Hurricane “I Rain”….

August 29, 2011



The stern verbal warnings by East Coast government officials eventually evolved into “nanny- state” governmental interference with people’s private lives, with forced evacuations and shutdowns of railroads and subways over a weakening hurricane that virtually became not much more than blustering wind and exceptional rain storms.

As a result of the government overreaction, the lives of private citizens have been unnecessarily disrupted by government interference.

On a smaller scale, in Wildomar, we have watched the creation of an “Emergency Czar,” (leading a Citizen Emergency Response Team (“C.E.R.T.”) of one person, who also happens to be the Emergency Czar) with the attendant internally-justified basis for remuneration.

At the end of the day, if the “Big One” hits Wildomar and knocks down the bridges on Baxter Road and Clinton Keith Road, the city’s newly acquired Emergency trailer (not much more than an expensive prop for the next Rotary Club BBQ) will be stuck in the same boat as at least one half of Wildomar, depending primarily on which side of the freeway it was last parked.

 It’s far more likely, in the event of a catastrophic event, that the police department and the fire department will be the authority in place to assist Wildomar’s citizenry.

Zak wonders how New Yorkers will get to their jobs today without the subway?

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‘Nuff said.


Wildomar Politicians Temporarily Exempted From Eating…..

August 27, 2011


Although there are many good reasons for the current Wildomar City Council to manifest humility, Wildomar Magazine recognizes the unhealthy nature of the ingesting of a particular breed of bird.

The following list of reasons for public expression of Council humility, include:

1) The failure of Measure D, by their inclusion of MelloRoos language in the measure, causing its defeat
2) The as yet un-acknowledged utilization of Gil Rasmussen’s documented suggestion that Marna O’Brien Park be maintained by the various sports leagues that most benefit from it
3) That the Medical Marijuana collective has been operating for some time without any noticeable detriment to the community, despite the wastage of thousands of dollars of taxpayer monies to stop them.

Understand, that Wildomar Magazine is not going soft on this City Council.

Rather, the recent discovery of a dead crow bearing the West Nile Virus within the Wildomar city limits, makes “eating crow” too unhealthy, even for the politically ignorant.

Please click on the following link to confirm:

Pause with me, if you would, for a non-satirical moment.

 Literally hundreds of crows fly over my residence in Wildomar on a daily basis, some occasionally stopping to rest in my trees.

If you find a dead crow in your yard, be certain to advise the County of Riverside, who will retrieve the dead bird and test it for the dread virus.

Don’t touch it, and for heaven sakes, don’t eat it. (Zak never knows when the adolescents on the City Council might choose to take his advice).

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“Uncle Rick” Trips On His…..

August 23, 2011



Zak Turango went out of his way to attend this evening’s Lake Elsinore City Council meeting, in order to be a percipient witness to a corrupted process in naming a replacement for Amy Bhutta.

It had been a long time since I regularly attended a council meeting in Lake Elsinore in order to provide cogent commentary for the curious readers of Elsinore Magazine, back in the day. Needless to say, Zak was not disappointed.

The stage was set for a dramatic evening by the City Council Subcommittee, consisting of Melissa Melendez and Brian Tisdale.

Two weeks ago, Melendez and Tisdale were authorized by the larger Council to interview the 15 applicants for the vacancy, in a public setting, and to reduce the list to a “short list” of “four or five” candidates.

Somehow, in an apparent lack of elementary math and/or political skills, Melendez and Tisdale jointly  concluded that “four or five” somehow equals “two.”

As a result, outspoken critic Chris Hyland properly challenged the Council to order the subcommittee to reconvene and “do the math” correctly.

In an embarrassing turnaround, the Council unanimously (including Melendez and Tisdale) and quickly agreed with Hyland and others.

 Suddenly, and apparently realizing that his preordained (?) coronation scheme was about to be upheaved by events, Top 2 Candidate, Rick Morsch (hereinafter “Uncle Rick”) raised his hand, seeking and receiving recognition from the Council dais, and inappropriately, if not desperately, interjected himself into the procedure by declaring that he had spent hours preparing his speech and would like the opportunity to present it.

Only Uncle Rick himself failed to recognize the political gaffe he had just committed. The sense of awkwardness that pervaded the audience was palpable.

Only inadvertent flatulence would have been worse.

When the subcommittee returns in two weeks, with the correct total of four candidates, it now seems unlikely that Uncle Rick will be able to secure the required three votes needed for his heretofore “well-greased” appointment.

Finally, sensing that his status as the “World’s Dumbest Politician” is being undermined by Wildomar City Councilmembers Tim Walker and Ben Benoit, Daryl Hickman began to blather about the qualities that Uncle Rick’s appointment would bring to the Council, not realizing that citizens, such as Ms. Hyland, and others, had already turned the Council meeting on it’s head and that the supposed qualifications of Uncle Rick were no longer relevant to the issue at hand.

When Hickman finally realized that his status was safe, he stopped blathering, as if a switch had been turned off.

It appears that the opportunities for mockery of Lake Elsinore’s neo-corrupt politicos in the pages of Wildomar Magazine have been greatly enhanced by the appointment fiasco/disaster.

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“Where I Can Have…..

August 20, 2011


Lake Elsinore City Councilmembers Melissa Melendez and Brian Tisdale have put the city of Lake Elsinore on a path with a 50-50 chance of returning to the corrupt days of the Gary Washburn Era, by naming Planning Commissioner Rick Morsch to their “short list” of two candidates to present to the entire City Council for approval.

Back in the “bad old days,” the path to the City Council in Lake Elsinore started with a banal appointment to the Planning Commission.

That’s how the late Bob Schiffner was elevated to the Council, using the same “open” selection process as has just occurred.

 That’s how the corrupt and larcenous Pam Brinley was elevated to the City Council. Brinley was “dumb as a rock” and could never have been elected to the City Council on her own merits.

How did that process work out for Lake Elsinore?

If you don’t think that Planning Commissioners aren’t ambitious, consider Wildomar’s mayor pro tem, Ben Benoit, who waited only until the day of his swearing in as a Planning Commissioner to announce his candidacy for Wildomar City Council.

Rather than rewarding Morsch for his political ambition, it would be far better for the city of Lake Elsinore to appoint a “caretaker” Council member who had no political aspirations beyond filling the current vacancy.

If Morsch is appointed, naturally, his ballot statement in 2012 will read “incumbent.” If Morsch is chosen by the larger Council, they would be giving Morsch an unwarranted advantage in November 2012. Even if he turns out to be a lousy councilmember.

The declaration by Morsch that “he wants to have some influence” is troubling. Don’t we all?

But most folks have to “earn” their influence, not have it handed to them by a political subcommittee.

Please click on the following Lake Elsinore-Wildomar Patch  link to confirm his blatant ambition:

Once appointed, it took years to eliminate the corrupt influence and practices of Schiffner and Brinley from the body politic of Lake Elsinore.

Unfortunately, for political novices such as Melissa Melendez and Brian Tisdale, they forgot to ask the one question that mattered, as follows:

If appointed, will you take an oath not to run for reelection in November 2012?

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Finally, Wildomar Listens To,…..

August 18, 2011



How well Zak recalls the Wildomar City Council meeting when the various sports league officials attended a City Council meeting to vigorously denounce a suggested solution put forth by Zak, in the likely event that that Measure D failed to win passage on June 7, 2011.

Please click on the following link, to the City Council minutes of May 25. 2011 to read the various comments for yourself:

As it turns out, the City Council’s foolish flirtation with Mello Roos doomed the measure, as predicted by Zak and now, despite their groans and hand-wringing, the sports leagues have, as suggested by Zak, taken on the task of maintaining Marna O’Brien Park for their particular benefit.

Please click on the following link to a recent Patch article to confirm:

 In an article titled “A Way To Save Marna O’Brien’s Sports Fields,”  written on May 25, 2011, Zak published his suggestion for public consideration, apparently sending “cyber-shock waves” through the sports community.

As long as the ultimate lease agreement with the city provides for future public access to the non-sport related portions of the park, an exclusive arrangement for ball field access is probably as good as can be expected.

As a matter of fact, the anticipated arrangement provides visible evidence that Wildomar’s parks were primarily “sports parks” in the first place, and undermines the pro-Measure D argument that those who voted “no” on Measure D were somehow “anti-park” meanies.

Perhaps some city official should acknowledge Zak’s creativity for putting forth a credible suggestion.

It would have been far better had the council simply listened to Zak last October and put forth a simple replacement tax proposal, rather than taking the Mello Roos trolley to failure.

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Failure to acknowledge my suggestion will not diminish Zak’s zest for life.  The pages of Wildomar Magazine will provide ample opportunity for self-congratulations.

Turango Residence Vandalized…..

August 14, 2011


Since Zak Turango no longer has a teenage son living at home, it makes no sense whatsoever for three teenybopper blonde females, driving a white four-door Mitsubishi-like sedan, to approach the Turango residence late last evening at approximately 11:45 PM for the purpose of pouring powdered sugar and flour on my front yard and upon two vehicles parked in the driveway.

As you can see from the attached photo, Zak is in the process of reducing the size of his front lawn, in order to reduce amount of water required to keep it green. We are in the process of selecting colorful trees, shrubs and groundcovers/barks for planting in the fall.

Apparently, toilet paper was also being contemplated for utilization. (Observe, if you will, the two dropped toilet paper rolls left in the middle of the street).

Fortunately, for the three little b*tches, had Zak responded immediately and properly to his wonderful watch dog, Dolly, who was growling and barking, these three little b*tches would have found an urgent and unintended need for their toilet paper.

It would appear, without being excessively paranoid, that, according to Zak’s sources, the reported threats on various person’s Facebook pages, to express outrage for opposition to Measure D, at their personal residences, has been accomplished.

Since none of the Facebook threats were ever rebuked, there appeared to be tacit approval of this nefarious conduct.

Rest assured, dear readers, that Zak will never again ignore the barks and growls of sweet little Dolly. One of the vandals had the temerity to pour flour on a rose bush just outside a bedroom window.

As a matter of course, Zak reported the vandalism to the police department, although vandalism such as this type is probably of a low priority to any police department.

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At the end of the day, without a response from the police department, Zak cleaned up his vehicles and yard and continued on with his life.

Frank and Gary Keep Their….

August 14, 2011



Last Wednesday evening, the Wildomar City Council, unanimously and without  public deliberation, agreed to a contract extension for City Manager Frank Oviedo and Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist’s (operating under the political cover of City Council member Bridgette Moore) pet gofer.

According to Wikipedia, the following definition applies:

 “A gofer or go-fer (pronounced /ˈɡoʊfər/ “gopher”) is an employee who is often sent on errands. “Gofer” reflects the likelihood of instructions to go for coffee, dry cleaning, or stamps, or to make other straightforward or familiar procurements.”

As a result of a modest “tweaking” of the job description, and after offering a disingenuous $2750 “reduction” to the gofer’s 2011-12 budget of $51,600 at the recent budget cutting Council meeting, the gofer budget is now increased to $60,500.

So we live in economically distressed city, which apparently requires a full-time City Manager ($179,000 salary), a full-time Assistant City Manager ($156,856 salary), and a contract employee to serve “munchies” at the once a month City Council meetings (recently reduced from two per month, purportedly to save money) for a generous $60,500 per year.

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