Zak’s Weirdest……

February 7, 2009



When the reports of scandal about evangelical leader and mega-church pastor, Ted Haggard, first made the news several years ago, the church world gasped at the offense and the anti-church crowd crowed with delight as this man had to resign in disgrace. 

Now, with new revelations (an ironic word for the bible student, no?) about his admitted exploitation of a sexually confused staff pastor, Haggard is now on a book promotion tour, including a recent appearance on the Larry King Show.  Haggard and his odd-thinking spouse, now want to “tell their story to everyone” as they deal with a “heterosexual with issues.”  (see Wikipedia for the quote).

Public disgrace of a religious leader is a sad day for any religious group, especially those groups that paint such a narrow path and forget what unmerited favor is all about.  Haggard’s flaws should not be touted in a book.  Haggard and his spouse should simply disappear from the public eye and deal with “their” issues in private.

Brush with fame, Zak?  Oh.  Permit me to get back on track. Back in the day, back to the time when Haggard was first exposed, his church in Colorado was taken over by an associate music pastor, the Reverend Ross Parsley, now in his mid-forties. 

When Ross was about four years old, he was the ring-bearer at my wedding.  I bought my first car, a 1954 Chevy, from his mother, Connie, for $100.

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