A Third Term Is Too….


For some reason, known only to her,  Mayor Marsha Swanson is asking for your vote to  return her for a third term as a Wildomar city councilmember.

There is a naturally-occurring  political  cadence, such that even US presidents are restricted to two terms.

After two terms, it seems reasonable to expect that ” politicians,”  despite  Swanson’s  denial of being a politician  (even as she cites her political  resume  in her ballot statement), would have more  personal interests  than sleepwalking through another four-year term.

As has been recently displayed in a local blogger’s video of a recent  Council meeting, Swanson looks  bored and tired  as she slumps backward  in her dais chair.

Further,  there is nothing significant in her voting record, save for an automatic  “Aye” vote on every hyper-high-density project or proposed general plan amendment to include high-density apartments , brought before her in public meetings.

The adjacent City of  Murrieta  approved of city council term limits in November 2010 , with  a 65%  voter majority.

The  City of Wildomar needs a far better future vision  than “same old same old.”

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