Circling The Chamber….

March 29, 2012


A very unusual service club phenomenon is occurring in our midst.

The Wildomar Chamber of Commerce has yet to announce all of the various winners of the “….Of The Year” categories, either holding out for maximum anticipation and dramatic tension, or because they are afraid that they will be mocked on the pages of Wildomar Magazine for their choices.

However, certain winners, such as the Animal Friends of the Valleys (“AFV”) couldn’t wait for the announcement so they made it themselves. AFV has declared on their Facebook page that they are the winners of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit Organization Of The Year” award for 2012.

Please click on the following link to confirm (you’ll have to be logged into your Facebook account  to do so):!/pages/Animal-Friends-of-the-Valleys/88101112075

What makes this choice so curious is the timing of their selection. As you know, if you are a regular reader of Wildomar Magazine, AFV has been undergoing a well-deserved and long overdue scrutiny in the local media, of late, which has revealed the allocation disparity between the various cities that participate in the Southwest Communities Finance Authority (“JPA”), especially the negative economic impact on Wildomar.

In Wildomar’s case, it appears that Wildomar is unfairly burdened with the allocation based on the unproven, theoretical “Animal Count,” rather than the more reasonable “Population Count,” to the extent that Wildomar unfairly pays 2 1/2 times more than they should to be a part of this organization.

Unfortunately for Wildomar, no one on the City Council appears to care about the situation.

As a result of the increased scrutiny, it appears that the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce is  now in a “circle the wagons” protective mode, fearful that the idea of scrutiny, once unthinkable for the AFV, might actually gain some traction, especially in Wildomar, and especially in an election year.

However, the mis-identified Wildomar Chamber of Commerce can circle their wagons all they want. Wildomar’s secession from the AFV/JPA is going to be “front and center” in the upcoming election, as is the unthinking, unabashed, and unwarranted support of the AFV/JPA by the Wildomar City Council incumbents who have foolishly bound Wildomar’s economic destiny to this unfair process.

The evidence that the various Chambers of Commerce have no respect for city’s boundaries is the fact that Animal Friends of the Valleys has been the “Non-Profit Of The Year” for the following years and chapters:

1) 2008, Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit Of The Year.’
2) 2009, Lake Elsinore Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit Of The Year.’
3) 2009, Wildomar Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit Of The Year.” (Yep, a twofer. Apparently some members voted twice).
4) 2010, nominated for Wildomar Chamber of Commerce”Non-Profit Of The Year.”
5) 2012,Wildomar Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit Of The Year.”

Apparently, there are no other nonprofit organizations who are qualified for recognition in either city.

One of my concerns about this overly-feted organization is the fact, according to their budget for 2012-13,  that they are planning on spending $1,191,432 in salaries for humans,  primarily for directors, managers and supervisors, but only spending $714,768 for animals, for “sheltering services.”

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 If you ever watch old Western movies, sometimes circled wagons didn’t work all that well as a defense strategy.


Wildomar Chamber Of Commerce…

March 28, 2012




A presumably astute observer,  such as I consider myself, of any mis-organized organization need not go far out of his way to expose the flaws and foibles of said organization.

After initially setting the stage with pointed commentary, it will usually be only a matter of time before any such organization either exposes itself for what it isn’t, or shows that the observer is patently full of “corral dust.”

In the case of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, they have now fully self-exposed themselves as being anything but a Wildomar-centric organization.

According to their Facebook page,  at last Saturday evening’s Wildomar Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards fete,  they made the following delusional, self-exposing awards:

1) “Wildomar” Large Business of the Year-Paradise Chevrolet
2) “Wildomar” Medium Business of the Year-Golden Office Trailers
3) “Wildomar” Small Business of the Year-Jon’s Movers

Businesses #1 and #2 are located in Temecula and Lakeland Village, respectively.

Business #3 lists a Wildomar business address which is in a residential neighborhood  on the west side of Wildomar, most likely making the “operations center” of Business #3 an unused third bedroom of a two-story tract home.


At the very least, Business #3 is vaguely located within the city limits of Wildomar, allthough no evidence exists that it has a “brick-and-mortar” facility in the City of Wildomar.

It could’ve been worse. We could have been looking at the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce celebrating a business operating out of somebody’s bedroom in a tract home in Lake Elsinore.

Maybe next year.

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And yet, the Wildomar City Council agenda continues to provide obviously unwarranted monthly access to these silly and inane “out-of-towners.”

A reasonable and simple criteria should apply. Until 100% of the Directors of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce are from Wildomar, and at least 51% of the members are from Wildomar, this organization should not be accorded any “official” status whatsoever from the City of Wildomar.

Until that happens, the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce will continue to be a very mockable laughingstock on the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

So Predictable An Outcome That….

March 27, 2012


Perhaps it was a matter of chance.

After all, I did have a 1 out of 4 chance of being correct, since there were only four persons nominated.

However,  it confirms that  I know  and understand Wildomar politics, and of the various levers of political influence that operate within our community. (Click on the February 2012 archives and scroll down to confirm).

What was only a rumor, is now a fact. In her own words, taken from the Facebook page of the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, the following posting:

Bridgette Moore

Very humbled to have received the “Citizen of the Year” award tonight from the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce! “

If you want to see this with your own eyes, please click on the following link (you will have to be logged in to your own Facebook page to do so):!/pages/Wildomar-Chamber-of-Commerce/233013846731462

So now it is official!

The Wildomar Chamber of Commerce, (of whom 70% of its members do not reside or have a business within the city limits of Wildomar), has insinuated it’s insidious influence into Wildomar’s City Council election of 2012.

Fair enough, but the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce should expect no relief from my contempt and disparagement of their existence, for their intrusion into Wildomar’s electoral processes.

Permit me, if you will, Dear Readers, to discuss Bridgette Moore.

The only reason she is ever treated, or mistreated, according to her followers, on the pages of Wildomar Magazine, is that she is an elected, and therefore, public figure. Were it not for her status as an elected public figure, neither she nor her sycophantic followers would ever grace the pages of this satirical tome.

On a personal level, Bridgette Moore has all of the attributes to be  an effective ambassador for a service club such as the Chamber of Commerce, or the  Rotary Club. In fact, Bridgette currently is the Public Relations director for the Rotary Club of Wildomar. Bridgette appears to be well suited for that avocation.

However, all of her personal efforts on their behalf cannot negate her lack of judgment as a Wildomar City councilmember and the resultant political and economic consequences for the citizens of Wildomar.

For example, and to be specific, the following:

1) Lack of due diligence, as Wildomar’s Council representative to the Southwest Communities Finance Authority (“JPA”), which oversees the operation of the Animal Friends of the Valleys (“AFV”).

As has been recently reported on in the local newspapers, and commented upon by Wildomar Magazine, we, as a city, are now burdened with an agreement that overcharges Wildomar (by two and half times) for animal control services, an agreement which was negotiated by Bridgette and City Manager Frank Oviedo.

As you know, Wildomar cannot meet this year’s budget obligation to the AFV/JPA,  to the tune of approximately $58,000, so we’re now “running a tab.”

2) Lack of political judgment, when faced with the loss of our park assessment.

Rather than addressing the issue head-on, Bridgette resorted to her customary and historic reliance upon others by promoting the formation of the ill-fated Blue Ribbon Commission, which she then stacked with political cronies to assure the outcome.

However, somewhere in the process, her unsophisticated cronies were led astray, by the consultants who would eventually be in a position to siphon off a significant amount of the administrative fees created by the formation of a Communities Facilities District (“Mello Roos”), which led to the ultimate defeat of measure D, due to it’s well-deserved lethal connection, by thinking, informed voters, to Mello Roos.

There is no question that Bridgette Moore is a well-known and popular figure in Wildomar. And popularity translates to the ballot box.

However, in 2012, Bridgette Moore has a definable voting record to overcome, if she intends to be reelected.

If enough voters can see past the intrusive smokescreen billowing out of the of the decrepit Wildomar Chamber of Commerce offices on Mission Trail, perhaps we can have an election based on adult issues and not just a schoolyard popularity contest.

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Ironically, it appears that the Animal Friends of the Valleys, another well-deserved Wildomar Magazine target, was also named “Non-profit Organization of the Year,” by the same Wildomar Chamber of Commerce “out-of-towners,” and probably for the same reasons.

More on this later.

Awkward, To Say The……

March 25, 2012


Eleven, when you count this gaffe by Mayor Benoit.

Let us set the table for background and context.

At the last Wildomar city Council meeting, when the issue of trail names was being tossed, to and fro, Mayor Ben Benoit publicly objected to one obscure trail out of the entire Wildomar Trail system that would be named the “Supervisor Bob Buster Trail,” in recognition of the fact that the City of Wildomar, including the trails, would not exist were it not for the gracious generosity of Supervisor Bob Buster.

Benoit actually suggested that we should not name anything after someone until that person has died. (Temecula blew that theory away when they named an elementary school after a very much-alive Joan Sparkman).

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for additional context:

In addition, if you don’t recall, Supervisor Buster  endorsed then-candidate Ben Benoit during the 2010 City Council election.

Benoit apparently understands nothing about gratitude among peers.

Because of the aforementioned personal and professional/political generosity of Supervisor Buster to Wildomar and it’s preeminent political naif, Benoit’s political insult could/should result in an act of political revenge, to the detriment of the City of Wildomar.

Fortunately, because Supervisor Buster is a mature and gracious politician, he will stand shoulder to shoulder with Mayor Benoit at the upcoming groundbreaking ceremonies for the upgrading of the Clinton Keith bridge on March 30, 2012.

In fact, unless one of Benoit’s cronies or friends clue him in about the political insult (I doubt he reads Wildomar magazine ’cause there’s too many big words), Benoit’s naïveté should carry him through the day without incident.

However, this is just one more excellent example of what happens when unaccomplished adolescents are elected to public office.

Because we can’t easily undo an election, we are left with the pages of Wildomar Magazine, deftly using the tool of mockery.

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Actually, when it comes to political naïveté, Benoit’s only peer seems to be Lake Elsinore City Councilman Daryl Hickman.


March 25, 2012



Apparently the City of Menifee felt the need to weigh in on the Ontario Airport issue, despite their remoteness from the airport and the City of Ontario, who  wants to own it once again, having previously sold it to Los Angeles. Perhaps a little seller’s remorse?

As a result, Menifee’s City Council  has shown that it can be as meaningless and is as irrelevant as Wildomar’s City Council, given half the chance.

Congratulations to Councilmember Melissa Melendez and the City Council of the City of Lake Elsinore for rejecting this meaningless waste of time and effort.

Please on the following link to today’s Californian, to confirm this mutual irrelevancy:

Despite the fact that each of the individual cities, including Wildomar, and now Menifee, had previously voted on the issue through the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”), the political preening and posturing by mental lightweights, such as Wildomar’s Mayor Kim Jong Benoit, and Menifee’s Council member Darcy Kuenzi could not be stopped.

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This level of political silliness will continue until the citizen voters of cities like Wildomar and Menifee begin to reject the continuous stream of Chamber of Commerce/Rotary Club “inside the clique”candidates that are teed up every two years by these insidious so-called “service clubs.”

As I have said before, these “clubs” perpetuate a “shadow government” that strives to facilitate elections of their various pre-chosen members, without regard to any city boundaries.

Lest you disagree, rumor has it that Wildomar Citycouncilmember Bridgette Moore, who is running for reelection in 2012, has been declared Wildomar’s “Citizen of the Year” by the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce. More on predictable and fatuous selection that later.

Couldn’t Have Said It Better….

March 24, 2012



Once again, Wildomar Magazine has been vindicated in its commentary about the economic circumstances in Wildomar.

Back in December 2011, after contemplating the current economic state of Wildomar, I created the category “Re-Thinking Wildomar, ” which was based on the premise that the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis that was the basis for incorporation of the City of Wildomar, and which projected a $15 million revenue stream by 2011, did not pan out as anticipated financially, making it necessary to reconsider the infrastructure of the city of Wildomar.

The actual revenues turned out to be less than half that amount. (See “Re-Thinking Wildomar”for December 30, 2011 to confirm).

However, even I had been a bit optimistic.

According to the Press Enterprise article of March 23, 2012,, the following:

“Before incorporating, cities must submit a five-year economic plan. Wildomar’s projected the city would be bringing in $16 million this year in taxes and fees. In reality, it will take in about $6 million.”

 The context for this article is about reimbursing the County of Riverside for monies loaned to Wildomar for its first year of operation.

However, and more importantly, this article confirms the need for a City Council that can address the unarguable reality that the City of Wildomar has a redundancy in it’s Executive Staff (with a budget of nearly $500,000 per year for both executives), pays far too much for animal control services (overpaying by 2 1/2 times), and foolishly promotes unnecessary and silly celebrations, such as the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt (to be held at a city-owned park that is maintained by hard-working volunteers, because the City of Wildomar spends its money on everything else so it can’t maintain its own park).

When the revenues generated are only 37% of that which was projected (I had estimated 50%), something has to change. And someone on the current city Council, or the next, must take the lead on behalf of the Citizens of Wildomar.

Only an adolescent mentality can avoid the inevitable.

Eventually, however, even adolescents must come to their senses.

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If you want to read the entire PE article, please click on the following link:

Why My Last Six Vehicle Purchases Have Been…..

March 23, 2012



I recently paused in my busy day to capture a milestone photograph of my odometer. (As you can see, I was wisely stopped while taking the photograph).

 My 2001 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, a zippy four cylinder, five speed transmission vehicle, which gives me good gas mileage, now that I’m back on the road investigating insurance claims  throughout Southern California, continues to validate my decisions to buy my last six personal vehicles, all of which were manufactured by  the Toyota Motor Corporation.

Although my all-time favorite vehicle (after my first 1954 Chevy that I purchased for $100 in high school) was a 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham (I was selling real estate at the time), when I went to replace the Oldsmobile, I found that Detroit had degraded the overall quality of the Oldsmobile line, while increasing the cost of the vehicle beyond my personal budget.

I would have bought American, but ultimately, they could not compete with my subsequent Toyota purchases.

One of the primary reasons that my little pickup truck still runs with the precision of a Swiss watch, is that I religiously change my engine oil every 5000 miles right here.

The service provided by Chuck Paramo and his staff at Grease Monkey reduces this all-important maintenance item from being a “chore” to a pleasant encounter with friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working young people.

For more information on their services, including some all important discount coupons, please click on the following:

How can you argue with a 350,000 mile odometer?

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