When It Comes To Another Cities’ Lawsuit…..


I recently read a recent Press Enterprise article announcing that the Wildomar City Council had decided to join with the County of Riverside in opposing the  lawsuit filed by the City of Eastvale, thereby becoming its own legal victim.

Until recently, Eastvale was the City of Wildomar’s fellow traveler in their seemingly endless pursuit of the Vehicle License Fees “taken” by the State of California.

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As you may know, Gov. Brown recently signed legislation which provided approximately $24 million to the County of Riverside with which to “forgive” debts which were incurred by four newest incorporated cities.

Apparently Eastvale was was able to avoid incurring financial indebtedness as a new city, as their commercial development wisely preceded their residential development. According to Eastvale, as a result of their financial acumen, the City of Eastvale gets zero dollars from the recent resolution.

Their lawsuit seeks their fair share of the $24 million, in cash,  as a matter of fairness.

However, their lawsuit, filed on November 18, 2015, only names   the County of Riverside  as a defendant, with the usual “DOES 1-25 (as in “John Doe”), as place holders, should they find  additional co-conspirators in the process.

None of those “DOES” happen to be The City of Wildomar,  whose only co-conspiracy was joining with three other  cities, including the City of Eastvale, in a repeatedly unsuccessful attempt to change the mind of Gov. Brown, assuming that he didn’t understand what the liberal governor “did” to the new cities in conservative Southwestern Riverside County.

This begs a number of questions, as follows:

1) Why would the City of Wildomar incur legal expense when they are not being sued?

2) Since they have spent/wasted  approximately $75,000  for a joint Sacramento lobbyist who apparently had little to do with the ultimate resolution,  how  much more of Wildomar’s limited  budget  will this  city council spend  chasing a financial ghost?

Given all the whining about the financial costs of  litigation by Wildomar City Council, it would seem that remaining on the sidelines  of this litigation, with no expense to the City of Wildomar, would be the more appropriate  legal tactic.

If Eastvale prevails in their litigation against the County of Riverside and it results in a  significant  financial setback  for Wildomar,  that might be the more appropriate time to unleash their legal beagle, City Attorney Tom Jex.

Perhaps the Wildomar City Council has a  deep-seated psychological need to be involved  in a legal fight, even if they have to pick the fight.

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This may be your only Thanksgiving turkey from the City of Wildomar.

Have a happy Thanksgiving .

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