The Dumbest Thing, To Date….

January 31, 2010


Check Zak’s  piece just before this posting for context.

This morning’s Californian reports a dinner deal gone bad as the proponent of the  Buckley recall allegedly tried to entrap Lake Elsinore Planning Commissioner Jimmie Flores.

Commissioner Flores is currently running as a council candidate  to replace Buckley, if the recall passes.  Trevi allegedly sent a crew of  his employees to Jimmy’s Las Palmas restaurant for a $500 meal and used a Trevi check to pay for it.

Said check is allegedly being used as proof of a Conflict of Interest Corruption allegation against Flores.

According to the paper, ” Lake Elsinore police investigators are probing a recent incident at a public official’s restaurant that has gotten caught up in the politics of a tangle between the proprietor of an entertainment center and the city.”

Zak has known Jimmy and his good wife, Tina, for years.  Back in the day when Zak played Elsinore politics, writing through Elsinore Magazine, Zak has tossed down a beer or two at Las Palmas.  Zak even sang a Karaoke Night number to then-Mayor Pam Brinley, to the delight of Zak’s followers.

Zak usually  has not supported Jimmy’s political forays, as Zak usually supported Chris Hyland in all of her competing efforts.  That being said, Jimmy and Tina are some of Elsinore’s finest citizens and this latest effort by the bowling alley proprietor is the dumbest thing in this recall, to date.

The late balladeer Jim Croce sang it best when he  presciently crooned,

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape,

You don’t spit into the wind,

you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger,

And you don’t mess around with Jim.”

It is the dumbest thing to pick on nice people in a small town.

Does Zak smell the defeat of the recall in Lake Elsinore’s air?  It can’t be dead carp, they’re all gone.

Be sure to vote “no” on the recall.  Don’t stay home and assume it will be defeated;  you must vote “no” to protect Lake Elsinore’s “smart” future.


A Bad Deal for Lake Elsinore….

January 31, 2010




The second dumbest thing to happen in the Lake Elsinore Recall Election was for a fine young public servant, Lake Elsinore City Councilman Thomas Buckley, who is falsely accused of taking money from a developer (there is ZERO evidence offered by his accuser because there is no evidence), to put himself in a situation wherein he was arrested for Driving Under The Influence  (“DUI”) in the middle of a recall election.  

It is not corruption to do something dumb or Daryl Hickman would be in shackles. Buckley has publically addressed the  regretable event and is currently dealing privately with the matter through his  legal counsel, as is his right.

The dumbest thing to happen, to date, is that  the sponsor of the recall effort, in a reported spasm of rage, has foolishly filed a lawsuit against the people of Lake Elsinore.  According to a  recent article in the Californian:

“Angered by the city’s revocation of his live music permit, the owner of an entertainment complex in Lake Elsinore is suing the city over the lack of automatic sprinkler systems in City Hall and the Cultural Center, where most of the city’s public meetings are held.”

Nice timing.  Good time to nail down dwindling support for your recall effort.  Fortunately, Elsinorians understand better  what Trevi is all  about.

Trevi’s lawsuit is going to cost Elsinore about $50,000 more in legal fees than Buckley has ever legally put in his pocket in his tenure as a poorly-compensated councilman. $300.00 a month is a tiny stipend for the amount of time and effort spent to represent Lake Elsinore and, if my memory serves me correct , Buckley refused most of  his modest stipend when the city had to institute cut backs and days off for city employees. He’s one of the good guys.

The only thing that would move the above dumb things to numbers three, four, and five, respectively, is for Elsinore’s voters to vote yes on Buckley’s recall and then also vote for candidate Steve Manos, who is supported in his candidacacy by the bowling alley proprietor.

That would put two Trevi supporters (Manos and current councilman Daryl Hickman)  sitting side-by-side on the Elsinore City Council. (See above)

Which would be the dumbest outcome for Elsinore since Pam Brinley was last elected.

Pro-Life Alert; Behold Your Hero…

January 29, 2010


……If you glibly espouse that the killing of all  unborn “children” is tantamount to murder, Scott Roeder is your American Idol and your moral superior. His vile, murderous actions are consistent with his beliefs and words.  He will rightfully spend the rest of his life in prison for his actions. You can’t call abortion murder and not consider the hypocrisy on your words. This is serious stuff and cannot be taken lightly.  Words have meaning. And consequences.

It’s like having a moment of silence when you really want a prayer.

Wildomar Magazine is linking this story from the Wichita Eagle, paper of record for this trial, if you want more details.

As an eight year old child,  residing in a  modest trailer park in the Wichita suburb of Haysville, Kansas, I am sure that young Zak read the cartoon page of the Eagle. Usually after the wailing sirens of the tornado warnings stopped, to be sure. At that time, only Elvis The Pelvis 

and television

were considered to be  sinful. Cigarette smoking was, too and they were apparently correct, still the cartoon page was not yet off limits to Zak’s curious mind.  

Our family lived in abject poverty

as my zealot parents “spread” their knowledge and beliefs of the Pentecostal version of the  Christian Gospel to the lost souls of Kansas. Their actions were consistent with their words and beliefs.

My parents were true Believers, as they labored, ceaselessly, for Jesus, which is one reason why Zak is singularly unimpressed by the “big box enterprise,”  mega-money churches, such as Cornerstone, that are spreading their  wings of healing  economic/political influence over the local populace of Wildomar.

Now, before you send your emails with your knee-jerk Pro-Life arguments, understand that I can make three scripture-based arguments for when “life” occurs. Zak is not a fan of abortion but there are some godly young parents somewhere, whose anencephalic “child” was born without a brain, or hope of life, (In the United States, approximately 1 out of 150,000 to 200,000 babies are born with anencephaly each year.  See Wikipedia) and for whom abortion is their private right. 

Anencephaly, therefore,  must also sadly occur in believer’s homes as well.

Zak will tolerate abortions generally so that that these traumatized parents can “resolve the irresolvable” with their doctors and their own consciences.  Do you want to be the Christian brother or sister to heap unfounded guilt on their  profound grief?

Damned unchristian of you, if you would.

Comments can be addressed to

Together, In His Service,


Murrieta School District Saved By A Murrieta Church…

January 27, 2010


Please excuse Zak for another piece on public prayer but this is so fresh (and weird), it commands a Zakian commentary.

According to today’s Californian, Murrieta-based Life Church will unhinge their God-given brains and pray for an end to the bad economy and the resultant impacts on jobs and budgets, while similtaneously exploiting their school-aged children for the sake of church growth.

“Our vision is to bring life to the valley, rather than waiting for the valley to come to Life Church” according to the pastor.  Need Zak say more?  I would prefer they had waited, patience being a Godly virtue and all.

“Organized by the Murrieta-based Life Church, the inaugural “Dare to Pray” event aims to send spiritual support to the educators and others in the community, organizers said.

The prayer is meant to focus on helping educators grapple with the severe budget cuts that are looming and could include layoffs or salary reductions, but other topics will include keeping families healthy and safe and the crisis in Haiti, they said.

“We can sit back and do nothing and hope things are going to get better, or we can actually be proactive —- ask God to get involved, ask God for his providence, ask God to heal us,” said organizer Lisa Hudson, who plans to take part in the prayer walk at Ysabel Barnett Elementary in Temecula with her daughter, who is in kindergarten, and her son, a first-grader. “We believe in the power of prayer.”

This appears to be a bald-faced publicity ploy for church growth, and contrary to Scripture;  “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get.”  (Matthew 6:5 New Living Translation.) Can Zak’s analysis be any more on point?

Private prayer, however,  is always appropriate. These folks apparently haven’t grown large enough yet to get out of the rented high school auditorium they use as a church.  Perhaps, once they grow, they can buy the unusable land owned by Calvary Chapel Murrieta and try build another mega-church. 

Since there is no way for any of us to measure the efficacy of their  prayer efforts, Zak will assume someone from the church will be able to declare “mission accomplished” so Murrieta can know when they were eventually saved from the recession.  Wildomar Magazine will monitor and report on any additional “mission” statements.

These people think that they are being “proactive.”  If they truly wanted to be proactive, they would learn how to get involved in state elections and help elect state assemblymen and senators who have the fortitude to put California back on the path to financial sanity and end the recession.

Part of that sanity would be to reduce the number of state employees, including teachers, and their excessive pension benefits, through layoffs,  to a level hard-pressed California taxpayers can afford.

Now that would be an answer to Zak’s prayers.  Grapple with that.

By the way, rather than pray for Haiti, Zak proactively sent actual money to the Red Cross to provide food and water for Haitian succor.  I would encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t yet.  God will appreciate your lifting a hand to assist Him with the suffering Haitians.

“Dare to donate.”

Comments can be made to, or simply pray and “send” your private thoughts to Zak directly.

Why Council Prayer Can’t Be Fair….

January 26, 2010



When do these guys get their turn?  Who’s gonna tell them that they can’t be serious?

It’s better  to say “never mind” to all prayers, invocations, silent moments and such. 

Farnam had it right. Bridgette, and her minions, have it wrong.

Comments may be made to, who you can see at most city council meetings.

A Moment Of Silence Is A Prayer…

January 26, 2010



“A moment of silence is the expression for a period of silent contemplation, prayer, reflection, or meditation. Similar to flying a flag at half-mast, a moment of silence is often a gesture of respect, particularly in mourning for those who have recently died or as part of a commemoration ceremony of a tragic historical event.” ( See Wikipedia for  “moment of silence”)

Unless Wednesday night’s Moment Of Silence, as  listed on the council agenda, is announced on behalf of Haiti’s 150,000 dead, it will  be just another stealth “prayer time for Wildomar.”

And everyone says Amen.

Respectful comments may be made to  Disrespectful comments should be silently contemplated during your prayer time.

Which One?…..

January 25, 2010


There is likely to be as many odd home designs as there are homeowners.  Most communities rely on their planning and building department professionals to filter through the odd designs, to root out the ones that should not be approved.  Apparently, Wildomar’s planning and building staff cannot find any basis for denying one of these odd designs so they approved it.

How about ” it just doesn’t  look right?”  Or, to be more specific, “you can’t use a fence to build your house on.”  Either denial would’ve worked here.

Zak is asking any readers to see if they can determine which odd design has been approved by local staff.  There will be no prizes for the correct choice; only the personal satisfaction that you may be better qualified to approve additions than staff.


 Just a little hint for the confused.  Notice how smartly the first-stage “scratch coat” of the stucco system deftly blends onto the top of the fence. (double click on the photo to enlarge.)

Staff, you cannot be serious.  This is not what the community expects from professionals.