Bridgette Moore Subverts Voter’s…..

January 30, 2013





Six months ago, when Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, and her equally desperate council colleagues, were willing to agree to anything that their highly paid consultants advised in order to pass Measure Z (Parks parcel tax funding measure), including the notion of an independent, citizen-based fiscal oversight committee, she probably didn’t understand the implications of such a committee.

Four months later, with the passage of Measure Z, those implications became much more apparent.

And now, three months after the election on November 06, 2012, Bridgette has managed to accomplish a significant subversion of the the purpose of an Oversight Committee, by turning it into a Bridgette Moore OverFriends Committee.

By her own words uttered on January 23, 2013, Bridgette voluntarily admitted that a literal 15 of 18 applicants requesting to be a part of the Oversight committee were her friends. As a result, no less than 83.3% of the committee membership will  be populated with Bridgette’s friends, rendering confidence in the promise of meaningful fiscal oversight, meaningless and moot.

The 83.3% number would hold true, but only if 5 committee members were selected from the 18 by a blind lottery. As a member of the Parks Subcommittee, Bridgette has further named 5 as her personal recommended choices, 3 of whom were also mutually selected by co-member Marsha Swanson, making any further calculations of chance impossible.

Suffice it to say, Bridgette Moore has “stacked the deck” against the taxpaying citizens of Wildomar by promoting application/ membership on the fiscal oversight committee primarily, if not exclusively, to her “friends.”

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When Politicians Are Out Of Office For Very Long…

January 28, 2013



Unfortunately for former Murrieta city councilmember, Doug McAllister, his recent sad, pathetic revision of Wildomar history cannot stand the glare of exposure from his own former city’s Council minutes.

In the recent “news memory” submitted to the San Diego Union Tribune, current publisher of the Californian, McAllister attempted to rewrite his own involvement in the annexation attempt by the City of Murrieta over the southern portion of the then unincorporated community of Wildomar.

So grab a Kleenex and click on the following link to McAllister’s pathetic rewrite:

1). McAllister’s misstatements(in “quotes”), with facts/corrections (in blue italics):

      a). “I was deciding vote on virtually everything… Among the most intense was the debate as to whether Murrieta should annex Wildomar.”

(According to the Murrieta city Council minutes of February 15, 2005, the following, ” Mayor Van Haaster gave an update regarding Wildomar annexation  and stated that due to the issue being politicized, he will be asking to agendize the complete withdrawal of the proposal for Wildomar annexation.”

      b.) “Targeted for dis-incorporation by the State and relentlessly swarmed by forces of the bullying brand that bizarrely desires Wildomar’s demise, the “little city that could” has consistently overcome over- the-top obstacles. They’re living proof that real leadership makes a difference.”

(Such political paranoia!! State-driven disincorporation? Swarmed by Bullies? Real leadership? These comments sound like desperate “pickup lines” at a League of Cities after-hours cocktail party.)

In addition to the above, the last known formal inter-city interaction between McAllister and the City of Wildomar occurred last June 2012 when representatives of the City of Wildomar presented a reasonable “population count” alternative to the present “animal count” protocol to the Governing Board of the Southwest Communities Finance Authority, the Joint Powers Agency for the Animal Friends of the Valleys.

After a thoughtful presentation by then Assistant City Manager, Gary Nordquist, McAllister quickly dashed any hope for reconsideration by declaring that City Council of Murrieta would rebuff any such proposal and, as a result, could and would exercise its single-vote veto.

As a result, Wildomar remains the “little city that can’t afford its animal shelter,” ultimately leaving secession from the Authority as the only means of saving $250,000-$300,000 per year by hiring its own animal control officer.

I know of no particular reason for Doug McAllister to write this particular piece of fiction. However, given the extent of the fallacious content, I thought it necessary to respond and clarify this part of Wildomar’s history.

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If you so desire, and you should click on the following link to the City of Murrieta minutes, for February 15, 2005 and March 01, 2005 for confirmation and context:

For even more historical reading on the subject, please click on the following:

Teed Up For Mayor….

January 26, 2013


An elaborate plan is unfolding before our very municipal eyes.

It is bold in its audacity, yet sophomoric for its lack of subtlety.

The anticipated re-anointment of Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore’s most reliable political surrogate/accomplice, former EVMWD Director, John Lloyd, as Chairman of the Wildomar Community Parks Funding Measure Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (hereinafter “Blue Ribbon Committee II”) lacks only the specific appointment of John Lloyd as Chairman by Mayor Tim “Mad Dog” Walker at the next city Council meeting on February 13, 2013.

As you recall, one of the promises in Measure Z, if approved, was the formation of a Citizen Oversight Committee to ensure that the $350,000 in annual tax increment  is to be used only for “parks and park-related” expenditures. However, once the Measure barely passed in November 2012, the “complication” of an intrusive and critical Citizen Oversight Committee had to be mitigated by controlling who was appointed to the committee.

For context and confirmation, please click on the following link to a recent Californian article on the subject:

In order to assist you, Dear Reader, to identify the necessary and contrived steps to achieve this “re-anointment,” Wildomar Magazine proffers the following:

1) Volunteer Application

The questions for applicants in the essay-style portion of the Volunteer Application “supplemental questionnaire” reads like a template for John Lloyd’s resume, to whit;

1. “Have you participated in local government as a committee member, commissioner, councilmember, or staff?” (Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
6. “What is your experience with governmental or nonprofit audits?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
7. “What is your experience with vendor selection and contract review in the public sector?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
8. “What is your experience in park maintenance?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
9. “What is your experience in Recreation Programs?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
10. “What you feel are some of the key issues facing City Parks in the next 5 to 10 years?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
11. “Describe your goals as part of the Wildomar Community Parks Funding Measure Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee.”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).

2) Volunteer Selection

At the Parks Subcommittee meeting of January 23, 2012, City council members Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson  announced their supposedly independent “recommendations” from the 18 applicants submitted.

Not surprisingly, both of them first named John Lloyd to be included in the recommended list of five applicants. (There were two others also mutually selected, indicating a likely high degree of  cooperation between the two officials).

Bridgette Moore also “confessed” that 15 of the 18 applicants were her “friends,” rendering the word “oversight” moot, or at the very least, suspect.

3) Mayoral Appointment

Also announced, that evening, was the unusual and particular “next step” in the process.

When the five-member Citizens Oversight Committee is finally approved by the City Council on February 13, 2013, rather than leave anything to chance, it will be “teed up” for the Mayor to appoint the Chairman of the Committee for the important first year of operation, a process/protocol normally delegated to the new members of a typical citizens committee.

 It will be interesting to watch and see if Mayor Tim Walker is going to have his “political” driver handed to him by Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, by obediently naming John Lloyd as Chair of the Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee on February 13, 2013.

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My guess is that Mayor Walker will do his part for the City of Wildomar golf “team.”

Autumnwood Tract: Fact…..

January 25, 2013



The ongoing quest for truth and answers for the homeowners of the Autumnwood Tract was covered with specificity by Press Enterprise reporter, David Danielsky, in his thorough and well-written article on November 02, 2012.

If you are concerned/interested, Wildomar Magazine recommends that you read the article, including taking the six minutes of time to review the video embedded, for your own personal context, as follows:

The article provides several important facts that should be considered:

1) This is a matter of litigation being pursued by some, but not all, of the homeowners in the Autumnwood tract.

Government officials have reviewed tests commissioned by the attorney representing the four families and said they see nothing that would cause serious illness.”

 “Four families, including one on a neighboring street in the same development, have joined in a personal injury lawsuit against the tract’s Pismo Beach-based developer and several subcontractors, alleging the ground beneath the homes is contaminated with industrial chemicals brought in with fill dirt. More than dozen had won settlements from the builder because of mold in the homes.

…The Beverly Hills attorney representing the residents, said the toxic substances department is failing to take into account the synergistic and cumulative effects of chemicals detected on the properties.” (Editors note; That is the “legal theory” that the plaintiff’s attorney must prove in court!)

About a dozen Autumnwood homeowners, including some on Amaryllis Court, received settlements for varying amounts – one family received $15,000 and another $60,000, for example – after filing a separate construction defects lawsuit

2) Systematic examination needed

“Dr. Russell V. Luepker is a Harvard-educated epidemiologist and a professor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health. He said epidemiologists have methods to determine whether an environmental problem is responsible for an illness cluster in a community.

You need to weed out the hysteria …“ he said. “What you need is a systematic examination that gets you as many facts as you can lay your hands on.”

After reading the aforementioned Press Enterprise article, and having attended one of the recent meetings between homeowners and the various county agencies, facilitated by the City of Wildomar, it appears, in my opinion, the palpable frustration of the homeowners is being exploited in an attempt to force government agencies to “make their case,” spending large amounts of taxpayer dollars in the process.

Claims for personal injury arising from negligent construction practices are “expert-driven” and, as result, quite expensive. Few law firms  have the financial wherewithal and resources to pursue such litigation, regardless of the merit of the allegations of their clients.

The other side of this coin, is the adverse economic damage to property values of neighboring homeowner’s properties, through stigma, who are not experiencing or claiming similar problems.

Unfortunately, they are unfairly affected by the negative publicity surrounding the unresolved portions of this litigation.

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I fully support these young families and their attempt to seek redress from those “responsible” for their circumstances are the Courts. However, it is a long and costly process, as the “burden of proof,” under our legal system, properly and fairly falls on them, as plaintiffs, and their legal representatives. Government agencies are not “hardwired” to facilitate civil litigation, which is why plaintiff law firms must retain, and pay for, their own experts.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To…

January 24, 2013




When city officials indulge themselves in adolescent political fantasies, rather than adult political contemplations and considerations, it can only be just a matter of time before their foolishness became an observable event.

Fortunately, in this case, despite the observable dysfunction, it appears to have worked out well for the citizens of Wildomar, as a miniaturized version of the City Council finally put a formal end to the mythical West Wildomar.

Like a release of flatulence in a Kansas tornado, “West Wildomar” has disappeared from consideration.

Last evening, the Wildomar City Council gathered in a joint session with the Wildomar Planning Commission to be amused by the court jesters from RBF Associates, funded by the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”), who has been promoting the heretofore unknown “old town” model of West Wildomar.

As the meeting opened, the august demonstration of propriety over who should recuse themselves from the meeting, based on property ownership within 500 feet of either project, resulted in the voluntary exile of Mayor Timothy “Mad Dog” Walker, Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson (who are almost next door neighbors residing in Voting District 3, giving context to the current litigation over Districts versus At-large as a means of fairly selecting representatives from the community).

After the Walker/Swanson exit, Planning Commission Chairman Stan Smith advised that he owned property within 500 feet of the proposed West Wildomar project and, as a result, must also recuse himself from the meeting. Unfortunately, despite plenty of notice, Planning Commissioners Harve Dykstra and Veronica Langworthy were not in attendance.

As a result, once Smith left the meeting room, there would no longer be a quorum of planning commissioners required to conduct a public meeting so there was a motion made to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting.

After all of the above city gymnastics, the City Council dais was left to the three B’s; Bridgette Moore, Bob Cashman and Ben Benoit.

Finally, the court jesters made their presentation.

The most important part of the presentation was the admission by one of the consultants that, since they have been given no previous direction by the City Council, they were significantly influenced by the Western Riverside Council of Governments-funded group known as “Highway 395”, whose mission is to turn Palomar Road/Mission Trail/Jefferson Street into an endless commercial strip mall from Lake Elsinore to Temecula, all  with a Knott’s Berry Farm-ish faux motif.

So much for governing by “let’s hear from the community before I vote.”

Someone from the city Council, probably Bob Cashman, as the closest thing we have to a historian laureate, should have privately counseled the court jesters prior to this place in time, that the West Wildomar concept was completely out of step with the historical reality of the community of Wildomar.

At the end of the presentation, Bob Cashman finally, and wisely recounted his history-based idea of the center of Wildomar being more closely associated with the intersection of Central and Palomar Road so he would not be supportive of West Wildomar.

Without the influence of the core value-less Swanson and Walker, Bridgette and Ben acted like rational representatives of the citizens of Wildomar and all three jointly gave direction to the court jesters to bring back he finalized version of potential and future town center located at Central and Palomar Road.

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Lake Elsinore Resident’s Questions Makes Marsha Swanson……

January 23, 2013



It never ceases to amaze me how the words of elected officials can return to haunt them so rapidly after they are spoken.

According to today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article, concerned property owners in Lake Elsinore are demanding answers from Lake Elsinore city officials regarding a question of duration of their Mello Roos bond/liens, which had been attached to their property since 1988. Apparently, the question of the 20 year lifespan allegedly promised by the developer conflicts with the 30 year lifespan stated by the city.

Please click on the following link to the Patch, for context and confirmation:

As I recall the days of covering politics for Elsinore Magazine, city officials were feverishly refinancing existing Mello Roos bonds, such as 88-3, to take advantage of lower interest rates, purportedly to inure to the benefit and advantage of the homeowners. However, it was always my suspicion, that the “refinance” process not only provided additional billing opportunities for the bond agent and bond counsel, but likely extended the duration and lifespan of the underlying bond.

In the same context of proposing another Mello Roos bond measure for Wildomar’s park maintenance, Wildomar City council member Marsha Swanson publicly and cavalierly “blew off” any concerns she would have over a Mello Roos attachment to another parcel tax measure.

Please click on the following link to the City of Wildomar City Council minutes of June 27, 2012 (and scroll down to page 4), to confirm her unreliable and foolish words:

Fortunately for park supporters, the balance of the Wildomar City Council agreed with yours truly, and others, as they rejected Swanson’s misinformation and permitted Measure Z to go forward, but only as a “parcel tax,” which resulted in the barely successful passage of the ballot measure in November 2012.

In contrast, the previous Measure D, which was tainted by Mello Roos, failed to win passage in June 2011.

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BREAKING NEWS: Human Remains Discovered….

January 21, 2013


One of metropolitan Wildomar’s more conscientious homeless denizens discovered the badly decomposed human remains of the mythical girlfriend of a prominent Catholic University star football player named Manti Te’o, while seeking recyclable material in the equally mythical West Wildomar section of our city. (That means the homeless guy was picking up aluminum cans somewhere near the intersection of Mission Trail and Corydon, I think.)

For additional context and background, please click on the following link:

Despite being quite upset by the grisly discovery, our Good Citizen managed to control his understandable panic long enough to dial 911, then he calmly returned to his  scrounging.

After Sheriff’s deputies completed their investigation, the Riverside County Coroner’s office removed the “body” to their offices in downtown Riverside, where an autopsy will be completed later today,  in an attempt to determine the cause of death.

Toxicology Reports are not expected for at least six weeks.

Local elected officials were unwilling to comment on the incident, or even to confirm the existence of West Wildomar, apparently out of embarrassment for being so easily hoaxed by others.

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For the record, for the less sophisticated worshipers of athletes such as Manti Te’o, this obvious parody and satire is meant to mock the silliness of the bureaucrats of the Western Riverside Council Of Governments (“WRCOG”) and the equally fatuous consultants from RBF for their utter disregard for Wildomar’s General Plan, without considering the costly implications of the intrusive disruption and upheaval that their poorly-contemplated West Wildomar scenario will create.