking Wildomar down the unnecessary path of the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC” ), a committee of naïve cronies and cohorts, who were snookered by consultants into promoting a $5.2 million Mello Roos bond issue to expand the recreation activities at the parks, when they should have been focused on the passage of a “replacement” parcel tax of $28 per year.

Given the 56% “yes” vote, a simple parcel tax would likely have passed. But Bridgette and the BRC foolishly never gave the voters that opportunity.

As a result of this conglomeration of naïveté, starting with Bridgette, running through  “her” hapless BRC and ending with the electoral failure of Measure D on June 07, 2011, Wildomar is about to properly and appropriately close Windsong Park, leaving only Marna O’Brien Park  to remain open, through the ongoing efforts of citizens and sports leagues.

Despite their protests otherwise, there was always another way, as follows:


The San Rafael Library “parcel tax”of $49 per year was passed 69% to 31%, without the lethal inclusion of a Mello Roos obligation.

The San Rafael Library will begin receiving tax funds in January 2012. It could have/should have been the same  for Wildomar.

Bridgette Moore and her lack of leadership is primarily culpable in the failure of Measure D. (She can share it, if she needs to, with Marsha and Ben and Tim).

Enough about the past.

Looking forward, should the citizens of Wildomar embrace my concept of “Re-Thinking Wildomar; Right-Sizing Wildomar to Reflect Current Economic Realities,” and if we can implement the recommended changes to Wildomar’s infrastructure after the November 2012 elections, I would agree with Councilmember Bob Cashman’s current position (that some money could be allocated from the current budget to help keep Marna O’Brien open), and I would support, if elected in November 2012, re-allocating some of the anticipated budgetary savings into funding public maintenance of Marna O’Brien Park.

Thoughtful comments are permitted below.

Inaugural Success….

November 19, 2011


The inaugural “coffee and discussion” Open House occurred last evening at Starbucks. A broad-based representation of Wildomar’s interested/involved citizens joined together for cordial and comprehensive discussion of Wildomar’s past, present and future.

All in attendance expressed concurrence with the general format of Re-Thinking Wildomar.

We also disclosed the amazing response from an animal control consultant, who has provided credible data to be used in comparing our present animal control arrangement with that of other, comparable cities. More on that later.

For the present, based on last evening’s discussion , and with the application of time-honored campaign techniques, I believe that together, we can build a grassroots coalition of Wildomar citizens that want to implement necessary change in the size and scope, and direction of our local government.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

REMINDER; Re-Thinking Wildomar Inaugural Coffee and Conversation…..

November 17, 2011



…..is set for Friday evening between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM at the Starbucks in the Albertson’s Shopping Center on Clinton Keith Road.

Come by to discuss Re-Thinking Wildomar with myself and questions regarding Planning/Development with Sheryl.

We look forward to meeting new friends in the Wildomar Community who may have concerns about the current state and future direction of our city.

Note to my readers. This is not a fundraiser so spend your money on dinner somewhere in Wildomar, if possible, but save enough for a cup of coffee.

UPDATE: In response to my recent inquiry, we will be discussing some significant information, just received, relative to the cost which other comparable communities are paying for their Animal Shelter & Control obligations.

This information supports my claims that Re-Thinking Wildomar, if supported by enough of its citizens, will be economically beneficial to the taxpayers of Wildomar.

See you tomorrow evening.

Bridgette Moore Must Be Made To…..

November 13, 2011



It would be okay for you to do it, but since I have announced my intention to seek a seat at the Wildomar City Council dais in November 2012, it is probably more logical and, hopefully, more effective to start the process of the examination of  Bridgette Moore’s voting record  in the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

It is perfectly legitimate to question her votes over the past 3 years. Questions of Bridgette’s adolescent style and demeanor as an elected official have been the basis of many a treatment on Wildomar Magazine. But when it comes to her reelection, mockery of her antics is less important than is the actual  examination of her many actions and their negative implications for Wildomar.


 On December 08, 2010, the City of Wildomar agreed to join with other local communities in support of the Mammalian Taj Mahal, formerly known as the Animal Friends of the Valley shelter.

Although Councilmember Bob Cashman made the motion in favor of joining the JPA, it was a unanimous 5-0 vote, after little or no discussion, that  put Wildomar into a lopsided agreement, foolishly agreeing to pay the $12,000,000 mortgage for AFV, knowing full well the Wildomar’s taxpayers will never, ever own any part of it.

Please click on the following link, and scroll down to page 10 to confirm:


 Bridgette Moore was the City Council representative to the Animal Shelter JPA subcommittee, but apparently could not figure out that this was a bad agreement for the City of Wildomar so she embraced it, promoted it, and voted for it without considering, or exploring, any other alternatives, such as the ASPCA.


Voting in favor of something controversial, knowing that the outcome may reasonably lead to  litigation, is not courage, it’s ignorant defiance. Knowing that citizens in the community will be forced to take their dispute to the Courts for relief should give pause to elected officials that more deliberation and consideration is necessary.

For example, when former City Councilmember Sheryl Ade tried to lead the Council into thoughtful consideration of an ordinance that would control the proliferation of medical marijuana collectives/dispensaries in Wildomar, while the larger issue of marijuana legalization was still unsettled at the state and federal levels,  Bridgette Moore defiantly declared that she didn’t want to “spend one more penny on the ordinance” and voted against it.

However, since that time, as result of the litigation brought by the proprietor of the Wildomar collective, Wildomar has spent more than $50,000 in legal fees, only to have the federal government impose itself on California, despite the majority vote of the citizen’s of California, which has resulted in the closure of the collective, at no further cost to Wildomar.

Had the City Council followed Sheryl’s lead for the ordinance, instead of Bridgette Moore’s contrived citizen opposition, the ultimate outcome would have been the same; yet Wildomar has wasted more than $50,000 in legal fees. That’s a lot of spent pennies.

In another instance, a Murrieta wannabee developer, Kenny Robles, tried to push his noisy brake repair facility project onto some quiet land adjacent to the  Shadow Canyon residential tract. When well-meaning citizens approached the city Council to object to the project, their concerns were ignored, if not vilified, and Bridgette Moore voted to approve the project.

When the unsatisfied citizens resorted to litigation, ultimately winning their argument when Robles withdrew his application, the cost of litigation for this unfortunate Council decision in order to defend Bridgette and her  tone deaf Council colleague’s vote was $27,000.

Currently, Bridgette and her “business friendly” Council colleagues, after refusing to address legitimate concerns about drainage and traffic issues arising from the Subway project on Bundy Canyon, find themselves once again embroiled in litigation and it is likely that the applicant will also back down and respond to litigation by addressing the concerns himself.

Ignorant defiance is a costly attitude for a councilmember to display.


The blame for the loss of a replacement funding source to keep three parks open in Wildomar, must be placed on the desk of Bridgette Moore, and  her Council sidekick, Marsha Swanson.

If you recall, when it became public knowledge that the $28 per year assessment was going to be struck down by the Appeals Court, despite encouragement for the City Council to immediately vote on a replacement tax of $28 per year, Bridgette Moore resorted to her natural and hapless condition of inadequate leadership skills and the inability to make a decision on her own.

 Instead, she  and Swanson “needed to hear from the community.”

Rather than acting like leaders, Bridgette and Marsha created the non-elected Blue Ribbon Committee,  and stacked it with their cronies and sports league accomplices.

Somewhere along the line, a $5 million Mello Rose bond issue was included in the Blue Ribbon Commission’s final recommendation.

Because of the original inclusion of the Mello Roos bond indebtedness, Measured D was tainted and doomed to failure from the onset, despite warnings from the community, including myself, that the Mello Roos stain was a lethal taint.

Please click on the following link and scroll down to page 7 to confirm:


Alas, my prediction, and that of others, turned out to be true. It is only fair and legitimate to allocate the blame for the failure and loss of our parks to the 2 members of the Parks Subcommittee, Marsha Swanson and Bridgette Moore, and no one else.

In conclusion, for the present, based on the above facts, Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore’s lack of intelligent leadership skills limits her to working in blissful ignorance in concert with an equally ignorant council majority, and has repeatedly displayed that she is not up to the task of leading Wildomar from incorporation to civic maturity.

Therefore, in my humble opinion, she should not be re-elected to the Wildomar City Council in November 2012.

The buck stops with Bridgette in 2012!

This is not a game; this is “our” government.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.


Since not all of Bridgette’s record is contained within her voting history, please consider one other thing:


Bridgette does so shamelessly.

Part and parcel of Bridgette Moore’s adolescent and immature view of city governance was to facilitate the use of seven-year-old child and her pet alpaca, a goat-like farm animal as “Mayors for the Day.” My objection to the silliness stems from my revulsion at the crass exploitation of young children for political purposes.

This unfortunate event did not attain the minimum standards of decorum for a city government.

In hindsight, the goat may have been one of our best mayors… ever.  At least, to my knowledge, it didn’t spend endless hours at the bar at Pepe’s Mexican restaurant in Canyon Lake, as did its two predecessor mayors, besmirching Wildomar’s reputation in Southwest Riverside County.