A Challenger To The Status Quo…


Now we get to hear from the first of two challengers to the current incumbents sitting on the Wildomar City Council; again, in alphabetical order so we start with former Planning Commissioner Gary Andre, as follows, with my comments (in blue):

“The current Wildomar City Council has a bad habit of being unable to resist the influence of Orange County developers, who are converting irreplaceable Commercially-Zoned Land into Hyper-High Density condo/apartment projects, forever limiting tax revenues to run the city properly, such as adequate police and fire protection, as well as roads.

The real estate interests (real estate brokers, real estate appraisers and mortgage loan processors)  on the City Council and Planning Commission appear to be determined  to increase the number of rooftops in Wildomar, based on their voting patterns.

What does this mean to you? Higher taxes.

Residential properties do not produce sufficient tax revenues to provide for the large amount of municipal services needed. However, if the City Council permits developers to build houses/condos/ apartments on land set aside for  commercial (revenue-producing)  development,  eventually everyone  will be asked  to pay higher taxes to remain a city, not just the  purchasers of new homes.

It is time to change this bad habit.

This is, after all, what elections are all about.

I have been involved in Land Review in Wildomar since 2003.


  • 30 years, a Contractor.
  • 2003-2008 Co-Chair Wildomar Land Development Review.
  • Served on Planning Advisory committee for the City of Lake Elsinore  2004-2007.
  • Trail Commissioner Riverside County 2004-2010. 
  • Served on the City of Wildomar  Inaugural Planning Commission 2008-2010 . 
  • Chairman Wildomar Multi-Use Trails 2003- present .(That is Gary Andre, in the above photo, on one of the Trails  in Wildomar that he had to fight with the land developer to put in during construction of the project.) Gary gets things done!!
  • Land Use consultant 2003-present.

Not a bad resume for a City Council candidate. It shows that Gary has been very involved in the City’s early history and he has acquired significant and relevant experience to qualify him to serve in a City Council position.

As your Council Member, I will appoint a devoted, courageous Planning Commissioner, who will help retain the small-town lifestyle we all love. 

Without this change, Wildomar will become as urbanized as Orange County.

It’s the nature of  greedy real estate  developers to “pave paradise, put up a parking lot.” 

This may be our last chance to vote to save Wildomar’s  Small-Town lifestyle and Ranch Community that we all love. “

I’ll leave Gary with the next-to-last word.  The last word will be the voters in November.

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