Journalism 101…

May 28, 2013


Perhaps a more seasoned editor for the Press Enterprise should consider reviewing the “news” being reported by their younger “journalists.”

In today’s Press Enterprise article on the recently filed lawsuit by Martha Bridges, the article contained factual inaccuracies, seriously damaging the credibility of the Riverside-based newspaper.

As a primer for your own research, please click on the link and review the article before you start:

After reading the article myself, I was confused by the allegation and inference that Martha Bridges had been involved in the filing of 7 lawsuits against the City of Wildomar.  This inaccurate information is regularly promulgated  by the sycophantic followers  of Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, who thrives on  her status as municipal victim.

Because of my confusion, I resorted to my own investigation of the number of lawsuits  involving the City of Wildomar since its incorporation on July 1, 2008.

For the record, there are total of 15 lawsuits that include the City of Wildomar in their litigation namestyles.

Further, for your information, the following is a complete listing of all of the lawsuits list on the Riverside County Superior Court index index:

Case # :                       Plaintiff:                                    Filing Date:

MCC 130-0555            Bridges                                    04/22/2013

MCC 130012                Rostai Investments                     01/31/2013

RIC 121-6373               Bridges                                        11/05/2012

RIC 121-2172                Parra                                            08/10/2012

RIC 111-4945                Alliance (Ade)                            09/09/2011

TES 110-0311               Todd (Small Claims)                  02/14/2011

RIC 10023703             Protect Our Wildomar (Bridges) 12/08/2010

RIC 10016029             Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 08/11/2010

RIC 10015899              Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 08/10/2010

TES 10001688            Oberg (Small Claims)                  07/20/2010

10013334                     Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 07/06/2010

RIC 10000599              Hermansen                                      01/14/2010

RIC 541702    Stone                                               12/08/2009

RIC 526486                     Hoffman                                       08/08/2008

RIC505580                       Riverside County                        08/08/2008

In the above actual record, there have been 3 lawsuits involving Martha Bridges as a plaintiff, 1 lawsuit involving Sheryl Ade as a plaintiff, and 3 lawsuits involving  the City of Wildomar as a plaintiff.

So who is the vexatious litigant?

If you go by the numbers, the City of Wildomar has filed the same number of lawsuits as has Martha Bridges, only in the  Bridges filings, the litigation arises from allegations of municipal misconduct, rather than the taking of an individual’s private property through eminent domain.

It is unfortunate indeed that the Press Enterprise has lost its journalistic moorings, seeking instead to curry favor from the City of Wildomar’s elected officials.

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Needless to say, there are not seven lawsuits filed against Wildomar by anyone…. or everyone, for that matter.

Wildomar Engages In Frivolous….

May 28, 2013


According to today’s Press Enterprise article on a recent lawsuit filed by Martha Bridges, the City  of Wildomar has spent approximately $135,000 defending lawsuits filed by a vague and unnamed ” small contingency of residents who have legally challenged  the young city seven times.” (A more experienced journalist would have provided specific names!).

Please click on the following link to confirm the frivolous context:

For the record, as of July 1, 2013, the City of Wildomar will be five years old; young for a child, but for a city, certainly enough time to  achieve a reasonable level of  civic maturity.

Looking at this another way,  given the tally reported by the PE, the City of Wildomar has” won” two of the lawsuits in court,  but settled three others  to avoid “losing” them in court, giving the “contingency of residents” a .600 batting average, which, if they were baseball players, would put them in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Regarding the expenditure of $135,000 spent in legal fees spent by the City of Wildomar over five years, the City of Wildomar spends in excess of $250,000 per year by maintaining its membership in the Southwest Communities Finance Authority which operates the Animal Friends of the Valleys.

In addition, they are spending $36,000 annually for the Sacramento consultant to chase the “missing in action and presumed lost” Vehicle License Fees arrangement that ends when a city becomes five years of age.

 When Mayor” Mad Dog”  Walker can boast of a winning batting average, when it comes to city lawsuits, as well as a legislative win in Sacramento, his words of frustration might have some merit. 

Until that day comes, he just sounds angry.

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Wildomar’s Monument To Municipal…..

May 26, 2013

Bungle Canyon Road


After a lot of Wildomar City Council fanfare about the positive effects of the partially-constructed gas station and minimart on the northern entrance to Wildomar’s eastern development corridor on Bungle Canyon Road it appears that the project is stalled, making it a canvas for local graffiti artists.

Apparently, according to my sources, the problem is with unresolved issues with Caltrans  and the Riverside County Flood Control District. Unfortunately, the ongoing incompetence of the Wildomar City Council, and their city staff is visibly displayed, as they issued the permits for this construction project without “crossing their t’s, and dotting their i’s.”

Further, with last week’s approval of the Oak Creek Canyon residential project (where, ironically, the creeks and oaks will be destroyed to make way for urban density) which was predicated on a promise of the residential developer installing a traffic signal at intersection of Bungle Canyon Road and Monte Vista.

This “life-saving”  traffic control will be only several hundred feet from the four-way stop which is to be installed by a commercial developer at the intersection of  Sellers Road and Bungle Canyon, thereby eliminating some  potential fatalities  due to high-speed crashes, while increasing   the rate of “dying from boredom” while stuck in the resultant traffic jams.

Needless to say, it is apparent that no one warming the chairs at the dais of the Wildomar City Council, including city staff, nor the chairs of the Wildomar Planning Commission possess the mental capability to view these two projects  in a more global view, in order to resolve any conflicts before any dirt is actually turned over.

 The City of Wildomar is becoming the laughing stock of its neighbors, if not its citizens.

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 (Editor’s note;  Double-click on the photograph to increase the size photograph and to make the graffiti more visible).

Wildomar Insider Facebook Page…

May 25, 2013


But don’t try to join it unless you have the necessary social/political connections in order to be “approved” by the moderator, who has neglected to acknowledge my  request to join for the past two weeks.

Please click on the following link to the Facebook page, via the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for confirmation:

As I was checking out the Facebook page, I came across a thread initiated by the moderator. Kevin Jon Sax , in what appeared to be a one-sided “insider” commentary sniveling about lawsuits filed by Martha Bridges. Notable among the respondents was the “ultimate insider,” John Lloyd, chimed in with a  harmonic tenor to the Sax soprano.

It was at this point that I determined that I would take up the invitation and clicked on the “request to join” button on the Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, not only has my request to join the group been ignored (as of May 25, 2013) , the entire thread  on the Martha Bridges commentary  has disappeared from view, suggesting a desire to avoid Facebookian confrontation.

 Or perhaps, in retrospect and hindsight, embarrassment in their commentary.  

Unfortunately for the moderator and his ilk, I’m able to comment, without restriction , through the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

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In  stark contrast, my request to join the Winds0ng Valley Facebook page was graciously approved in a timely manner.

Taking The “Wild” Out Of….

May 23, 2013


For those of you who remember,  one of the basic reasons for Wildomar’s  incorporation movement was the preservation of Wildomar’s “rural lifestyle.” Unfortunately, the city is being run  by people who have no interest  in doing so.

Last evening, the Wildomar City Council met, in yet another special meeting, to put their stamp of approval on several hundred postage stamp-sized lots (4500 ft.² is a postage stamp-sized residential lot) which will surround, and eliminate, the rural  atmosphere of The Farm.

Please click on the link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for context:

And for even more on Cashman’s vote, click on this:

In a last-minute appeal to preserve the rural elements of our community, Wildomar City Councilmember  Bob Cashman started with questions about the loss of a 4 foot wide oak tree, which is perhaps four hundred years old according to Cashman, who went on to explain how the  loss  the of native trees to the ironically-named Oak Creek Canyon  residential project would destroy local habitat.

In response, Cashman was met with  on onslaught of public derision by his colleagues, Mayor Tim Walker and Ben Benoit, neither of whom were involved in the incorporation effort, nor did they take the time to attend the initial “visioning” session after  incorporation was achieved, which provided widespread community input as to the future direction of the City of Wildomar.

All in all, it was an ugly display of city council ugliness.

By the way, the eventual vote, which could have been mailed in by this group, was 4-1, with Cashman being the lone vote in opposition to the project.

It is more than likely that one, or more, lawsuits will arise following the approval of this project, as many significant environmental issues were disregarded in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report.

Rather than addressing public concerns, it appears that the Wildomar City Council prefers the status of being a  defendant over being the  defender of Wildomar’s rural lifestyle.

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Great Day Of Waste-2013…

May 13, 2013

… OCTOBER 26, 2013

As the old saying goes, “Beggars can’t be choosy.”

 It appears that the City Council of Wildomar is once again bowing to the ecclesiastical calendar set by Tom Pilkington, representative for the United Methodist Church/Great Day of Service 2013 (“GDOS”).

After the initial  date of June 01, 2013 was rendered moot by the illegal actions of the Parks &  Recreation Subcommittee, Pilkington apparently set the next date of October 12, 2013 for his GDOS. However, for some unknown reason, that date was supplanted by  an even later date,October 26, 2013.

The  primary problem with October 26, 2013, over and above the fact that it is Halloween weekend for a lot of families,  is that the ideal time for planting a new lawn is from August 15 through September 30.

As a result, planting new grass in  Wildomar’s three parks on October 26, 2013 may turn out to be too late in the planting season to prevent all of the volunteer effort from being a heartbreaking waste.

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It would appear that the City of Wildomar would be better served by retaining  a landscape professional through appropriate bidding process before successfully spending $75,000-$100,000, rather than wasting $200,000, as estimated by Wildomar City Manager Gary Nordquist.

See the recent Californian article on the subject, for confirmation of the $200,000 estimate :

The Methodist Sisters Of Charity Authorized To….

May 10, 2013


In what is, in my opinion, the bizarre joining  of two emotionally deficient public organizations, the Wildomar City Council has authorized the United Methodist Church (“UMC”) to take over the facilitation of a refurbishment of its three parks on October 26, 2013, although there is little in UMC/Great Day of Service representative Tom Pilkington’s resume to suggest expertise in park refurbishment.

“Congregational development,” absolutely.

Park refurbishment, not so much.

Wildomar’s emotional deficiency is evidenced by the fact that, despite projected property tax revenues in excess of $350,000 from Measure Z in the next calendar year , the Wildomar City Council cannot stop themselves from taking advantage of “free stuff.”

What’s next? Will the next Mayor’s Breakfast be provisioned by the local food bank , H.O.P.E?

The UMC’s emotional deficiency is evidenced by the fact that, despite numerous, if not endless, opportunities to serve the truly needy in Southwest Riverside County, they apparently feel that their parochial interests will find greater media  exposure for their Great Day of Service 2013 by unnecessarily refurbishing Wildomar’s parks.

What’s next?   Will the next Breakfast with Santa be held at the Methodist Church in Murrieta?

To be fair to Pilkington, I just found this newly posted article on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch:

 Nice job Pilkington. This is certainly more “Christian”  than unnecessarily refurbishing Wildomar’s parks.

If you need, dear reader, additional background on the subject, please take the time to read the following “news”articles:

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 The ” news” reportage in the PE article declares that ” Now that the Little League organizations are ready to play  in Wildomar, ” despite the notation in the immediate, previous paragraph that ” The league…  reorganized and  let it’s city permit expire,” is an embarrassing demonstration of journalistic deficiency.  

 If you let your  contract with the Cemetery District expire, which provides access to your baseball field,  how ready can Little League be to play?