It’s So Predictable, It May Be…..


One of the unfortunate side effects of the shrinking influence of news organizations is the lack of reportage when tragic incidents occur.

Apparently, last evening, at approximately 7:30 PM, there was a traffic collision between a truck and a motorcycle on Bundy Canyon Road at the Shell gas station, located adjacent to the northbound offramp of the Interstate 15 freeway. As a result of the collision, it appears that a motorcyclist suffered critical injuries at that location.

Please click on the following link to the Riverside County Sheriff Department for confirmation that Bundy Canyon  Road was completely shut down for two hours following the accident:

According to various contributors to the  Wildomar Friends and Communities Facebook page, the collision  involved a vehicle making a left turn out of the Shell station, crossing Bundy Canyon Road  when the collision occurred.

If you recall, Wildomar Magazine  previously dealt with the conditions  required by Riverside County, and the conditions  required by the City of Wildomar. Originally,  the developer was to develop an entire  commercial parcel, with an  exit at Sellers Road, with traffic lights  in order to allow patrons to turn left onto Bundy Canyon Road.  However, developer apparently induced the City Hall staff  to allow him to build only the gas station/minimart portion of the project.  At that time,  the City of Wildomar was going to permit a four way stop sign  at Sellers Road, which would have caused a  significant  traffic jam  on Bundy Canyon Road. At the end of the day,  the project went forward without any meaningful traffic controls, even permitting  unsafe left turns across Bundy Canyon Road.

As a result of their failure to recognize the potential hazards, the City of Wildomar has exposed themselves  to potential litigation for their dereliction of duty in  failing to require the appropriate traffic controls  for the project.

However, beyond the potential economic losses due to litigation,  which losses can be transferred to the city’s insurance pool, the moral deficit which will stain the current elected officials, and their  so-called ” professional staff”  cannot be transferred to anyone but the elected officials who approved this project  without requiring the appropriate traffic controls  to ensure public safety.

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