Wildomar Service Clubs….

July 31, 2011


The past week has had Zak Turango holding his bated breath for the self-gratification of two local “service?” Clubs, namely the Wildomar Chamberpot of Commerce and the Wildomar Rotary Club.

Since these two cliques only represent the political elite of Wildomar (one only has to review their Director & Officer lists to observe the off-repeated political names of Benoit, Moore, Swanson and Morris), it only takes a simple leap of logic to assume that any awards or public celebrations appear to  have a political raison d’être.

For example, at last week’s Wildomar City Council meeting, the City Staff budget presentation included an overt misrepresentation of the source of $1,940,195 in “grants,” which invited an “on point” public rebuttal by former Council member Sheryl Ade.

Please click on the following link, and scroll down to page 101 for confirmation:


Apparently, this was presented to enhance and justify the purported extraordinary performance of the Community Services Director in garnering a significant amount of “grant” monies for the City of Wildomar.

However, Sheryl pointed out that all of the money donated for Wildomar events are actually “gifts” from various city vendors and County agencies. And include everything received from the city’s inauguration.

 Further, many of the other sources of “grants,” were not competitive. A City such as Wildomar must  only apply for the grant to receive it.

Of course, correct spelling on such an application is always a plus. And which may be an extraordinary talent among the political non-spelling elite in Wildomar.

Further, at the end of the day, any monies garnered appear to be a normal part of the vague job description for the Community Services Director position.

Sheryl concluded her presentation with the query, “Why is this misrepresentation occurring?”

Sheryl’s answer came in the form of the Wildomar Chamberpot of Commerce presentation to Bridgette Moore fave, Paula Willette, as the Chamberpot’s “Citizen of the Year.”

Alas, it doesn’t stop with the Chamberpot of Commerce.

On Friday evening, the Wildomar Rotary Club announced their “Service Above Self” award to the hard-working child who raised $1000 in a futile attempt to “Save Wildomar’s Parks.”

Please click on the following video to observe:


Unfortunately, the Rotary Club has a long history of gender bias, that was only ended in the 1980s.

According to Wikipedia, the following: “From 1905 until the 1980s, women were not allowed membership in Rotary clubs…”

Perhaps, when the young child grows up, she will have no lasting memory of her exploitation by the exclusivist club that would not have permitted her to be a member less than 25 years ago.

As a parent, I would never have permitted my daughter to have such public exposure in the Internet/Facebook world.

Nevertheless, staying on point, awards such as this tend to have a political basis, if only to promote the “Wildomar Rocks!” mentality of it’s adolescent leaders.

Finally, to make my point about the self-gratification and narcissistic nature of these clubs, please click on the following:


Mona Davies, a Rotary Club of Wildomar Director, presented a self-serving (it spotlighted her own nonprofit organization) award to the Club of which she is a director? How utterly meaningless can an award be?

Why was it reported as news?

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By the way, Wildomar Magazine has just awarded the Internet version of the Pulitzer prize to editor/publisher Zak Turango for the category of “parody, satire, opinion & commentary.”

Zak may present his award to himself during Public Comments at the next Wildomar City Council meeting.

Don’t miss it.


The Most Palatable Candidate For Lake Elsinore’s…

July 30, 2011


…. is Lake Elsinore’s elder stateswoman.

After decades of city volunteerism and activism, the former Director of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District would be the excellent choice for serving out the rest of Amy Bhutta’s term in office.

She correctly, as it turns out, was always on the side of “right, “when it came to the Lake Elsinore Advanced Storage Pump System (“LEAPS”).

And, at her maturity of years, she would be a good caretaker of the vacant seat until the 2012 election would enable the voters of Lake Elsinore to select a permanent Council member.

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Sheltered Safe In The Hands Of…..

July 29, 2011


On Thursday, July 20, 2011, the Local Area Formation Commission (“LAFCO”) voted 7-0, granting permission for the Wildomar Cemetery District to become a subsidiary of the City of Wildomar.

Today’s Californian covered the meeting. Please click on the following link for background:


As President of the Board of Trustees, along with trustees Paula Willette and Stan Smith (hereinafter “the Board”), the Board successfully guided the formerly-troubled Special District into the governance of the City of Wildomar, bridging a relatively smooth transition under the very competent management skills of Assistant City Manager, Gary Nordquist and various components of city staff.

As a result, the Wildomar Cemetery and the City of Wildomar will mutually benefit from this new relationship.

It is my anticipation that the souls of those at rest within the Cemetery itself will continue to enjoy the intended serenity of their loved ones who chose to place them in Wildomar Cemetery as their final resting place.

The care of the Cemetery will continue to benefit from the hard work of Head Groundskeeper, Kirk Schrader, and his assistant, Daniel. The park-like beauty of the Cemetery is a tribute to their efforts.

As far back as the Garden of Eden, the Creator has always resorted to human efforts for the care of his Creation. His admonishment to Adam and Eve was to “go into the Garden and dress it.”

Thus, it now falls to the City Council of Wildomar, and City Staff, to carefully provide care for the mortal remains of the Departed now entrusted to their stewardship.

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The Temporary Budget Cuts Are…..

July 28, 2011



Perhaps, they  may not be so temporary.

Last evening, the Wildomar City Council reduced the city’s budget by $1.8 million, most of which came from a $1.5 million “temporary” reduction in the city’s contract with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for police services.

What will be interesting to watch in Wildomar is if the reduction makes a significant difference in your life and my life or the life of the community of Wildomar altogether?

One of the outcomes of the mantra of multiple decades of politically conservative candidates espousing “law and order” is the perpetual quest for police forces to attain staffing levels at one police officer per 1000 citizens.

While that number may be insufficient for a troubled community such as Lake Elsinore, that formula may be entirely too many police officers for Wildomar’s serene patch of dry land.

Wildomar City Manager Frank Oviedo prefaced his remarks at a meeting yesterday by stating that it is a “new era of government” in Wildomar.

Perhaps, Oviedo is far more correct than he knows.

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If You’ve Never Heard A Bullet Go Over Your Head…

July 25, 2011



….. You may read the following column written by Press Enterprise columnist Carl Love and you may disagree with my sentiments, if you desire to do so, but only in respectful silence.


On the other hand, if you are a veteran who knows the sound of battle, I would welcome any respectful disagreement.

Heaven knows we’ve all earned the right to disagree with one another.

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City Budget Cuts…..

July 23, 2011


The City of Wildomar agenda packet is available for your review, as follows:

Please click on the link and permit the PDF time to download and then scroll down to  page 94 to begin your own review, if you desire.


After Zak’s review, some highlights and commentary, as follows:

1) The Sheriffs Department has agreed to a temporary reduction of $1.5 million.
2) InterWest has agreed to an across-the-board 5% reduction for it’s contract services.
3) Staff is recommending that the elimination of the $300 a month stipend for city Council members as well as medical benefits, PERS employee contributions, and $8000 for meeting and conference reimbursements.

Wildomar Magazine disagrees. City Council members should retain their $300 per month stipends, and basic health insurance should be available, if necessary. The PERS benefit should be eliminated, as most elected officials do not go on to become career politicians or employees of the state, so it is meaningless. Travel and membership reimbursement should be eliminated, for the present, as it is primarily for events that are political in nature.
4) City Administration will be asked to reduce their salaries, which is appropriate.
5) Membership in the Southern California Association of Governments will be eliminated.
6) Renegotiate the city’s lease of office space by a reduction of 5%.

Wildomar Magazine again suggests that the City Hall could be relocated to modular buildings on the grounds of Marna O’Brien Park, which would save in excess of $100,000 per year. This would be a valid suggestion even if SB 89 had not been implemented.

7) Merge Planning Commission duties with City Council duties, by eliminating the Planning Commission itself.

Wildomar Magazine disagrees with the proposed merger, as it would make each proposed development a political football, and and make ultimate decisions subject to  campaign contributions from developers (i.e. the Kenny Robles campaign contribution of $150 to Planning Commission-appointee and Council-candidate Ben Benoit).

Instead, retention of the planning commission, perhaps with a reduced meeting schedule, preserving a non-politicized body to consider the “finding of facts” that must be addressed for each proposed development.

In the recent past, a  project which should have gone to the Planning Commission, instead went directly to the City Council, who unwisely approved it, only to be embroiled in costly litigation.

The minor cost of the Planning Commission, for the sake of having a proper influence/control on development in Wildomar, remains warranted.

Overall, it appears that City staff has done their homework and made reasonable suggestions that will enable Wildomar to continue to function.

Notably, by its omission, there does not appear to be any reduction to the contract with the Animal shelter JPA, even though Wildomar would have excellent leverage to do so, at this time.

This would appear to be a missed opportunity for the City of Wildomar to inhibit the growth of that “beast.”

Is Wildomar’s budget crisis being wagged by stray dog’s tails?

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Notice, if you will, that are no links to any local newspapers, as Wildomar Magazine, who is best attuned, of any local media, to local politics, was able to provide you information, a direct source, and of course, cogent commentary for your consideration.

Sometimes, that is far more useful than a simple news report.

Former EVMWD Director Chris Hyland….

July 23, 2011



At the request of the former EVMWD Director, Chris Hyland, who writes with the authority of a fearless activist and crusader in things Elsinore, Wildomar Magazine is happy to link a recent Community Forum article penned by her and published in the Californian, as follows:


Ms. Hyland appropriately resorts to the off-used Zakian term, “boondoggle” to describe the expensive LEAPS project, which was foisted on the public and  promoted like a 1880’s-style Wildomar real estate land scheme.

Alas Fortunately, neither were successful.

Please click on the following link for a good definition:


 The editorial staff of Wildomar Magazine applauds Chris Hyland for her outspoken opposition to boondoggles throughout the years.

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