Wildomar’s “small”….UPDATE


Recently, on the day after the election, I casually opened up my Excite e-mail account and discovered an e-mail from Wildomar’s Mayor Marsha Swanson.

Perhaps, I thought for a brief moment, she wanted to take the opportunity, following her reelection to be gracious and thank me for my years of community service on the Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery Special District, or even my significant contribution to information dissemination on the pages of Wildomar Magazine.

However, I instead was exposed to the smallness of the “inner” psyche of the mayor, with the following e-mails, and my response:

From:  Marsha Swanson marshamswanson@gmail.com>
Date:11/05/2014 08:31 PM 
To: zakturango@excite.com

Sorry, you had to stay up to monitor the votes, it was all over by 8:30.  The people of Wildomar spoke.   The only incumbent ever not re-elected is Sheryl, do you get it now?”

Marsha Swanson
951 313-7472
From: zakturango@excite.com
Date: 11/05/2014 08:19 PM
To: marshamswanson@gmail.com
I don’t get it. But your profound insecurity is sad, if not amazing. Were you running against Sheryl? Apparently so.
Marsha Swanson  marshamswanson@gmail.com
11/05/2014 08:31 PM 
“I beat Sheryl every time.  Don’t know what you are thinking?  Insecure is one thing I am not.”
Marsha Swanson
951 313-7472
Apparently,  the mini-mayor of Wildomar  has found meaning in her  re-election that relates to elections that occurred  four years ago. In the last election, former city Council member Sheryl Ade was tending to the cares and needs of her  elderly mother, who had fallen and broken her leg  just as the election cycle began in 2010.
There are some things in life that must take precedence over  obsessions with  elections and politics.
There are some “inner” wrinkles on the human psyche  that neither Botox or collagen injections will ever cover or erase.
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(Editor’s Update: For the record, former Wildomar city councilman Scott Farnam did not get re-elected in 2010. I wonder if Farnam got a similar “I beat your *ss twice,” email from Swanson during her “I’m really, really insecure” victory lap?

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