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The final candidate’s ballot statement is from Israel Leija, a new face to Wildomar politics. His statement is reproduced in its entirety without any changes or edits, with my commentary (in blue), as follows:

“I welcome the opportunity to Contribute to the work of City Council Member of Wildomar. Currently I’ve been researching, getting involved with past and current situations on behalf of residents and City Council Members. I’ve learned that the city is struggling in many different ways. As a Board Member my priorities include, public safety, job training and cleaning up for our city, both physically and politically. This will attract the right kinds of economic development and businesses, and that in turn will increase our property values and our quality of life. If elected I would bring to this position the knowledge I have gained in various leadership roles with my past experience, serving as a project lead with various teams, well under my supervision, working with companies with as many as 17,000 plus employees designating them administration rights. Also provided leadership in agenda meetings in School committees with the School Board. If elected I would use my leadership experience and expertise to initiate an exploration of the ways the City may best  meet the needs it deserves. The City belongs to us let’s make it respectable to our fellow residents, neighbors and visitors.

Vote Israel Leija, City Council.”

I’ve never met this candidate, and have no context with which to comment on his ballot statement, carefully reproduced here in it’s  entirety.  

It appears that Israel has professional and life experience  equal to any of the three incumbents  and is worthy of your consideration for his successful efforts to become a candidate with commendable stated goals. 

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