Need You Ask?….UPDATE

February 3, 2011




Today’s Californian article confirms everything that Zak Turango opined in his previous articles regarding this inequitable, foul-smelling merger between two local water districts. (See “Need You Ask?, WM article below)

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Elsinore Water District Director Kristine Anderson said it was a relief to reach the decision.”

Some of the people were against the merger with EVMWD, but I think once they heard that their water bills could double or triple, I don’t think that’s something they wanted.”

Neither do Wildomar’s ratepayers. 

‘Nuff said.


Need You Ask?….UPDATED

February 1, 2011


Today’s Californian article confirms everything that Zak Turango opined in his previous articles regarding this inequitable, foul-smelling merger between two local water districts.

Please click on the following for the entire article:

Elsinore Water District Director Kristine Anderson said “it was a relief to reach the decision.”

Some of the people were against the merger with EVMWD, but I think once they heard that their water bills could double or triple, I don’t think that’s something they wanted.”

Neither do Wildomar’s ratepayers.

‘Nuff said.

I did indeed attend today’s Regular Meeting of the Elsinore Water District (“Little *ss Water District) and, as anticipated, there was no one else in attendance to represent the interests of Wildomar on such an important economic issue.

Apparently Bridgette, Ben and Marsha are each too busy flitting from flower to flower, like pollen-crazed honeybees, to actually attempt to influence the outcome for the citizens of Wildomar.

After the meeting itself, Zak was reminded of the recent heroic rescue of the trapped miners in Chile. When the 4-0 unanimous vote (one director was absent) was over, the scent of rescue filled the air, as the directors exhaled audibly as a single relieved entity.

I almost thought the Directors were going  to chant “E-V-M-W-D,” instead of “C-H-I-L-E.”

Once the merger is finally approved by LAFCO, (it may be impossible to stop now), the inability, dare I say incompetence?, of past and present Boards of Directors of the Elsinore Water District to formulate, fund and execute their own Capital Improvement Plan will drift into the hazy past.

Only the ultimate costs to you and I will linger.

At some point in the past, the Board would have had an opportunity to develop a maintenance/replacement protocol, that would have had a acceptable impact on their customer’s water rates.

Eventually, the denial and deferred maintenance extended far beyond their obviously limited capabilities to manage it.

Obviously, since no one had the courage to do so, it becomes, by default, the obligation of the rest of the 40,000 EVMWD ratepayers to make up for their abject failures as trustees.

One of the last comments, before the meeting broke up, was made by Director Kris Anderson, who offhandedly made some comment about the near -term  potential for  an “unanticipated” water pipe failure.

My point, exactly.

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I want to compliment EVMWD Director Phil Williams, who was present, for being cordial to yours truly, unlike the other officials in attendance. I haven’t always agreed with him in the past but he has always been a class act.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes….

February 1, 2011


While digging around the EVMWD archived agenda minutes, looking for written confirmation that Wildomar Mayor Marsha Swanson is a paid consultant to the water district (she was/is, as of January 27, 2010 with a payment of  $1000 for “real estate consulting”), I found an interesting statement made by newly elected EVMWD Division 5 Director, Andy Morris.

Since these are minutes and, as result, are the interpretation of what is being said by Morris as recorded by a District clerk or secretary, and are not always verbatim quotes, Wildomar Magazine invites Morris’s clarifying rebuttal, if warranted, by sending an e-mail to and WM will publish it, to be fair to Morris, if that’s not what he said.

According to the minutes of the January 13, 2011 Regular Business Meeting, during the “Director’s Comments and Requests,” Morris was quoted, as follows:

He (Morris) commented that “he realizes now that he was not only elected to serve Wildomar area, but the entire District.”

Unfortunately, Morris does not understand that, by being elected to represent a District, he should always serve primarily with that district in mind, especially if his district’s specific interests are at stake. If there are no specific district interests implicated, he would, of course, be duty-bound to vote in the best interests of the entire district.

This would be true, as well, of the other District Directors. The net result of District advocacy ensures that every area’s interests are appropriately represented. It doesn’t mean one district’s interests will always carry the day.

However, when a District Director loses his sense of obligation to the people he represents, he then becomes a “tool” of a “disconnected” ruling clique. In this case, it is obvious that Morris is already reflecting a disturbing, disconnected loyalty to the “Greater” Water District’s ruling clique, rather than to the ratepayers of District 5, consisting primarily of Wildomar and a small portion of Murrieta.

“Concerning the merger, he opined that timing is important. One of the complaints received during the campaign season is about layers of government and more specifically water districts. Therefore, for lack of confusion to the public, he believes this merger makes sense.”

Unfortunately, for Morris, read in the light of day, (or even in the middle of the night), his comments make no sense.

Timing would be important for a comedian to know when to use his punch line, or a baseball player in trying to hit a curveball, but the forced integration of a decrepit 80-year-old water sewer system, with the attendant, as yet unknown expense, into the water rate structure for the ratepayers of Wildomar, has nothing to do with timing.

Today, tomorrow, or next year, Zak Turango opposes this merger, without knowing it’s financial implications for Wildomar ratepayers.

There is no benefit whatsoever, in my opinion, to Wildomar from this merger.

Morris should have opposed the merger, as well.  However, as is obvious, he “now” has shifted his loyalty to the “District.”

I doubt that that was the theme of his recent political campaign. While attending a campaign function in Lake Elsinore, and speaking with Ben Wicke, who endearingly spoke of Morris as “Andy,” I knew then that Morris’s loyalties lay elsewhere.

In any event, we are stuck, for the next four years, with Ben Wicke’s “Andy,” this infantile Director for the Universe, when what we needed was a mature Director for District 5, representing Wildomar’s interests.

So much for political integrity (an obvious oxymoron, unless you are Sheryl Ade).

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Will The Wildomar City Council Stand Up…

January 31, 2011



Don’t be astonished, if they don’t have any loyalty to the citizens of Wildomar.

To his credit,  the Californian’s capable reporter Michael J. Williams returns to our good graces by timely writing about an upcoming Elsinore Water District (“Little *ss water district”) meeting to vote on the proposed merger with the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“Big A$$ water district”) on Tuesday.

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Inasmuch as the reason for the proposed merger is that customers of the Little *ss water district are unwilling to pay for their long-avoided maintenance and upgrades to their nearly 80-year-old water and sewer system and now want to be swallowed up by the Big A$$ water district that you and I in Wildomar are required to support, and who has promised to upgrade their decrepit system, but intend to send you and I the bill.

And these Little *ss water district customers have the gall to want guarantees that their average $40 per month water bills won’t go up after the merger.

Their naïveté is charming.

No one is offering the ratepayers of Wildomar any guarantee that their rates won’t go up. When don’t they?

Ironically, the $5.7 million that the Big A$$ water district will be  spending on Lakeland Village and Country Club Heights in Elsinore should be going into the development of increased sewage treatment capacity for Wildomar’s future commercial development along Clinton Keith Road.

How’s that for being “business friendly,” dear members of the Wildomar City Council?

Under normal circumstances, one would expect the elected officials from Wildomar to show up and vociferously oppose this lopsided merger. However, Big a$$ water district Director Andy Morris has already voted in favor of it, so he’ll be no help.

His first important vote involving the interests of Wildomar went against us. What does that tell you about Andy Morris? Chamber member? Of course.

Forget about Chamber of Commerce members, Mayor Marsha Swanson, Mayor pro tem Ben Benoit and Council member  Bridgette Moore doing anything substantial for the citizens of Wildomar.

It might actually be a violation of  Chamber rules for them to oppose outgoing Little *ss water district President Jeff George  and Little *ss Board member Kris Anderson, both Chamber members.

I have zero expectation that any official, elected or staff, from the City of Wildomar will be present to speak up on our behalf.

On the other hand, it will only be two more weeks until we get our next Chamber mixer update at a Wildomar City Council Meeting. Dare I hold my bated breath that long?

On a special note, Mayor Marsha Swanson is a paid real estate consultant (at $1,000 a month ) to the Big A$$ water district and has been for some time. That inherent conflict of interest guarantees that she won’t be fighting for any ratepayer in Wildomar on Tuesday.

Can the curious readers of Wildomar Magazine began to see the evil of the “shadow government” that the Chamber of Commerce represents? Community interests and borders/city limits mean nothing to these bedroom business entrepreneurs.

Zak is planning to attend the meeting on Tuesday, to represent his own and your interests, and will report accordingly.

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Andy Morris Fails Wildomar….

January 13, 2011


Today’s Californian article reporting the EVMWD vote taken to approve the proposed merger with the EWD “Little” Water District, describes a 4 to 0 vote, with director Harv Ryan abstaining.

Please click on the following link to confirm:

I checked the EVMWD website to see if any minutes have been posted, but they have not.

However, by the process of elimination, an ironic term, given what the Water District does, Division 5 Director Andy Morris appears to have voted against the interests of the ratepayers living in Wildomar by supporting the proposed merger, apparently without insisting on a formal study to fully ascertain the exposure to the Districts ratepayers for repairs to the entire decrepit water and sewer system being assumed from the Little Water District, should the merger be approved by LAFCO.

In a recent face-to-face conversation with Morris, he told me that he would not vote to approve the merger unless he was assured that it would not cost Wildomar’s ratepayers.

Without conducting a formal investigation of the potential cost of upgrading a nearly 80-year-old water and sewer system of the Little Water District, how could he have that “assurance?”

If you ever had doubts that Zak Turango was being unduly harsh in his criticism of the various Chambers of Commerce for their insipid and corrupt cronyism, Morris’s “aye” vote should resolve your doubts.

It’s apparent where his loyalties lie and, my friends, it is not in the interests of the people of Wildomar.

In a side note, Californian reporter, Michael Williams, commented on the absence of any opponents to the merger in attendance at the meeting.

 I don’t recall any Californian coverage announcing the meeting with it’s agenda item.

It would appear to me that one of the major local print media, such as the Californian, would have made that information available to its reading public.

Had they done so, perhaps those with opposing viewpoints would have been in attendance.

Not that it would matter, in any event, to the various Chamber cronies.

This merger is locked in, unless we can derail it  at LAFCO, in any event.

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Criticism of the Californian for their “sin of omission,” in failing to timely inform, should be directed to them.

If you voted for Andy Morris over George Cambero, had you lived in Lake Elsinore, you would have voted for Daryl Hickman, too.

Another Water District Blinks, Part II..

January 4, 2011



They can spin it however they want, but the bottom line is that the Elsinore Water District (“Little”) and the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (“Big”) are both suffering from that always embarrassing malady, “premature mis-calculation.”

Please click on the following Patch article for confirmation:

First, they prematurely mis-calculated  the ultimate exposure to un-involved, not to say un-interested, ratepayers for the repair or replacement of the entire decrepit infrastructure of the “little” District.

Second, they prematurely mis-calculated the negative response from the “big” District ratepayers from Wildomar, who generally don’t feel the need  to take on the costly obligation of fixing their Lake Elsinore and Lakeland Village neighbor’s plumbing problems.

Hopefully, what with the delay and all, the two Districts will properly do their math homework, before they make another attempt to foist another costly boondoggle (need Zak even mention the LEAPS Project?) onto the backs of their ever-calculating ratepayers.

Needless to say, if they attempt to bring back the merger without a proper cost study, we already have “our”  eyes wide open.

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Water District Merger Postponed….

December 29, 2010


If the EVMWD “brain trust” (two oxymoronic elements, neither of which they possess in copious quantities) hasn’t appropriately tested the aging, admittedly decrepit underground pipes of the EWD, to determine the eventual cost to repair or replace them prior to a  merger, maybe testing the political waters is a reasonable substitute, for the time being.

We’ll take it.

For the time being.

Please click on the following link to confirm:

Perhaps public sentiment from EVMWD’s unconvinced rate payers has gotten their attention.

Perhaps the skepticism of EWD customers that their monthly water rates won’t increase after the merger. How could they not increase?

Whatever the reason, the EVMWD/EWD-induced stampede to push this merger forward has been delayed.

That’s a good thing, for we Wildomar ratepayers.

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This might explain why the Wildomar Magazine “hit count” was “through the roof” yesterday.

I can’t tell who the individual viewers are, but the specific interest in yesterday’s article was extraordinarily robust, according to my stat page.