July 31, 2013


It’s a Wildomar magazine first, using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the title line, which generally means, in current e-mail and texting usage, that you are SCREAMING at your readers.

According to a recent Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article, the usually community-friendly Lake Elsinore Storm baseball team is a erecting a garish 55 foot tall television screen which will glare at you and I as we pass by on Interstate 15 with enormous 5′ x 16′ Storm Eyes.

 Please click on the link to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for further details:

Apparently the City of Lake Elsinore has little municipal regard for the City of Wildomar’s long-standing “Dark skies, bright stars” philosophy, not to mention the negative impact the flashing LED sign will have on the Mt. Palomar Observatory.


 If you are a Storm fan, you’ll already know what time the game is.

If you’re not a fan, this won’t help.

For me, the sign will be a specific reason not to attend any Storm game.

H.O.P.E. Seeks Your….

April 14, 2013


Ron Hewison, Executive Director for H.O.P.E.  (“Helping Our People in Elsinore”) is asking the readers of Wildomar Magazine  for their assistance in securing a $20,000 grant from Wal-Mart. 

Hewison explains it best in his e-mail dated April 14, 2013, as follows:

From: Ron (
Subject: HOPE
Date: 04/14/2013 09:59 AM
Morning to you Gil,
Seeking a favor for HOPE – we are one of 170 agencies nationwide that qualified (after submitting a written narrative) for a $20,000 award from Walmart as part of their Fighting Hunger campaign. Now the process moves to generating votes on Facebook. The top 60 vote getters will each receive $20, 000.
Today we are in the top 60 but I’d like to move up the leader board.  
The funds will be used for our Backpacks For Kids program. This sends 250 Lake Elsinore and Wildomar kids home with a back pack of food each Friday.  
The goal is to have them focus on studies  on Monday morning rather than waiting for the free lunch.
There is a chance we can break the  cycle of poverty in the family.
The link to  vote is below. Each person can vote once a day between now and 30 April.
If you could post this opportunity on Wildomar Magazine it could well keep us in the frame.
Thanks Ron for HOPE
After all of the recent disclosure of e-mails exposing the darker side of local politics , Wildomar Magazine is happy to encourage its readers support this fine and generous organization.
‘Nuff said.

Lake Elsinore Resident’s Questions Makes Marsha Swanson……

January 23, 2013



It never ceases to amaze me how the words of elected officials can return to haunt them so rapidly after they are spoken.

According to today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article, concerned property owners in Lake Elsinore are demanding answers from Lake Elsinore city officials regarding a question of duration of their Mello Roos bond/liens, which had been attached to their property since 1988. Apparently, the question of the 20 year lifespan allegedly promised by the developer conflicts with the 30 year lifespan stated by the city.

Please click on the following link to the Patch, for context and confirmation:

As I recall the days of covering politics for Elsinore Magazine, city officials were feverishly refinancing existing Mello Roos bonds, such as 88-3, to take advantage of lower interest rates, purportedly to inure to the benefit and advantage of the homeowners. However, it was always my suspicion, that the “refinance” process not only provided additional billing opportunities for the bond agent and bond counsel, but likely extended the duration and lifespan of the underlying bond.

In the same context of proposing another Mello Roos bond measure for Wildomar’s park maintenance, Wildomar City council member Marsha Swanson publicly and cavalierly “blew off” any concerns she would have over a Mello Roos attachment to another parcel tax measure.

Please click on the following link to the City of Wildomar City Council minutes of June 27, 2012 (and scroll down to page 4), to confirm her unreliable and foolish words:

Fortunately for park supporters, the balance of the Wildomar City Council agreed with yours truly, and others, as they rejected Swanson’s misinformation and permitted Measure Z to go forward, but only as a “parcel tax,” which resulted in the barely successful passage of the ballot measure in November 2012.

In contrast, the previous Measure D, which was tainted by Mello Roos, failed to win passage in June 2011.

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Avoiding The Taint And Stain Of…

January 20, 2013



For those of you old enough to remember, or those of you who have lived in Wildomar before “political” newcomers, such as Ben Benoit, (2010) Tim Walker (2010), and even Bridgette Moore (2001) arrived on scene, the residents of Wildomar have sought to distance themselves from its tawdry northern neighbor, Lake Elsinore.

As a matter of fact, the community of Wildomar was granted formal status as an  “Unincorporated Community of Interest” long before it considered incorporation as a city, in order to prevent the annexation of Wildomar by some greedy Lake Elsinore  politicians (real estate agents and developer interests) in Lake Elsinore.

In effect, what the real estate hustlers wanted was access to Bundy Canyon Road and its potential commercial development from Mission Trail to the Interstate 15 freeway for its proposed 9400 home development in the Back Bay formerly known as Liberty.

Fortunately, Liberty has been pared down by approximately 50% and is now known as Summerly. Nevertheless, the reasons there are traffic lights nearly every 50 feet on Mission Trail is to handle traffic from Summerly.

Recognition of the taint and stain is found in the various, and well-deserved, monikers for Lake Elsinore, such as “Lake Smellsomemore,” and my personal favorite, since I created it back in the day when I was the prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine, “Sh*tville, inhabited by Sh*tvillians.”

For the record, most Wildomarians have little desire to have any physical proximity, or political and economic connection to, Lake Elsinore. Planning Commissioner Harv Dykstra led a successful movement in the 1990s to get a separate zip code for Wildomar, apart from the zip code for Lake Elsinore.

Current City council member Bob Cashman, at one point in the recent past, wanted to claim ownership of Elsinore High School, and to rename it  Wildomar High School, since it sits within Wildomar’s new boundaries.

As a Trustee of the Board of Trustees for the Wildomar Cemetery Special District, myself, current Planning Commissioner Stan Smith, and Community Services Director Paula Willette, successfully resisted Riverside County pressure to merge the Wildomar Cemetery  with the Lake Elsinore Cemetery Special District.

Now, foolishly, the ignorant, paid bureaucrats of the Western Riverside Council Of Governments (“WRCOG”) and their equally ignorant, paid consultants are attempting to foist the concept of “West Wildomar,” as a potential center of our city at the “northern” intersection of Bundy Canyon Road and Mission Trail, thereby reversing the trend of separation from Lake Elsinore, and to facilitate Wildomar being sucked back into the swirl and vortex of crime and corruption-ridden Sh*tville.

Please click on the following link to a recent Press Enterprise article for confirmation:

Unfortunately for the long-term citizens of Wildomar, who have historically made it clear that we want nothing to do with Sh*tville, the numbskull elected officials at Wildomar City Hall are in the process of earning their own special moniker for Wildomar, “Dumbsh*tville.

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There is a reason why all of our sewers drain to Lake Elsinore.

It’s not just because of gravity.


October 19, 2012


I attended last evening’s, Assembly candidate forum at the Ronald Reagan elementary school located in Wildomar. The forum was being put on by local Chambers of Commerce, including Wildomar’s politicized chapter.

Also in attendance last evening was City Councilmember Bridgette Moore, who has to be thrilled that there are no forums for the Wildomar City Council candidates, so she won’t have to answer for her own voting record.

Please click on the following link for context:

As for the candidates themselves, Phil Paule acknowledged that his personal resume was comparable to that of Melissa Melendez. His most noteworthy comment was made in reaction to a question about the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”).

Not surprisingly, he complained of a particular construction project in the Inland Empire where, because of CEQA, the developer was forced to “move rats.”

Ironically, in my opinion, attempting the transformation from a congressman’s staff “flack” to elected state assemblyman is just another attempt to “move rats.”

On the other hand, Candidate Melissa Melendez is following the more typical pathway of building on her successful record as a Lake Elsinore City Councilmember and utilizing her experience on our behalf in Sacramento.

Notably, as Phil Paule ironically pandered to Wildomar’s parks issue, Measure Z, in the context of his own personal “no” votes on statewide Propositions 30 and 38, as if taxes imposed by Sacramento or Wildomar will make any difference to the highly energized anti-tax movement throughout the state.

All the while, as Paule pandered, Bridgette was nodding her head up and down like a dashboard bobble head collectible.

However, as the evening progressed and the hunger pangs in my stomach began to dominate my thoughts, I quietly slipped out of the forum and return to my home in Windsong Valley for a plate of leftover goulash.

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Unfortunately for Paule, his resume does not contain anything close to Melendez’ flying over the waters of the Pacific Ocean and along the borders of the Soviet Union, eavesdropping on the Soviet military radio communications.

That took b*lls.

After that experience, dealing with the moving rats on the other side of the political aisle in Sacramento should be child’s play for Melissa.

If you haven’t noticed, Melissa Melendez is still my choice for the State Assembly.

And, I am supporting “anybody but Bridgette” for Wildomar City Council.

Sweatin’ To The…

August 16, 2012


Lake Elsinore city councilmember Daryl Hickman, always believed, and labeled, by Zak Turango to be the “dumbest politician I’ve ever known,” admits to having his political life discomfited by the 83-year-old activist, Chris Hyland, while breathing a “conditional” sign of relief over her announcement that she was terminating her recall effort last Tuesday evening.

Please click on the following Californian article to confirm:

Once again, demonstrating his political ineptitude, Hickman apparently still fears that Hyland will change her mind and resume her signature gathering, despite the momentum-killing announcement several nights ago.

I presume that Hickman will be able to return to sleeping in his “tighty-whities,” eliminating the need for his “Depends” sleeping attire, after the close of business on August 23, 2012.

It is doubtful that Daryl will ever be able to regain his self-respect in the two years that remain on his Council term, fulfilling Ms. Hyland’s closing sentiment, to whit;

“At the end of the day, it appears that the citizens of Lake Elsinore will keep the government they deserve, rather than the government they need,” she said.”

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Animal Friends JPA Puts On A….

June 13, 2012



It all seems very odd to me. However, when you understand what’s at stake here, perhaps not.

As a result of the specific and sustained criticism of Wildomar residents, including yours truly, the Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest Communities Financing Authority (AFV/JPA) is apparently feeling the heat and has put together a “dog and pony show,” set for 1:00 PM this afternoon. 

The purpose of the meeting is to address Wildomar’s contention (as set forth by Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist) that the current “animal count” allocation, versus a “population count,” is economically detrimental and unfair to the City of Wildomar, to the tune of 2 1/2 times greater expense to Wildomar for their “share” of paying the $12,000,000 mortgage of the overly-lavish Mammalian Taj Mahal, than should be allocated.

In response, and in order to avoid the possibility that the City of Wildomar would consider seceding (that’s my recommendation) from the AFV/JPA (the only substantial victim/city that can do so without incurring enormous penalties), an unusual” agenda” has been published that will appear to provide the least objectionable supposed “compromise.”

Please click on the following link to review for context:

6.  Cost Allocation Ideas

 a) History/Status Quo-Cities of Temecula and Murrieta

It will be interesting to watch (I plan on attending to do so) these two cities explain how they somehow managed to create and sustain such unfair allocations while inducing un-sophisticated community leaders in Wildomar to become partners in this “overpriced” and “overrated”enterprise.

Why is it necessary to defend the status quo, since “it is what it is?”

It’s merely the opening act of the show.

b) Priority Housing Rights-City of Lake Elsinore

As part of the posturing to make it look like serious and meaningful alternatives are being considered, that City of Lake Elsinore will be demanding that animals that are picked up in Lake Elsinore will be guaranteed a “room at the inn,” or at least the first 26 out of 100 strays detained will get the preferential treatment that Lake Elsinore is stuck paying for.

Please click on the following Press Enterprise link to see if you can make any sense out of what counselors position:

Rather than argue that Lake Elsinore is also being taken advantage of by the “animal count” allocation, though to a lesser extent than Wildomar, this meaningless “proposed amendment” is offered as the second act of the show.

It’s only a distraction.

c) Cost Allocation based on Population Count-City of Wildomar

This is what the “dog and pony show” is all about, to whit, camouflaging the real issue by surrounding it with meaningless posturing and irrelevant ideas in order to minimize and diminish the impact of Gary Nordquist’s compelling arguments for a much more reasonable allocation based on population count.

d) One-Half Population and One Half Animal Count-City of Canyon Lake

While this “half-baked” compromise was first floated by a representative of Canyon Lake in the March 07, 2012 meeting, at the time, it appeared to be no more than “can’t we all get along?” plea from an elected official who didn’t like controversy or adversity.

However, given it’s position on the agenda, this appears to have been set up in such a way that it will become the only palatable “compromise” for Temecula, Murrieta, and/or Lake Elsinore, although its implementation would have little economic relief for Wildomar.

This will likely be the “final act.”

In the “final” analysis for Wildomar, in my rather informed opinion, anything less than an allocation based on “population count” will continue to be economically unfair, and unsustainable, for the City of Wildomar, providing reasonable justification for the City of Wildomar to extract itself from this inequitable agreement.

That would be the “final, final” act. And the best outcome for Wildomar.

I will be monitoring the meeting in order to observe how Wildomar’s elected representative, Councilmember Bridgette Moore, advocates on behalf of the city of Wildomar.

Since she originally facilitated and “led” Wildomar into this debacle, she has a lot to answer for.

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These people were hoping we wouldn’t notice what they are doing.