Vietnam, 1968; A Year For A Lifetime

I’ve decided to take a partial timeout from trying to capture every last detail of Wildomar’s civic and political environment, in order to apply myself to a personal trip into my past.

I will be posting the pages of my ongoing memoir by writing vignettes, recalling memories and publishing them to the pages of Associated Content. I will also include many of my personal photographs, which were taken in a slide format. As I sort them and then digitize the photographs, I will be plumbing my memory of 40 years ago to record them permanently.

Part of the reason in doing so, is that my six-year-old grandson, Kent Roy Rasmussen, will eventually inherit my now-40 old jungle boots and I wanted to have an idea of what his “Boppa” was thinking and doing while he was wearing them as a 21-year-old sailor.

It’s a grandfather thing.

I’m also hoping that my words may be helpful to a brother Vietnam veteran, who may recognize some part of himself in my words.

It’s a veteran thing.

As each article is written, and approved for publishing by the editors of Associated Content, I will provide the next link to the article on this page, and in sequential order, for clarity and continuity in your reading.

I hope that, if you take the time to read what I write, you will enjoy the journey and not regret the time and effort.

Please click on the following link to join me on the start of my journey.

CHAPTER 2 follows (March 28,2011):


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