Wildomar’s Development….

September 29, 2013


One of the things I  most appreciated when I moved to Wildomar from Murrieta in 1994 was its rural atmosphere. While I didn’t personally own a horse, cow or goat, a simple drive through the community provided plenty of exposure to all of God’s farm creatures.

Especially exciting, during in months of bird migration, there would be flocks of Canada geese landing on  undeveloped, naturally occurring wetlands  at the intersection of McVicker and Palomar Road.

 Alas, development has changed most of that.  The Canada geese no longer stop by to rest on their journey further south.

Time, and development, marches on in southwestern Riverside County, as evidenced by the City of Wildomar’s development, as follows:


 One of the legal, if not moral, obligations that came with the incorporation of the City of Wildomar was assuming the responsibility for Wildomar to consistently apply planning laws, including the environmental ones under the California  Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”)  in such a way that the development community  is required to comply with those existing laws. If a governing body  then fails to live up to its responsibilities and obligations to its citizens and other, nearby communities, there must be a cure for the failure to uphold their oaths of office. 

In fact, that is exactly what each city councilmember and their appointed planning commissioners , swore to do under oath, when they took office, that they promised to uphold the Constitution of the United States  and the State of California .

When City officials and professional staff, fail to do live up to their word, it becomes the legal privilege, of its citizens to seek appropriate compliance with the laws through the Courts.

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 If you are tired of litigation in Wildomar, how about insisting that Planning Commissioners and City Council members live up to their oaths, freely taken ,” without  mental reservations.”


Pilkington Admits The City of Wildomar is….

September 28, 2013


Unsurprisingly, early speculation by community skeptics that the so-called “anonymous donor” of $40,000 to the Great Day of Service 2013  turns out to be the City of Wildomar itself, has been confirmed by the United Methodist Church representative, Tom Pilkington. (Or, as the mayor’s wife refers to him on a Facebook page, Mr. Pinkerton).

Please click on the following link to Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch for details:


Naturally, when confronted by his organization’s misrepresentation , Pilkington resorted to a lame defense reminiscent of past televangelist scandals by claiming that his misconduct  was merely “poor judgment” on his part and was not malicious , but rather , “comes from the heart.”

The City of Wildomar’s own staff report of September 04, 2013, confirmed the genesis of municipal misconduct, by stating the following:

“”If the City matched the cash contributions of $5,000 from donors with a like amount of City purchased parks plants and material this could encourage additional donors to participate,” Nordquist’s recommendation read.”

The odd problem with the City of Wildomar offering to “match” private donations with public monies is that any match could not actually occur.

Unless the public monies were going to be given to another entity, the so-called matching funds would never leave the City’s coffers, rendering the match offer meaningless.

The admission by the City Manager, in his report, that the match scheme was intended to “encourage additional donors to participate,” confirms my previous allegation of “fraud in the inducement.”

Unfortunately, when the elected leaders of the City of Wildomar attempt to govern “from the heart,” rather than from the head, this type of municipal embarrassment becomes the norm.

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Had the City of Wildomar, upon becoming aware of the original Patch article, taken overt public steps to disclose that the City was, in fact, Mr. Pinkerton’s “anonymous donor,” most of the embarrassment would rest upon Mr. Pinkerton’s head.

Instead, because of their lack of media savvy, the embarrassment is earned/shared equally.


September 25, 2013



“An over-funded non-conforming park system, with a dysfunctional city attached.”

One of the oddities of the City of Wildomar is that it’s park system is soon to be more than fully-funded as the tax increment from Measure Z will soon begin to flow into the fiscal arteries that will nourish the parks.

Nevertheless, despite the prospect of cash flow, the City is feverishly fund-raising in preparation for the Great Day of Service on October 26. 

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, an “anonymous donor” has made a pledge of $40,000 for the effort.


Some folks are speculating that the “anonymous donor” is actually the City itself, having previously authorized an expenditure of $40,000 to match any  private donations. if it turns out that the “anonymous donor” “is, in fact, the City of Wildomar, the City is walking a thin legal line of “fraud in the inducement, ” by attempting to stimulate private donations through misrepresentation.

In any event, as the three unequal parks become surfeited with cash, the City itself will continue to struggle with the daily necessities of civic life, such as road repairs and graffiti removal.

Spectacle versus poverty.      

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Wildomar’s Facebook “Thought Police” have the Final….

September 23, 2013


Although I  have never posted a comment on the Facebook page known as  WILDOMAR.LOCALS.CA (successor to the WILDOMAR. CA.LOCALS) , the censorious “Thought Police” who also function as the “administrators” (one of whom is the spouse of a sitting Planning Commissioner) apparently removed a current member’s benign link to the last Wildomar Magazine article about the recent Court decision regarding the lawsuit over the issue of “voting by district” filed by Martha Bridges and John Burkett.

It was an  odd “deletion” since the article did not deprecate any individual city Council member, as I have intentionally been prone to do.

It appears that the ultimate evolution of juvenile governance is to forswear and prevent exposure to any “other” thoughts in the community, especially if they are presumed to be adverse to the governing members of the community; in this case the equally-juvenile/sophomoric Wildomar City Council, of whom a majority quorum of three  Council members (Marsha Swanson, Bridgette Moore, and Ben Benoit)  are occasional contributors,  thereby giving their implied consent by their presence to the objectionable conduct.

Not that I care a whole lot , as evidenced by the unhindered publication of this article denigrating their lack of political inquisitiveness.

I guess that’s what you have to do to hope to “belong” to the inner circle.

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Fortunately, my “Post Wildomar” phase is beginning to reach a much-advanced sequence of  personal evolution.

Wildomar Falls Into A Well-planned Litigation….

September 20, 2013



Rather than chortling over what they presume to be a legal victory, the legal beagles defending the City of Wildomar should recognize that the actual results of yesterday’s Motion for Summary Judgment (“MSJ”) hearing, which ended in a denial of the plaintiffs motion, has instead significantly truncated the legal battle.

Please click on the following link to the Press Enterprise for context:


In most instances, when a judge rules against a moving party, he/she does so on the basis that there are facts which remain to be heard by the ultimate “trier of fact,” normally a jury. In this case, as the matter was intended to be a “bench trial,” and there are no other facts to be heard, the anticipated appeal to the Appellate Court will not be  delayed for another year, waiting for the results of a  trial.

In any event, the unsurprising ruling by a District Court judge, will be better heard by the Appellate Court, which generally prefers to hear such cases involving state constitutional issues.

The end result is that the matter is not settled as yet,

However, the ultimate outcome will now be decided sooner, rather than later.

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Pre-Great Day of Service….

September 18, 2013


The City of Wildomar’s elected officials cannot shed their nonprofit organization instincts and function like a competent municipal civic organization, based upon the above flyer announcing a $20 per tile donation to pay for the refurbishment of Wildomar’s  three parks.

According to Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore, whose “official”comments were posted on the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS Facebook page, one of which follows:
Bridgette Moore The $28.00 that will be paid (no one has paid it yet) is for maintenance of the parks. This is a rehab project complete with new grass. The $28.00 wouldn’t cover a complete rehab and again no one has paid the $28.00 yet.”
This is the first time that anyone from the City  has made the case in public that Measure Z funds would be insufficient to cover the refurbishment costs of the parks. Despite the anticipation of in excess of $300,000 by February 2014,  it would be expected, in  a normally-functioning adult  business environment, that comprehensive estimates would be obtained which would  fully describe the Scope and Cost of refurbishment before an official conclusion was published that there was insufficient funding. If the city has not done so, they are incompetent.
If the cost of refurbishing the parks is less than the $300,000, then the City of Wildomar is engaging in fraud in order to induce its citizens to donate additional monies.
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For the record,  I finished all of my work today so I still had some time and energy to post this article. However, I’m having a problem with the formatting on the WordPress platform and I’m not interested in exerting a lot of time to find a correction for it. After all,  I am in my ” Epilogue, Post-Wildomar mode.”

Bridgette Moore’s Propaganda Organ Goes From “Closed” To…UPDATE:

September 16, 2013


According to Michelle Winner-Swann, Administrator of the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS Facebook page, the status of the group of 500+ members has been changed, as follows:

Dear fellow WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS members,

This group is now “Secret,” which means that if someone is not a member, they can’t troll the page to see what we’re saying. If anyone’s interested in joining the group, a member can add them.”

However, a co-administrator now claims that, despite the preceding comment about “trolls” seeing what they are saying, the transition from “Closed” to ” Secret” was a mistake that they are attempting to have Facebook change  back to  the supposedly less objectionable Closed status, as follows:

“It was a mistake by one of the admins. It means no one can search for the page and find it. A request has been made to fb to put it back to closed.”

it’s hard to imagine that the typewritten phrase, “they can’t troll the page to see what we’re saying” was a mistake.

However, recent comments made on WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS by  an elected official, a Wildomar city councilmember and  an appointed official, a  Wildomar Planning Commissioner, on the unfortunate limitations of the Brown Act gives an indication of the “secretive” nature that seems to become a part of the personality of Wildomar’s elected and appointed officials, as follows:

Wildomar Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann:

“As an appointed official I am hamstrung from saying many things via the brown act,…”

Wildomar City councilmember Ben Benoit:

“Bobby is right this brown act thing sure does stop us from engaging as much as we would all like to.”

Fortunately for the Citizens of Wildomar, “this brown act thing” remains the law of the land, even if the State of California has watered down its provisions to avoid paying for its implementation by local government organizations.

Just thought you’d like to know what’s going on our little platonic village.

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if you didn’t know, Planning Commissioner Swann was appointed to the Planning Commission by Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore.

(Update;  WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS has apparently “migrated” to another Facebook page , as follows:  Wildomar.Locals.CA.

Although some of the rules remain, it appears that access is as simple as “liking” the page.   If you are interested in being a part of Wildomar’s social media “community,” check it out.

I have to give the current administrators credit for moving beyond a “secret community.”