Those That Can, Do….

October 31, 2009





Zak’s usually sharp brain has finally kicked back to the “on” mode, after being  overcome with annoyance with a Menifee City Councilman abusing his guest privileges at last Wednesday’s Wildomar City Council meeting.

But the same issue attends.  The vote was 3-2 to give developers a 50% reduction in Developer Impact Fees (“DIF”) to stimulate the local job market. What Zak missed is the blatant “aye” votes on the issue by two realtors, whose occupations rely on “inventory” of homes to be bought and sold.  Councilwoman Swanson specifically spoke to the issue that Wildomar currently has so little inventory that Realtor/former Planning Commissioner Casillas had to buy a home in Lake Elsinore.

Realtor/Mayor Scott Farnam and Realtor/Councilwoman Marsha Swanson should have recused themselves from the vote due to an explicit conflict of interest. Now Zak, and other Wildomar residents, will have to absorb the “developer’s impacts” ourselves. 

Wildomar cannot afford to waive developer fees, period.

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Menifee Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies….

October 29, 2009



Menifee city councilman, Scott Mann, representing the Western Riverside  Council of Governments (“WRCOG”), spoke to the Wildomar Council last evening in an attempt to get support for reducing developer fees by 50% to “bring jobs” to the area. Despite the courageous opposition of Councilman Bob Cashman and Council woman Sheryl Ade,  Mayor Farnam, Mayor Pro Tem Moore and Council woman Marsha Swanson voted “aye,” thereby pushing the matter forward in the process.

Councilman Mann then retook the public dais and mocked Cashman and Ade by gloating that Menifee, who has dropped their fees, will be happy to take the tax increment from Wildomar, an embarrassing breach of civic politeness.

What an ass.

They are cute, however, when they’re little.

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A Media Circus….

October 29, 2009



Mayor Scott Farnam tried to avoid his own agenda item to dismiss Planning Commissioner Gary Andre during tonight’s City Council meeting by describing a ” media circus  created by reporters and Bloggers.” His lame attempt to deflect the matter as only having to do with finding a replacement for Commissioner Casillas was exposed by the number of public speakers withdrawing their speeches in support of Andre, when they each realized that the Mayor was dodging his own issue.

One citizen bravely spoke to the Mayor and correctly told him that this divisive issue was his own doing.

Sorry Mayor, this one’s on you.

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Farnam Confused By History…

October 26, 2009


A bully pulpit is a public office or other position of authority of sufficiently high rank that provides the holder with an opportunity to speak out and be listened to on any matter. The bully pulpit can bring issues to the forefront that were not initially in debate, due to the office’s stature and publicity.

This term was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt.



but keeps the rest of the quote.

Mayor Scott Farnam’s reported plan to oust Planning Commissioner Gary Andre is not welcome to Wildomar Magazine. 

Gary Andre is a hard working Commissioner and puts in the time to understand the issues.  Yet for his hard work, he is Farnam’s target for Andre’s vote against the Cornerstone Athletic Field and Parking lot expansion.

Councilmembers will be wise to mind their tongues when they give voice to their complants about Andre, who, if he has erred, is entitled to conference with the council and to defend himself, if necessary.  Defamation of his character could be costly to the city of Wildomar. Hell, what’s next? Removing Commissioner Dykstra for code violations on his commercial parcel?

Who is the ultimate bully behind this move to punish Gary Andre?


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Bullies’ comments might get posted.

The End Of Civility…..

October 24, 2009



According to the PRESS ENTERPRISE, Saturday,  October 24, 2009, Reporter Aaron Burgin reports on a Wildomar city council agenda item for next week, wherein Short-term Mayor Scott Farnam (fortunately, his mayor stint ends next month)  targets Planning Commissioner Gary Andre for a hostile removal:

“The actions of an outspoken Wildomar planning commissioner have prompted the mayor to call for a City Council discussion that could lead to the commissioner’s ouster.”

Wildomar Magazine  believes that Farnam’s actions will trigger the eventual end to Farnam’s brief political career in Wildomar with this unfortunate attack on a hard working, dedicated public figure like Gary Andre.

Since Andre was appointed by Councilmember Sheryl Ade, if Farnam had a problem with Andre, political civility and council agreed-upon rules should have led Farnam to contact Ade to discuss Andre, which he has not done.

Andre is further quoted as to the reason behind the ouster:

“Andre said he believes his recent criticism of Cornerstone Community Church’s plans to expand its parking lot is prompting Farnam’s ire.”

And, of course, this is a warning shot over Ade’s political bow for her apprpriate motion and vote to appeal the Cornerstone project (it’s been stated that she committed “political suicide” for her vote) before the full council, which Farnam and fellow Cornerstone lapdog Mayor Pro Tem Bridgette Moore  voted against.

This uncivil act by Farnam will unleash an adverse reaction within the Wildomar body politic that Farnam has only started to realize. Wildomar Magazine will appear tame and restrained in comparison to what’s currently being emailed about Farnam.

For the first time in Wildomar Magazine history, comments will be permitted on this post to allow readers a robust commentary on Farnam actions against Andre.

Quiet Commissioner Casillas Resigns….

October 23, 2009


 …He showed Wildomar how to handle a project nightmare

Reported in today’s Press Enterprise, Commissioner Miguel Casillas “said the commission’s recent approval of Cornerstone Community Church’s parking lot expansion was the toughest decision he was part of.

Soft-spoken, Casillas often deferred comment to other board members, but he said he did not want people to misconstrue his silence as a lack of knowledge or caring.

“I know that there are people out there who might think that, but it’s just the person that I am,” Casillas said.”

Wildomar Magazine thanks Casillas for his public service to the community of Wildomar.  The Planning Commission is tough work, with lots of documents to read and then to have to publically face project owners and, approve or deny their dreams or, in some recent cases, nightmares.

Zak has only three humble suggestions for Councilmember Swanson, whose Commissioner chair she must nominate to fill: 

One, no more realtors (the real estate industry is well represented by the council’s current make-up), and;

Two, no more Cornerstone members ( for the same reason).

Third, surely, Wildomar would be well served by “someone like”  long-time resident George Taylor, who applied for the Commission last year.  George knows the community and along with his late wife, Marie (one of Zak’s favorite Wildomarians), served the community faithfully. Further, he would be able to express himself openly as he did at the last city council meeting. He’s not afraid to state his opinion.

It’s not Zak’s call  but I’m just saying….

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Planning Commission Doesn’t Yet….

October 22, 2009



Zak Turango attended this evening’s Planning Commission hearing on the RV storage facility. Of course, they approved it. 3-0.  Commissioner Andre left early to attend another public meeting and Commissioner Dykstra was absent.

“Land Ace,” as Developer Guy Larry Markham’s license reads on his yellow Corvette handled all questions in his usual soothing style.  Water collection  from the currently dry creekbed on the parcel, not a problem as their development will push the water from upstream to Lake Elsinore more efficiently and actually help the area.

The discussion between staff and commission highlighted a significant problem inherited by Wildomar from the County. No one has tackled the standing water, during and after rainy season in what is known as the Wildomar Swamp. So approval of the latest project merely continued an old practice; ignore the problem this time, we’ll catch it later. The issue seems to be water flooding septic tanks and failing leach lines in neighboring parcels.

The Commissioners should have taken the project in the context of the larger issue and delayed approval and/or conditioned the project relative to neighboring parcels andt hen instruct planning staff to take the lead and try to get the surrounding parcels hooked into a sewer system at the same time as construction. It wouldn’t cure the entire problem but, as the old saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles……

City Council should make this issue a high priority now and begin to tackle a real Wildomar matter. And encourage the Commissioners to flex their muscles. They have legitimate power to shape Wildomar in a quality manner.

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