Gary Andre Puts In The Time And Effort To Get….


Of course, Gary and his supporters won’t know if his efforts paid off until probably tomorrow morning.

According to Gary, he  hand-passed out approximately 6700 fliers, taking the time to talk with Wildomar voters  he met along the way.  (Old-fashioned, grass-roots door to door campaigning, without the glossy mailed fliers,  filled with a politician’s staple, mis-statements of  historical facts.)

That effort, combined with, the electoral  evidence of citizen dissatisfaction with City Hall  in the last election, when two unknown  challengers combined to receive more votes than did  incumbents Bob Cashman and  Bridgette Moore, may result in his election to the Wildomar  City Council.

Despite the fact that, having  re-located last year from the City of Wildomar, former city councilmember Sheryl Ade, and yours truly, are unable to cast votes  in this Wildomar election, we  happily assisted Gary  in passing out fliers as we believe he will bring the kind of knowledge and experience that is currently missing  from the city council dais.

Needless to say, we will be remotely  monitoring the Riverside County Registrar of Voters website  throughout the evening to  observe the results.

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Congratulations to Gary Andre for his hard work and efforts  on behalf of the citizens of the City of Wildomar.

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