When Incompetence Becomes…..


Only in the dysfunctional City of Wildomar, would you find a highly-motivated young lady with the intention of helping special needs kids with her project, having to come to grips with the cruel and harsh reality that the “adults” at City Hall, professional and elected alike, were unable to provide the proper and appropriate guidelines before the installation of her “Freedom Swing.”

Unfortunately, on  October 19, 2014,  the Freedom Swing was inspected by  the Steven C. Wilmes,  Risk Management consultant for the city’s insurance  pool PARSSAC, which insures the City of Wildomar.

Please click on the following link to review the risk manager’s resume:


In his report,  Wilmes  concluded the following:

“At this time, the wheelchair swing does NOT meet playground safety standards and will require some repairs, relocation and surfacing impact testing prior to being utilized.  As Mr. Jackson and I departed today, one of your staff members was on site to remove the structure. ”  

Instead of providing the aforementioned proper and appropriate guidelines, the  bungling  incompetents at City Hall simply jumped on the promotional bandwagon of the project  and began to promote  the fund-raising effort.

As a result,  one can only imagine the disappointment  and discouragement that the young lady feels about her worthy goal  and project.

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Perhaps, someone at City Hall should have consulted with the risk manager before the project  was  installed. That would have been the adult and competent thing to do.

Special thanks to Kenny Mayes, a local civic activist, for keeping the City of Wildomar on it’s toes.

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