Elsinore’s Next Moral Crisis…

November 29, 2009

Councilman Thomas Buckley


And not by unfounded allegations against Councilman Thomas Buckley.

Lake Elsinore is a city where a dim bulb like former  Council member and petty thief, Pam Brinley, could actually be the mayor until  Reform Councilman Thomas Buckley was  first elected and brought honesty back into vogue. Buckley then began to take out the members of the Washburn (another former mayor) political machine, one by one, one dishonest wheel after another, including former mayor Kevin Pape, was eliminated.  Finally, political fatigue and old age ended the careers of former mayors,Genie Kelley and Bob Schiffner.

The primary instrument of reform of Elsinore’s corruption was Buckley, a young and professional journalist for the Press Enterprise (he’s the best reporter ever assigned to cover Lake  Elsinore……ever) and thus hated by the former, perpetually rotating  mayors and petty thieves of the  Washburn Machine for his truth telling and fair and honest reportage.  The old Elsinore Magazine crew had a piece of the action as well, making  unrestrained mockery of these larcenous politicos, to their  political detriment and personal anguish.

If you like your current City Council, you have Tom Buckley to thank.  Darryll Hickman beat former mayor Kevin Pape by a  mere 11 votes, thanks to Buckley’s generous coattails. (Now  Hickman, the ingrate, would never acknowledge his debt to Buckley and  reprehensibly supports the recall of his former mentor).

Zak had forgotten how uncouth Hickman could be as a politician until he inserted a bad joke into his remarks about a skydiver who had fallen to his death the week prior to the re-opening of the Wildomar VFW.  The awkward silence in the crowded room would only have been surpassed had Hickman put the microphone into his backside pants crease,  and asked someone to pull his finger, in a pathetic attempt to be funny.

Even Mayor Bob Magee, originally ran under Buckley’s reform banner to win his first seat on the council.  He’s turned out to be a pretty good mayor.

Buckley’s overt support for first term Council members Amy Bhutta’s  and Melissa Melendez’ recent elections to the council was a valuable asset to  these  first time, neophyte candidates.  Gratitude wears well, ladies.

Why all of the historical reporting from Zak? If the citizens of Lake  Elsinore stupidly vote in support of this misguided recall effort and oust Buckley, thinking he has enriched himself while on the council (he has not), they will get the city government they deserve, not the city government they need.

Thomas Buckley is the most honorable, honest politician that I have ever known, matched only by Wildomar City Council member Sheryl Ade. They are both cut out of the same bolt of “honest public servant”  fabric and represent their constituents with the same  honorable intentions and motives.

I traveled with my good friend Tom, to Washington D. C., for the second Bush Inauguration, in 2004 .  He was  painfully careful not to spend a single cent on me during our trip, callously forcing me to pay a full and exact 50% share of every expenditure, to which I agreed, since I am as honest as Tom, even though I’m not a politician with  reporting obligations.

Now, a recall election facilitated by a questionable group effort puts Elsinore’s voter dilemma on center stage. Will Elsinore take out the intelligent, moral political compass of their City Council and put their future in the hands of Buckley’s coattail riders, like Hickman?  Most of these people would not have been elected without his sage advice and generous political support. 

By the way, most  of the above current city council members were happy, during their campaigns,  to drink,  and  toss darts at the Wreck with Tom, until they got elected.  Suddenly, they now have their recently updated Temperance Union cards (valid only in public, however). Some even danced atop the Wreck’s bar and then, following an ungainly dismount, returned to political strategy discussions. You can ask them who it was.

Ultimately, should Buckley be recalled, I wish to go on record as saying, “you have been warned.”  Be careful what you ask for. 

Zak knows;  he was there during the entire  Buckley reform movement. (Go to The Wayback Machine.com, enter “Elsinore Magazine” in the search engine and enjoy reading about your city’s lurid past).

So, Elsinorians, the choice is yours. Take out the good guy on unfounded allegations and replace him with some ambitious political hack/opportunist or save yourselves from the loss of Elsinore’s moral compass by voting “No” on Buckley’s recall.

You’ll thank me later.

Happy Thanksgiving….

November 26, 2009


Wildomar Magazine gives thanks for all of the readers of Zak and Gil’s posts. If it weren’t for you, we would wonder if our thoughts and ideas were meaningful.  Since many of you return for a daily update on Wildomar Magazine’s version of ” A Day In The Life” of our city, for reasons unknown, we still are thankful for each our readers. (Over 9.000 individual visits since July 2008)

So, to all who visit, read, and enjoy(not a requirement of your subscription, but it’s assumed) Wildomar Magazine, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Local Charity Like This Makes Sense To Zak…

November 25, 2009


Sue Rebar, founder of locally-based Welcome Home Troops, and former chair of the Lake Elsinore Mayor’s Breakfast, (thus, likely motivated by religious urges) has secured the donations from local Starbucks patrons and is shipping  instant coffee to deployed troops in conjunction with the local VFW post 1508 Wildomar. (Nice photo by Don Boomer for the Californian).

According to today’s Californian, “Welcome Home Troops, a Lake Elsinore-based military support organization, gathered alongside members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1508 in Wildomar to send off 28,545 cups’ worth of Starbucks instant coffee to loading docks at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Tuesday.”

Wildomar Magazine salutes the efforts of thoughtful patriots, Sue Rebar and the vets at the Wildomar VFW Post 1508 and  generous, local coffee addicts who have to get their Starbuck “fix” on a regular basis. A worthy addiction, if you must have one.

It was a local project, coffee provided by local, charity-minded individuals (whose religious urges remain unknown) and did not require a bunch of delivery trucks to process the small boxes.

(Editor’s note:  Notice no one is overtly trying to “build their following.” That keeps this charity  resting easy on Zak’s troubled soul). If you want to support WelcomeHomeTroops, buy a paper, read the article and find out their contact info.

Well done, all.


Charity Begins At Home But….

November 24, 2009



An article appearing in today’ s Californian underscores why an up-to-date traffic study must be completed by Cornerstone, followed by real mitigation, such as traffic lights and widened streets with turn pockets.

Truck after truck pulled into the parking lot Monday at Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar. As each approached, it stopped and a head poked out from the driver’s seat to ask Tonja Medbery where to park.

“You’re Fallbrook right?” she asked, pointing the driver to a loading spot to the left of a truck coming from Hemet.

Monday was the culmination of a year’s work as Medbery, a Murrieta resident, collected the final donations for this year’s Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, a 16-year-old effort by the international Christian community to fill shoe boxes with presents for children in as many as 130 countries.” 

It is the very nature of a church like Cornerstone to become involved in large charity programs, originated by some other distant organization, many of which are laudable.  In this case, we have a woman from Murrieta  who is directing trucks from Fallbrook and Hemet for “stuff” going to other countries.  

All of these people’s charitable urges benefit  the residents of Wildomar how? 

Cornerstone members should understand that their version of Christian generosity should not be to the detriment of those of us who do not desire to join in Cornerstone’s particular charity events.

That doesn’t make us bad people.

Many of us have our own charitable efforts that are  sufficiently private that they actually conform to scripture about charitable giving. Matthew 6:3 says,  “when you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” An argument for personal, not institutional charity? (Editor’s note; Zak quoting scripture is truly unfair).

One more word about “motivations,” spoken by the frank Murrieta woman herself. “So (the giving is) done by their churches, their schools and they can build their following.”

Well said.

After The San Jacinto Indictments….

November 23, 2009



That’s just a guess from Wildomar Magazine.

Too Gullible To Identify….

November 21, 2009



Today’s Californian reports on churches duped by their own ignorance but did not identify the Murrieta congregation and leadership, apparently to protect said leadership from ridicule and criticism. 

“State Attorney General Jerry Brown said as many as 30 Southern California churches —- three in Riverside County —- may have been defrauded, with the same companies suspected of bilking other churches in as many as 10 other states.

The local churches involved were in Murrieta, Perris and Moreno Valley.

The companies offered churches free computer kiosks that could serve as electronic message boards and generate advertising revenue, Brown said.

Instead, churches were left with leases as high as $45,000 per year for what amounted to little more than desktop computers and printers housed in podium-sized wooden boxes,” the attorney general’s office said in a statement.”

Since churches are tax-free, non-profit organizations, the general public is forced to subsidize their existence.  Generally speaking, the benefits provided by churches outweighs the costs to the community.  However, when church leaders forget that their church sanctuary is just that; a place of safety from the excesses of our world and put an advertising medium within that place of “safety,” leaders too greedy/naive to protect their flock should bear having to read of their greed/naivete in a public forum.

It is a matter of time before someone will publish the identity of this Murrieta church and we will then know who the advertising genius is. Rest assured, yea, rest in  Blessed Assurance, that Wildomar Magazine will update you.

Comments can be made below.  Wildomar Magazine denies placing any advertising on the Murrieta kiosk.  Zak has too much respect for God’s little sheep to try take any advantage, unlike their supposed shepherd.

Marmaduke, The Movie…

November 20, 2009


All of that encouragement in going to college has again paid off.  Zak’s son, Tim Rasmussen and his equally talented son-in-law, Vince Di Meglio, will receive credit as screenwriters for the making of the partially animated movie feature, Marmaduke, based, of course, on the popular cartoon. Release is set for 2010.

As usual, a normally proud Dad but one who also blogs and can share his pride with his readers.

Thought you might enjoy sharing my moment.  Sorry, I can’t get you tickets to the premier.