EVMWD Is Just Doing What Unregulated, Rogue Monopolies…


Yesterday’s 5-0 vote for a 27% rate increase isn’t about “water” flow, it’s about “cash” flow so the staff can continue to finance their salaries and pension benefits and their lobbyist trips to Washington DC  and Sacramento.

After all of the scare tactics by the  unregulated, quasi-utility, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, to convince homeowners to stop watering their  beautiful and expensive landscaping (all one has to do is drive through Windsong Valley to see the pitiful, browning lawns), thereby reducing their water bills.

As a result, the effect of water conservation has apparently reduced the amount of cash flowing into the EVMWD coffers,  forcing the elected Directors of the EVMWD to protect their rogue utility by voting for the rate increase.   In case you didn’t notice, customers of the EVMWD have no one to  turn to for relief.

This is the time when all of the Chamberpot of Commerce/Rotary club-mixer chickens have come home to roost.

Instead of electing officials who are immune to the groupthink political influences of the aforementioned borderless  “shadow government”  (they’re all the same people, including members of  the local city councils),” the foolish voters have repeatedly elected officials whose resumes list the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club prominently as one of their primary reasons  for you to give them your vote.

Until  the voters elect  a Board majority of thoughtful public servants (I would have been happier if the recently-elected  Director,  George Cambero would have voted against this  increase, if nothing more than to make a  symbolic vote to  demonstrate his independence) ,   this rogue monopoly  will continue to do whatever it wants to do to its customers.

For the record,  my monthly water bill (including sewer charges)  for a two bedroom, two bath  mobile home  costs  $13.20. However,  my water comes from the Eastern  Municipal Water District, not the EVMWD.

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