A City On A Hill….

September 30, 2009


 “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Mathew 5:14 NIV.

It’s all about an inherent evangelical attitude of  sustained church growth. Ten thousand members would put Cornerstone on the mega-church map.  Christian churches, including Cornerstone Community Church, are all about constant exposure for the sake of intended constant growth.  It’s in their organizational DNA.  They don’t have sports teams, they have sports “ministries.”  It draws new members to them.

They don’t merely utilize  modest  signage on their buildings; instead, they install glaring white lighted letters for maximum exposure. (As if their current members don’t know where Cornerstone is located) . 

All of this within the  context of Wildomar’s important ” Dark skies bright stars” goal to keep Wildomar from undesirable light pollution.  Adding lights to the sports fields will only add to Cornerstone’s pollution “eye”print.

If Wildomar’s residents wish to ignore the “soon to be starting”  mining operation, the dust and truck traffic will eventually go away.  But the light pollution will stay until the Second Coming.

Wildomar Magazine wants to go on record objecting to and opposing the current and future light pollution  emanating and soon to emanate from Cornerstone.  We all know that Cornerstone’s here; we don’t need a fresh reminder every time the sun goes down and their lights come up. 

Cornerstone is not the first enterprise to use garish lighting to draw attention to themselves.vegasstripSame attitude? You decide for yourself. 

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Wildomar Cruise Night….

September 29, 2009

Cornerstone cruise night

..Courtesy of….

Wildomar Gravel and Gospel, Inc., (“WGG”),  now that WGG is free to  begin their  mining operation and prep for their evangelistic, church-building “sports field ministries.”

Join with your neighbors in a tight-knit cluster behind a meandering  dump truck as you make your way east on Bundy Canyon.  As a side benefit, Residents along Bundy Canyon will no longer have to attend Wildomar city council meetings to complain about speeders on Bundy Canyon.

The next truck “caravan” leaves in four minutes, then eight minutes, then twelve minutes; every four minutes; all day long for two relaxing years

Comments can be made to Zak via his wifi at zakturango@excite.com.  Staff is a little worried at Wildomar Magazine’s office as Zak left on a cruise and has been gone for four long hours.   Heck, Menifee isn’t that far.

Wildomar Gravel and Gospel, Inc….

September 28, 2009

gravel pit 3

 …..A minor mining operation?

The Wildomar Gravel & Gospel,  Inc., fka (“formerly known as”) Cornerstone Community Church, intends to move 700,000 cubic yards of decomposed granite (“d.g.”) from their property, over Wildomar’s roads over a 25 month time frame. The d.g., if sold, is reportedly worth 7 million dollars.

It’s time for the Wildomar City Council to forget that this is a church project and see it for what it is… a mining operation.  The fumes, dust, noise and vibration from a host of bulldozers and up to 35,000 dump truck trips(doubles, no less) , will be a significant imposition on the rest of Wildomar. It is time for Cornerstone to remember what it is…a church. And be thoughtful, in the most Christian way, to its neighbors and not just its members, many of whom live in places other than Wildomar.

Comments can be written in the dust on Zak’s windshield….

Windshield dust

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Minding one’s ethical table manners…

September 24, 2009


…especially before a council meeting

Word on the streets of Wildomar is that two Wildomar City Council members were observed having dinner with an employee of the land  consultant for Cornerstone, mere hours before they voted against a much needed appeal on Cornerstone’s parking lot and sports field project,before 700,000 cu. yards of dirt are  are permitted to be moved over city streets.

Doesn’t Cornerstone have enough political clout in Wildomar without again overplaying their hand(like they did at the planning commission  bypacking city hall with it’s members, including one unchristian obscene hand gesture)?

Comments can still be made to zakturango@excite.com or just show up at the next council meeting and ask your own questions.