Paranoia Makes Wildomar’s Electeds Crazy With…..

September 28, 2011


A recent lawsuit filed by the heretofore unknown Alliance for Intelligent Planning, has produced some unusual and inappropriate conduct on the part of Wildomar’s elected officials.

For example, on the day the lawsuit was filed, Mayor Marsha Swanson accosted Sheryl Ade, the as yet only known representative of the plaintiff alliance, using all types of sad histrionics, including tearful begging to stop the lawsuit.

When tears didn’t work, Swanson had the gall to the suggest that Sheryl should “just once, put the community first” cavalierly dismissing Sheryl’s years of activism and volunteerism on behalf of the incorporation committee, among other things.

If it wasn’t for Sheryl’s years of work, Wildomar wouldn’t exist as a city, according to Supervisor Bob Buster.

As recently as yesterday, Councilmember Tim Walker made repeated harassing telephone calls to former Planning Commissioner Gary Andre, seeking to confirm that Andre was a part of the alliance. Walker’s aberrant curiosity was not, however, sated.

Andre has generously spent years of his personal time developing the Butterfield Trails and, more recently, has spent the last several months creating a map of the inadequate infrastructure of the flood control system that currently exists in Wildomar.

Nevertheless, Walker’s ham-handed tactics and abusive treatment of Andre was sufficient to quash Andre’s Spirit of volunteerism and, as a result, Andre took his partially completed work product to City Hall , dropped it on the Assistant City Manager’s desk, and stated that “he was done” with his efforts on behalf of the city.

A special Wildomar Magazine word of thanks to Walker for his human and political sensitivities.

Not surprisingly, the boisterous councilmember could not stop there. 

He took it upon himself to advise Andre, assuming he would get the message to Sheryl Ade, that, according to Walker, “Sheryl will never be elected to public office in Wildomar in the future.”

So now, Tim Walker is Wildomar’s official political pundit and is able to proclaim who will or won’t be a viable candidate in the future.

It appears to Zak that the little political clique at City Hall is now infested with a special strain of craziness.

Perhaps, Councilmember Walker, you did not notice that at the recent public event you attended at WRCOG, your boisterous reputation preceded you and no other officials from nearby cities wanted to share a table with you, according to my sources.

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PARANOIA UPDATE: It has further come to Zak’s attention that Andre, several days ago, was meeting with plaintiff counsel Ray Johnson at the subject property to discuss the drainage issue.

Apparently Johnson had convinced Andre to meet with him voluntarily, rather than be forced, by subpoena, to do so. That alone should give a hint to the paranoiacs that Andre is not a party to the litigation.

While discussing the drainage issues at the site, apparently Councilmember Bridgette Moore observed the two men talking and felt self-empowered sufficiently  to approach the two men engaged in a private conversation and to demand of Andre as to his authority to discuss anything with plaintiff counsel.

(Apparently, Bridgette forgets that little impediment to her presumed “authority” called the Constitution and Gary Andre’s First Amendment rights to free speech, not to mention free association. )

Perhaps the city attorney could counsel Bridgette  regarding the avoidance of any future contact with plaintiff counsel.

Ironically, in a moment of outrageous hypocrisy, Bridgette also apparently forgets that she and former Councilmember Scott Farnam attempted to remove Andre from the Planning Commission for allegedly approaching a residential code violator, as being an act of official malfeasance for improperly acting under the color of authority.

In this case, the City of Wildomar is a party to the actual litigation of the Bundy Canyon Subway project, Councilmember Bridgette Moore has no business making contact with plaintiff counsel on her own. Perhaps, as a result, she has waived some immunities for the City due to her reckless conduct.

In any event, she is being a bully to a private citizen, who has every right to discuss whatever he wants, with whomever he chooses.

Wildomar Cemetery Desecrated With Trash And……

September 27, 2011


Approximately 3 weeks ago, some local lowlife determined that his used oil was too much of a hassle for him to safely and properly dispose of. So, he disposed of his used motorcycle oil on the grounds of the Wildomar Cemetery District, poorly contained in four “empty” 5 gallon cans of racing fuel, further contaminating the oil with high-octane racing fuel.

In meeting to discuss the appropriate and proper removal, the Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery District actively disputed over how to dispose of our “gift.”

One misguided Trustee suggested that he could “make it disappear,” at no cost to the Cemetery District. Fortunately, a saner and wiser head prevailed, and direction was given to General Manager Gary Nordquist, who sought the assistance of CR & R to dispose of the oil containers, at no cost to the district.

As a result of the unwanted intrusion onto Cemetery property, the Board of Trustees has since authorized the long-planned installation of a chain-link fence to prevent further occurrences.

End of story? Hardly. This is, after all, Wildomar, where rules and regulations can often be ignored, to the detriment of the community.

But not if I can help it!


Unfortunately, two weeks ago, a sub-subcontractor to the City of Wildomar made the unfortunate and unauthorized decision to empty his street sweeper of the petroleum-contaminated soils and debris picked up from the Bundy Canyon Road work recently completed.

Once again, the sharp and watchful eye of Gil Rasmussen, President of the Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery District spotted the second intrusion. He immediately called General Manager Gary Nordquist, who set in motion the process with which the District would/could address the potentially hazardous debris, starting with an Emergency Board Meeting, wherein the trustees could provide specific direction to staff.

The Board of Trustees determined the following, by unanimous vote:
1) General Manager Nordquist, who is also the Assistant City Manager of the City of Wildomar, was to provide written notice to the city’s subcontractor of the potentially hazardous situation created by their sub-subcontractor,
2) and for the subcontractor to provide, by a time certain, their written protocol for the proper and legal removal of any and all hazardous materials wongfully deposited on district property, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees  before any remedial actions are taken.
3) in the event the subcontractor was unable or unwilling to comply with the above terms, they were to be advised that the Cemetery District would take the steps necessary to legally and properly abate the hazardous condition, with the understanding that the district would seek 100% reimbursement from the City of Wildomar and, ultimately, their subcontractor.

It would have cost the Cemetery District in excess of $1100 to properly abate/remediate the materials.

Fortunately, the city’s subcontractor understood the gravity of the board’s concerns relative to  their sub-subcontractor’s actions and chose to abate/remediate the site, in a legal manner, at no cost whatsoever to the District.

On the day of the cleanup, Double Barrel Hazmat Services removed 15-55 gallon metal drums of contaminated soils, weighing a total of approximately 9000 pounds, or 4 1/2 tons of contaminated soil.

Fortunately for the District, we were able to identify the source of the contaminated soil, thus sparing the District or the City of Wildomar the expense of a proper cleanup.

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All of the grounds of the Wildomar Cemetery District, including the currently undeveloped parcel 5, are paid for and maintained by local property owners/taxpayers and are, as such, considered by this trustee, to be within the sacred boundaries of the District and the aforementioned actions are all desecration, whether thoughtless or intentional.

Wildomar’s Mayor Doubles Down On Official……

September 25, 2011


What’s the point of the Wildomar City Council always going into Closed Session to discuss litigation involving the City of Wildomar, when Wildomar Marsha Swanson is so willing to discuss specific elements of current litigation with local newspaper reporters?

Please click on the following link for the latest example of civic embarrassment:

Not only does Swanson make public statements that reveal official attitudes which may be implicated in the litigation, her statements prove the point of the litigation in the public eye and public arena.

For example, the following: “Mayor Marsha Swanson dismissed the noise and flooding arguments, saying the project would be next to a 24-hour Jack in the Box and the site itself is flat.”

Apparently, given the above statement by Swanson, she would be supportive of  another noisy, well-lit 24 hour food operation, as long as it was next to another equally bright and noisy commercial operation, nearby residents be damned.

And her commentary regarding the flatness of the land to be used, clearly reveals and confirms her lack of knowledge of the issue regarding potential flooding and drainage.

As result, rather than serious contemplation of the significance of another lawsuit over the planning commission decision, affirmed by the City Council, Swanson attributes the genesis of the lawsuit as being based in attorney greed, and thus,” doubles down” on her original error in voting for the project without listening to informed and concerned citizens regarding reasonable issues.

At least, Swanson apparently reads, and learns from, Zak Turango.

She now understands that the cost of this litigation to Wildomar will be eventually reimbursed by the developer, who originally brought this substandard and incomplete project to the city.

As he should.

Perhaps the developer’s willingness to “shoehorn” a project into Wildomar, without meeting reasonable, well-known standards for commercial development reflects a greed that would surpass that which is alleged, by Swanson, of plaintiff counsel.

In any event, the die is cast, and this litigation will go forward and we will, in my opinion, watch the developer and City Council surrender once again.

Had the Planning Commission, and ultimately, the City Council, lived up to their obligations in properly exercising their discretion by appropriately conditioning this project in the first place, this litigation would not have been necessary.

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This is why most public officials wisely don’t comment on existing litigation.

Wildomar Magazine Just Blew Through 80,000 Views….

September 23, 2011



I guess folks have an appetite for opinion and commentary, even if they don’t always agree.

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Thanks to my readers!!

Wildomar Has Yet To Enact A Refund Protocol……

September 22, 2011



In response to a recent Wildomar Magazine article curiously raising the question of when the balance of  my $56 refund for the court-declared  illegal park tax assessment will be in my mailbox, Zak recently received an e-mail from one of the attorneys involved on behalf of the plaintiff.

It is his informed opinion that the County of Riverside is ultimately responsible for all refunds, since they were the “takers” of the tax in the first place.

Naturally, the County is  looking to the destitute City of Wildomar to return any monies that they, as ultimate end-user, have already expended.

As a result, we resident taxpayers are caught in the middle of a worm fight between two squabbling magpies.

Officials at the City of Wildomar have responded to my request for a refund primarily by, and limited to, verbally acknowledging receipt of my request.

My own verbal response was that the City of Wildomar should address the issue and create a protocol whereby residents of Wildomar, if they desired, would be provided a generous but finite window of opportunity to file for a refund from the City, who could then issue an IOU, redeemable, at some future date, when the city has the funds to do so.

At the very least, the City of Wildomar should acknowledge its potential obligations to its residents by developing a protocol whereby interested citizens are able to file a claim for their refund.

At the same time, the city would be able to quantify their exposure and make preparations to address their financial obligations in future budgets.

That would be the fair, ethical and equitable thing to do.

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On another note, city officials, including electeds, should be careful that their informal promotion and encouragement of citizens to donate their tax refunds to the nonprofit corporation recently established for the maintenance of parks are legal and appropriate.

There are tax implications to be considered, as well as the potential of perpetrating a fraud on uninformed citizens, without sufficient and appropriate disclosures.

Telling folks what to do with their money/refunds is not a reasonable responsibility for the uninformed/ignorant to take upon themselves, especially as elected officials.

Councilmember Tim Walker’s Worst Fears……

September 21, 2011


Wildomar City Council’s “single issue candidate,” Tim Walker, whose “over-the-top” diatribe against medical marijuana in Wildomar obviously gained him sufficient electoral notoriety to win a seat on the Wildomar City Council, must be rolling on the floor, laughing his *ss off (hereinafter “ROTFLMAO”) with the recent conclusory publication of a RAND (“Research And Development” for the ignorant and unread) Corporation think tank study, as reported in today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, that marijuana “dispensaries” apparently do not cause an increase in local crime by their existence.

Please click on the following link, if you haven’t read it as yet:

If we accept the above reasonable conclusion, then Councilmember Walker’s election was based upon his uninformed hysteria and not upon reasonable facts.

At the very least, it would be refreshing for Councilmember Walker to demonstrate his growth in leadership, if it exists, by publicly recanting his opposition to Wildomar’s serene Medical Marijuana Collective on Mission Trail.

Wildomar currently manifests its official hypocrisy in continuing to resist, through expensive and unnecessary litigation, a collective that has existed for approximately 6 months, without the outbreak of a violent crime wave.

The serenity is probably due to the bevy of sophisticated surveillance cameras utilized by the proprietor, which apparently suppresses the evil temptations of marijuana thieves.

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I Only Received 50% Of My Park Tax Refund…..

September 18, 2011



The initial notice that I received from the County of Riverside, advised me that I would receive four years of tax reimbursement at $28 per year, which would equal $112.

Last week, I received a check for $56 issued by the County of Riverside for which I’m grateful and can put to good use. However, that means I am due $56 from some other source.

 As I contemplated which source that might be, it occurred to me that the only remaining source would be City of Wildomar.

It is small wonder that members of the City Council of Wildomar have made a big point of loudly applauding those members of the community who have agreed to donate the checks received from the County of Riverside.

It is a disingenuous means to deflect citizens of Wildomar, who may need the money, from considering a request for their portion of the tax refund from Wildomar.

Bravo for those who donate.

On the other hand, there are those in Wildomar who, like myself, may need to have every dollar due them for their own economic well-being.

Therefore, on behalf of myself and those who may be similarly situated, I am going to make a formal request to the City of Wildomar for the properly anticipated $56  tax refund, and will report their response accordingly.

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A Moment Of Sanity….

September 17, 2011



In a moment of unintended sanity, the Lake Elsinore City Council wisely chose to appoint former Lake Elsinore City Treasurer Peter Weber over former Lake Elsinore City Councilwoman Genie Kelley to fill Amy Bhutta’s vacant seat at the counsel dais.

If you recall, Peter Weber was the reform treasurer, in concert with former councilman, Thomas Buckley, who began to put an end to the corruption and misdeeds so rampant in the 1990s, when the City of Lake Elsinore was being run by Kelley and her cronies, Pam Brinley, Kevin Pape, and the late Bob Schiffner.

If you were not a resident of Lake Elsinore at that time, you have no idea how fortunate you are that Weber was appointed.

If you were a resident of Lake Elsinore at that time, and were a reader of Elsinore Magazine, you do have an idea.

So Kelley’s little Band of Schoolmarms can now go back to their classrooms and concentrate on educating your children, rather than packing City Hall with their political activities.

And I, Zak Turango, former writer for Elsinore Magazine, will be able to let my EM archives Rest in Peace, like the five children who drowned in the lake campground during the Kelley Era.

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One Last Gasp Attempt For….

September 14, 2011



According to my sources, the City Council of Lake Elsinore is going to attempt, “one more time,” to make an appointment to the empty city Council seat of Amy Bhutta, in a special council meeting set for Friday afternoon.

Apparently, each of the four potential nominees have been contacted by city representatives and requested to be present on Friday afternoon.

As a result, “Uncle Rick” Morsch still has a shot at his pre-planned coronation.

Rather than admitting defeat, the cabal behind Uncle Rick, can only hope, if they succeed in their quest, that the desperation to achieve their desires is ultimately ignored by the citizens of Lake Elsinore.

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Democracy Wins A Seat……

September 14, 2011



When compared to other systems of government, democracy is the least efficient manner in which we select our leaders

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore Patch for the details of “Uncle Rick’s” anguish:

And, based upon a projected $70,000 cost for a special election, the most expensive.

However, the citizens of Lake Elsinore should be thankful for civic deadlock, as “they” will be able to select “their” choice to replace Amy Bhutta on the City Council.

Democracy is, after all, always the best outcome.

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