Alliance For Intelligent Planning Prevails Over Wildomar City Hall in….

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On Friday, February 20, 2015, Riverside County Superior Court Judge Gloria Trask agreed with the Alliance for Intelligent Planning (a group of concerned citizens), that the recently-approved Housing Element portion of the City of Wildomar General Plan was improperly converting tax revenue-producing commercial property into high-density residential property in order to accommodate out-of-town developers in their quest for “cheap dirt.”

As a result of the ruling, numerous development projects will have to be re-evaluated by the City Staff, Planning Commission, and the Wildomar City Council to determine if the projects can go forward in the context of the Courts ruling.

At issue, as the current philosophy of the Wildomar City Council and their Planning Commissioners, to approve nearly any residential project that comes before the various aforementioned bodies, in order to generate one-time development fees and revenue for the City of Wildomar.

Unfortunately, said philosophy will ultimately reduce Wildomar to a  non-rural bedroom community of multi-family apartment projects, lacking sufficient tax revenues to provide the necessary and basic infrastructure, such as police and fire and road maintenance.

 While there are other and additional implications  to the Court’s ruling, suffice it to say that  your city’s forefathers and foremothers have been reckless  in moving forward with the Housing Element without adequately  considering well-informed opposition  that was certain to result in litigation.

 And, in this case, successful litigation.

 Now the City Staff, City Councilmembers  and their Planning Commissioners  will have to  actively address the legitimate concerns of the successful litigants. 

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