The Real Document….

February 19, 2015

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Once again, elected and appointed officials on the City Council/Planning Commission (hereinafter the “Wildo-Morons”) resort to the overused phrase “document dump” to describe citizen input to ongoing Planning Commission and City Council activities within the legal proscribed time limits.

At last night’s City of Wildomar Planning Commission meeting, Commission Chair Veronica Langworthy apparently complained to Wildomar citizen, Gary Andre, after he presented settlement documents that were already in the possession of Wildomar city staff but were not included in the agenda packet for  review  by the Planning Commissioners.

The previously-approved Oak Creek Canyon project was brought back to the Planning Commission for approval of “minor changes,” and it was important that the conditions within the settlement agreement between the developer, the City of Wildomar and the plaintiff, Gary Andre, be incorporated into the conditions of the development.

After spending  the past week  trying to get the settlement conditions incorporated within the  Planning Commission agenda packet, André was left with no alternative but to  hand carry the documents to City Hall  and present them to the City Clerk  in order to be assured that the documents would be available to the Planning Commissioners. Whether or not the documents were appended to the agenda  was entirely within the control of city staff.

Nevertheless,  Planning Commission Chair Langworthy apparently resorted to the complaint of a last-minute “document dump,” thereby alluding to and associating herself with  Washington DC-style tactics, presumably  to inflate her own importance.

The primary issue is the hiding by city staff of the  “environmental disaster” that is unfolding due to the presence of a  raw sewage “spray field” that has been the unfortunate method of  processing  of raw sewage from The Farm  since 1974. As a result of that  ongoing spraying of urine,  it is likely that the presence of nitrates in Cottonwood Creek  and the underlying the water table will have to be addressed  sooner, rather than later.

As you may know when the EVMWD took over the  water service  for nearby residents,  they required immunity from any lawsuits arising from  the water contamination  before they would agree to providing water service for the residents.

 More on this matter  in the near future .

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Perhaps The Planning Commissioners will now find their own voice and  actually “dump”  on the Planning Department for keeping them in the dark on such important matters


When Incompetence Becomes…..

November 15, 2014


Only in the dysfunctional City of Wildomar, would you find a highly-motivated young lady with the intention of helping special needs kids with her project, having to come to grips with the cruel and harsh reality that the “adults” at City Hall, professional and elected alike, were unable to provide the proper and appropriate guidelines before the installation of her “Freedom Swing.”

Unfortunately, on  October 19, 2014,  the Freedom Swing was inspected by  the Steven C. Wilmes,  Risk Management consultant for the city’s insurance  pool PARSSAC, which insures the City of Wildomar.

Please click on the following link to review the risk manager’s resume:

In his report,  Wilmes  concluded the following:

“At this time, the wheelchair swing does NOT meet playground safety standards and will require some repairs, relocation and surfacing impact testing prior to being utilized.  As Mr. Jackson and I departed today, one of your staff members was on site to remove the structure. ”  

Instead of providing the aforementioned proper and appropriate guidelines, the  bungling  incompetents at City Hall simply jumped on the promotional bandwagon of the project  and began to promote  the fund-raising effort.

As a result,  one can only imagine the disappointment  and discouragement that the young lady feels about her worthy goal  and project.

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Perhaps, someone at City Hall should have consulted with the risk manager before the project  was  installed. That would have been the adult and competent thing to do.

Special thanks to Kenny Mayes, a local civic activist, for keeping the City of Wildomar on it’s toes.

Wildomar’s “small”….UPDATE

November 10, 2014


Recently, on the day after the election, I casually opened up my Excite e-mail account and discovered an e-mail from Wildomar’s Mayor Marsha Swanson.

Perhaps, I thought for a brief moment, she wanted to take the opportunity, following her reelection to be gracious and thank me for my years of community service on the Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery Special District, or even my significant contribution to information dissemination on the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

However, I instead was exposed to the smallness of the “inner” psyche of the mayor, with the following e-mails, and my response:

From:  Marsha Swanson>
Date:11/05/2014 08:31 PM 

Sorry, you had to stay up to monitor the votes, it was all over by 8:30.  The people of Wildomar spoke.   The only incumbent ever not re-elected is Sheryl, do you get it now?”

Marsha Swanson
951 313-7472
Date: 11/05/2014 08:19 PM
I don’t get it. But your profound insecurity is sad, if not amazing. Were you running against Sheryl? Apparently so.
Marsha Swanson
11/05/2014 08:31 PM 
“I beat Sheryl every time.  Don’t know what you are thinking?  Insecure is one thing I am not.”
Marsha Swanson
951 313-7472
Apparently,  the mini-mayor of Wildomar  has found meaning in her  re-election that relates to elections that occurred  four years ago. In the last election, former city Council member Sheryl Ade was tending to the cares and needs of her  elderly mother, who had fallen and broken her leg  just as the election cycle began in 2010.
There are some things in life that must take precedence over  obsessions with  elections and politics.
There are some “inner” wrinkles on the human psyche  that neither Botox or collagen injections will ever cover or erase.
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(Editor’s Update: For the record, former Wildomar city councilman Scott Farnam did not get re-elected in 2010. I wonder if Farnam got a similar “I beat your *ss twice,” email from Swanson during her “I’m really, really insecure” victory lap?

Gary Andre Puts In The Time And Effort To Get….

November 4, 2014


Of course, Gary and his supporters won’t know if his efforts paid off until probably tomorrow morning.

According to Gary, he  hand-passed out approximately 6700 fliers, taking the time to talk with Wildomar voters  he met along the way.  (Old-fashioned, grass-roots door to door campaigning, without the glossy mailed fliers,  filled with a politician’s staple, mis-statements of  historical facts.)

That effort, combined with, the electoral  evidence of citizen dissatisfaction with City Hall  in the last election, when two unknown  challengers combined to receive more votes than did  incumbents Bob Cashman and  Bridgette Moore, may result in his election to the Wildomar  City Council.

Despite the fact that, having  re-located last year from the City of Wildomar, former city councilmember Sheryl Ade, and yours truly, are unable to cast votes  in this Wildomar election, we  happily assisted Gary  in passing out fliers as we believe he will bring the kind of knowledge and experience that is currently missing  from the city council dais.

Needless to say, we will be remotely  monitoring the Riverside County Registrar of Voters website  throughout the evening to  observe the results.

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Congratulations to Gary Andre for his hard work and efforts  on behalf of the citizens of the City of Wildomar.

Wildomar; A Park System (Poorly Run), With A City….

October 28, 2014


Two local, concerned citizens, Ken Mayes and Martha Bridges, have taken the time to monitor and comment on Wildomar’s parks, to the dismay of City Hall, we suppose.

Please click on the link to his Wildomar Connected blog for photos and commentary, as follows:

Please click on the link to her Wildomar Watcher blog for timely commentary, as follows:

A vote for an incumbent is a vote for continued incompetence.

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Another Accident At The Shell Station On…..

October 26, 2014


Since we lack the benefit of any local news reporters, the only information on incidents like this has to come from, of all things, Facebook.

Reportedly, there was another auto versus motorcycle collision on Saturday morning.

A local Facebook page, contains the following comments;

Q?) Does anyone have any info on the motor cyclists that were hit this am, coming out of the shell station on bundy?? Hoping they are doing ok??

A)Yes it is my moms friends there was two people right ? she has broken knee and ankle not to sure about him something with his back not sure if its broke real good peeps though i think it was the same wreck

A) It was around 9 or 930 this am!! We pulled over to see if they were ok!

A) Someone posted about it this am, but no more info. Did you see the accident? Many wondered if the bikes were hit by someone turning left from the shell station.

A) We came up like right afterwards! They lady who hit them had called 911! My husband is a medic, that’s why we stopped! But there was another medic on sight already! I think the lady who hit them was turning right!! Can’t be 100% though!

It’s not “hard”news, but it is sufficiently reliable to conclude that something occurred at the Shell Station on Bundy Canyon, which may add to the growing consensus that the location  may have some problems with it’s city-approved traffic circulation.

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Cornerstone Proposes, And Wildomar City Council Will Approve, A 3 Story Building In A…

October 24, 2014


So someone needs to purchase at least one of these (see graphic above!)

Apparently, Cornerstone assumes that Cal Fire or the City of Wildomar will purchase a ladder truck to rescue them, in the event of a fire, if they build multi-story.

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