Candidates Respond In Different….


Yesterday’s Press Enterprise article provided some “real-time” responses to campaign/political inquiry in the following manner:


They’re all voting to turn the commercial land into ultra high-density residential,” Andre said. (FACT!)

On the other hand, Andre believes the city should encourage commercial development. “Property owners need to clean up commercially zoned land to make it enticing to investors,” he said. (FACT!)

We need to be a community that focuses on stability and if we don’t focus on our commercial (development), we will never have stability,” he said. (FORWARD-LOOKING)

The city should resist attempts to cram homes on lots that are more conducive to business enterprises.(FORWARD-LOOKING)


Walker put it bluntly: I want to protect what we’ve already been doing, and I want to make sure the other people don’t get in.” (FEAR OF WILDOMAR VOTERS?)

By other people, he means Andre and those whom he  may represent – a contingent that opposes many of the current council’s positions on land use, some of whom have legally challenged council decisions

“We’ve got to keep the momentum going when we can,” Swanson said. “I’m knocking on every door I can to find businesses that fit here.”(FANTASY)

Councilman Ben Benoit has been active in attempting to persuade Sacramento to spring some money for the cities. (FANTASY)

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